New Treat To Try In Columbus


News is starting to spread that our delicious little cupcakes are featured as a bakery item at Lucky’s Market in Clintonville. Starting in February 2014, our treats have been a daily treat for all shoppers in this local and organic lil’ store, and some editors at Columbus Underground just had to try our sweets for themselves.
As you guessed it, they were a huge hit amongst the writers, and we were pleasantly surprised to read an impromptu visit to the Ohio grown marketplace inspired an article written about yours truly. At Fate Cakes, we do everything for the community and when it reaches back out to us with open arms and a friendly response, we can’t help but to be filled with a warmth in our hearts.
We think Miriam Bowers puts the icing on the cake when she describes our Buckeye Cupcakes as “a down-home peanut butter cookie flavor”, and we couldn’t agree more that this particular cupcake is for the peanut butter lover – but really, can you ever have too much peanut butter. And honestly with a description like, “it’s soft and smooth and equal parts sweet and peanut buttery,” you’d have to be crazy to not get some of your own to try.
Thank you Columbus Underground for the amazing review and support on our first marketplace adventure. If you would like to read the full article about the Fate Cakes’ experience, CLICK HERE to be redirected to the Columbus Underground website.