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DIY Pan Release – 3 Ingredients in 3 easy steps

There is nothing worse than a cake which just won’t make it out of that pan in one piece. You’ve taken the time to prepare your award-winning recipe, but it doesn’t matter how great it tastes if it’s not in perfect condition.
The larger your cake, the harder it can be to get the darn thing out of the pan if you don’t use expensive sprays. There are a number of techniques bakers use to spring those fluffy desserts from their metal cages, but none seem to work like the easy pan release spray. If you’re sick of burning a hole in your pocket every month for this expensive, but necessary product, we have a homemade recipe we live by in the bakery. It’s simple and only takes three ingredients! Can’t beat that :)
First thing to remember with this recipe is no matter how much of the pan “goop” you’re anticipating to prepare, you’re going to be using the same quantity/ratio for all three ingredients. For this tutorial, we are going to be using the “2 Cup” measurement and you’ll need the following ingredients:
2 Cups Flour
2 Cups Vegetable Oil
2 Cups Vegetable Shortening
Not on to the easy steps!
Step One: Sift your flour into a 4 quart bowl. Yes, we said “sift”. It is important to take this extra step and will allow the remaining ingredients to easily mix into one another.Easy Homemade Pan Release
Step Two: Add the vegetable oil into your bowl and whisk both the flour and oil together until they become a creamy and thicker batter like consistency. (This is where you’ll find flour bubbles in your batter if you did not sift during step one).
Make your own pan release at home
Step Three: Lastly, take your vegetable shortening and add it to the mixture 1/2 cup at a time. We find that letting the ingredients sit together for a couple minutes in between adding additional shortening helps the batter and shortening soften and mingle together, which makes it easier to whisk.
3 ingredient Homemade Pan Release
3 Step Pan Release
After you’ve combined all ingredients, transfer the mixture to a sealable container and place in the refrigerator. You can store the cake “goop” for as long as you need it, or until you use it all up and make more! To apply to your cake pan, we prefer to use a basting brush, where all you’ll need to do is apply a very light coating within the bottom and sides of the pan.

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How To Decorate A Wedding Dress Cupcake Cake

Wedding dress cupcake cakes are becoming all the rage. During the “cupcake era” it’s more popular for parties to feature individual custom desserts instead of the traditional cake. This makes it planning easier, more fun, and a no doubt less expensive. Not to mention with a cake you’re typically limited to one flavor unless you’re planning for more than one tier – which means even more cake left over – and honestly does anyone just take a slice of cake home? No, it just gets thrown away. Blasphemy!
Don’t let the Cake Gods bring down punishment and smite you for ditching perfectly good cake in the trash. Keep it simple. Make sure it’s easier for guests to take home extra cake, but most importantly provide your guests with multiple flavor choices at this bridal celebration.
Perfecting the wedding dress cupcake cake is very simple. In 5 short steps you’ll have an edible work of art that every attendant will be Oooing and Awwwing over asking how long it took you to master this technique.
For this particular instructional, the photo shown in this post is using a full sheet cake board. Dependent on the amount of guests which are attending, plan accordingly for the size of board you’ll be using to display your cupcakes. (Note: We used 44 cupcakes. If you have a larger party it’s absolutely acceptable to only display a select number of cupcakes using the wedding dress shape. Extras can be positioned around the dress).
Step #1: Flavor Combinations – This particular wedding dress cupcake cake has two different cake flavors. They are alternating from Vanilla to Chocolate which gives a more creative look; as well as, allows each guest to choose which flavor they’d like to devour – even though we know they’ll be right back up to taste all other flavors in no time.
Step #2: Layout Design – Before icing the cupcakes, first layout each in the wedding dress design. There is no set diagram to the proper ‘shape’ as it’s entirely dependent on how many cupcakes are included in the design and the size of your board. Most important thing to remember is to have fun, nothing can be perfect. If it was no one would eat it!
Step #3: Secure Outlining Cupcakes – After all the work of making a beautiful wedding dress design the last thing you want to have happen is your lil’ cups start sliding around on the board. Before icing the tops of each, pick up the outside cupcakes one of a time and tab a little buttercream on the cake board. Then SMUSH!
Step #4: Piping Rose – Using a tip similar to the Wilton 1M, start in the middle of the cupcake and start moving outward in a swirling motion. Keeping your bag and tip at a 90 Degree angle.
Step #5: Decorate Final Details – Using sprinkles, lace, ribbon, beads and other orate decorations, make the final details on your cupcakes. (Note: if you’d prefer for no gaps between each cupcake, make additional smaller roses to fill in those little holes).
These cute wedding dress cupcake cakes are perfect for a bridal shower or any special occasion for newlyweds. The steps are easy, but if it’s still overwhelming we’re here to help. To learn more about our Bridal Shower Services, CLICK HERE or give us a call (614) 219.9429 to order over the phone. You can even submit your order online using our Online Form.

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Custom Themed Cinco De Mayo Cupcakes: Spiky Cacti

Every week we deliver hundreds of cupcakes around the Columbus, Ohio area, but once in a while we get the opportunity to do something a little different. A little fun.
Our menu consists of specialty flavors that we’ve perfected over the years and from the feedback of our customers we’ve compiled what we think are some of the best cupcakes in the Central Ohio area. We love to bake, and there’s nothing ordinary about our decorating and delivery schedule, but we do love a challenge once in a while. Something to keep us on our toes!
Some parties and events call for more traditional cupcake flavors and cake designs, but there are some occasions which allow for a little more creativity. When we get phone calls for orders like “Cacti Cupcakes” two things happens. First, without hesitation we accept the challenge. Second, then we immediately start doing research – gotta get those design juices flowin’.
No theme or design is too much for our team to tackle. To be honest, we think we do a pretty sweet job at what we do and we are even more successful when we can use our creativity. If you’re planning a special occasion and you need a lil flair, give us a ring (614) 219.9429 and we’ll discuss your theme over the phone. We’ll even be able to give you more accurate pricing while on the call once we hear a little more about your event.
Wanna keep things a little more simple? Remember, we’re catering to Columbus’s sweet tooth every day. Give our traditional flavors a whirl. After you can start planning your custom party theme.

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New Treat To Try In Columbus

News is starting to spread that our delicious little cupcakes are featured as a bakery item at Lucky’s Market in Clintonville. Starting in February 2014, our treats have been a daily treat for all shoppers in this local and organic lil’ store, and some editors at Columbus Underground just had to try our sweets for themselves.
As you guessed it, they were a huge hit amongst the writers, and we were pleasantly surprised to read an impromptu visit to the Ohio grown marketplace inspired an article written about yours truly. At Fate Cakes, we do everything for the community and when it reaches back out to us with open arms and a friendly response, we can’t help but to be filled with a warmth in our hearts.
We think Miriam Bowers puts the icing on the cake when she describes our Buckeye Cupcakes as “a down-home peanut butter cookie flavor”, and we couldn’t agree more that this particular cupcake is for the peanut butter lover – but really, can you ever have too much peanut butter. And honestly with a description like, “it’s soft and smooth and equal parts sweet and peanut buttery,” you’d have to be crazy to not get some of your own to try.
Thank you Columbus Underground for the amazing review and support on our first marketplace adventure. If you would like to read the full article about the Fate Cakes’ experience, CLICK HERE to be redirected to the Columbus Underground website.

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Fate Cakes Represents In The Daily Reporter, Columbus, Ohio

We’ve made news … again.
We’re never too shy to discuss sweet things. We also love talking about Columbus and how lucky we are to have established a bakery in such a loving and diverse city.
Recently a columnist from The Daily Reporter – lawyer/business paper in downtown Columbus, Ohio – contacted our Owner to discuss the success of Fate Cakes and how it all started. It has taken hard work and passion to help build not only a business but bakery which is the talk of our town. We are more than grateful for all the support and recognition from all types of press during the last month and look forward to sharing so many more flavors, events, and continued success with our sweettooths in the beautiful city of Columbus!
To read the full online article from The Daily Reporter, is available for users by clicking the link HERE.
For ease of use and to offer you the article free of charge, excepts from the story have been included below:

Local women hit sweet spot riding the cupcake craze

TIFFANY L. PARKS | Daily Reporter Published: 12/20/2013

Marie O’Stroske was working as a full time senior project manager in the Short North and doing freelance web design and web development when she decided to go full throttle with her bakery, Fate Cakes, in March.
Cupcakes are the star at Fate Cakes, a direct delivery company based out of Columbus, which also specializes in cake pops, cakes and will soon unveil a cookie line.
“Our cupcake menu has definitely put us on the map,” O’Stroske said, highlighting her red velvet, chocolate lovers and buckeye-inspired flavors as fan favorites. “We offer a variety of items including specialty cakes but people can’t get enough of the simplicity of cupcakes.”
O’Stroske, who offers delivery services six days a week to the greater Columbus area, said cupcakes make up the lion’s share — 75 percent — of products coming from her bakery.
“I think popular shows like TLC’s Cupcake Wars and other cupcake shows have really helped our industry grow into a fun and creative art which people are excited to embrace,” she said. “You can customize cupcakes and have the option of many flavors per dozen. You don’t have that much flexibility with cakes. Plus, cupcakes are cute.”
O’Stroske also expressed optimism about consumer demand for cupcakes.
“I can’t tell the future, that’d be an amazing superpower though, therefore, I can’t speak about if we’re living in a cupcake fad. What I can predict is Columbus will always need a specialty dessert shop and cupcakes will always be tasty,” she said.
“No matter the outcome of the supposed cupcake craze, I am willing to bet on those superpowers that Fate Cakes will continue to deliver our gourmet desserts all around Columbus. We’re not going anywhere.”

Continue The Conversation!! Tell us what you think about our business and tasty treats. Connect with us – FACEBOOK TWITTER GOOGLE +

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Our Holiday Hours – December 2013

During the Holiday Season, our bakers and team will be taking a well deserved vacation. We have been working hard to get ready for this season and appreciate all the success during the 2013 year! We can’t believe how far we’ve come and it all started not even one year ago. We have more than enough gratitude to our sweettooths and supporters during the last couple months and can’t wait to spend quality time with our close friend and family during the next couple of days.
We will be returning well rested and ready to prepare for the New Year after the Holiday. Our 2013 Holiday operation hours are listed below. We are available for large party orders on selected days during the holiday, but will not be available for small residential and commercial deliveries during the following days:
Fate Cakes will observe the Holiday from Wednesday, December 25th through Sunday, December 29th and will be returning to the bakery on Monday, December 30th.
Feel free to support orders during this time through our shopping cart, but understand a representative will not be available to discuss said order until Monday, December 30th.
If you have any questions about our Holiday schedule or would like to discuss a large party order during these dates please contact our bakery directly (614) 219.9429.
Have a ‘Sweet’ Holiday!

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OSU Cake Giveaway – Michigan Week

Our bakery specializes in custom cake designs and other personalized desserts. When we were contacted for helping ABC 6 / FOX 28 WTTE to surprise a lucky viewer we were happy to come up with a fun OSU vs Michigan cake. Their representative found out Buckeye Block O cake online and on Facebook and thought it would be a fun dessert to feature on their Good Day Columbus Weekend show.
We had so much fun on the set of GDC with Maria Durant and Adam Slinger. It can be a little crazy behind the scenes and we were lucky enough to see the entire Beat Michigan show. Their team works so hard and it’s amazing how much on the spot changes we couldn’t imagine how crazy the their every day schedules are during the week.
The phones were ringing off the hook for our cake and Maria even brought one of our miniature cakes to a tailgate she attended before the Noon game. The two anchors enjoyed the taste of our Buckeye cupcakes while on air and teased the audience with our cake throughout the entire show from 8AM until 9:45AM when the cake was the final giveaway of the day.
We’re making custom cakes every day in the bakery and would love to surprise your guests at your next party or special event. Give us a call (614) 219.9429 to talk to one of our cake designers today. To view our cake menu Click Here or Check Out Our Cake Pricing Here.

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Cupcake Delivery For OSU Finals FALL '13

Our buckeyes are hitting the books HARD, gettin’ prepared for their Fall finals. Our students have been studying all quarter long to take that one final test before heading out to enjoy their Holiday vacations. We know the bucks are obviously more excited about heading home for a month long winter break, but they do have to stick around just a little while longer before hitting the road to enjoy quality time with friends and family.
During the week of December 5th-11th, those students will be last-minute cramming, pulling all nighters and more than likely on high drive to just get through the next couple of days. It’s during this very stressful time that we receive the most requests to surprise our college students. Those “Good Luck” messages and our little treats are really all our scholars need to keep on trucking before the week is over!
We’re here to make sure your student remembers to take a couple moments to relax – and enjoy a little sweet treat. We know this time can be just as stressful for parents because you are listening every step of the way – when classes are hard, and when tests results aren’t always up to expectations. We’re here to calm your nerves too… we’ll make sure to take care of your kids by keeping their minds alert and their hearts happy!
Give us a call today (614) 219.9429 to order over the phone or submit an order for delivery on our ONLINE ORDER FORM.

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OSU Cupcake Delivery To Start Academic Year

OSU Students Are Back!!
We’re excited to welcome new and returning students as they move in this week and start back to The Ohio State University tomorrow, August 22nd. Classes start early Wednesday, but all students are happy to be back in the heart of Columbus to experience college memories they will never forget.
At Fate Cakes we deliver cupcakes and other treats all around Columbus, especially on the OSU campus. We have in and out of state parents contact our bakery to help surprise their favorite students for birthdays, care packages, finals week treats; as well as, for special occasions. We couldn’t be happier to help parents all around the country (and in some cases the world) help make any Ohio State University student’s life a little sweeter.
If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you surprise your child during their next big (or small) event, check out the our cupcake menu and cake pop menu to find out the best flavors; as well as, read more about our monthly promotions. You can also order online by our online order form; as well as, using a shopping cart to check out with our tastiest cupcakes. Don’t forget to also give us a call at 614.219.9429 with any of your OSU delivery questions.
Go Bucks!

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What's Hot! 2013 Columbus Ohio Wedding Venue Guide

Franklin Park Conservatory

Summer is the most popular season to get married. It’s every young girls dream to walk down the aisle in that flowing dress during an outside ceremony surrounded by both loved family and friends. Columbus, Ohio is a beautiful city in which to get married, but what venues are the perfect location for your theme and amount of guests?

At Fate Cakes we love weddings and are honored to share your special day with you and your fiance. We’ve asked our bakers and decorators where their favorite weddings were hosted and compiled a small list of our the hottest venues in Columbus

1. Franklin Park Conservatory1777 E Broad Street – A variety of indoor private botanical rooms and outdoor terraces for any guest list size

2. Dock 580580 N 4th Street – Sleek and modern venue paired with a unforgettable skyline

3. Station 67379 W Broad Street – A grand arched ballroom creates a romantic and warm setting

Nothing’s more hot than the dessert table at your wedding and that’s where we come in! We’d love to make your day even more special by bringing our mouth watering cupcakes, cake pops and cakes to your wedding! Visit our wedding catering page for more information on our wedding services.