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Columbus, Ohio

We’re stuck in the generation of “just add water”… You can’t even order at a restaurant without being served a meal they just took out of the freezer. What happened to the fresh quality food that Grandma used to make?

We’re here to bring an end to any excuse you may have for enjoying a dessert made from scratch. You deserve to treat yourself and of course we also want to keep it affordable for you to enjoy!

It’s time for you to set yourself apart from the pack and stop bringing those awful cupcakes that are all sugar and turn your mouth neon colors! If you’re ready to bring smiling faces to your friends and family, check out our cupcake menu and it’s now even easier to order our Columbus Ohio Cupcakes online by clicking here!!

How It All Started

Yea, sure… everyone has a cupcake storefront or online business, thinking they’re the next best internet sensation, but all we wanted was an easy way to connect with those asking for our cupcakes and desserts! It started with friends and family and then just grew from there. Plus, what better way for us to keep in touch with all our fellow “sweet tooths” .

We also wanted an easy way to feature all our hobbies in one place. We might be bakers, but we have other passions too! This website and all it’s photography are originals from our bakers and Fate Cakes’ employees. All information and photos are from the source on this site and it’s all for you! We wanted you to share our love for creating something tasty and beautiful, so thank you!

Our Inspiration

We do a LOT of research! Usually we’re watching TV or just chatting with someone about food and a new flavor concept comes into our minds. One of the most inspirational places to look for great food ideas is Pinterest. Once we were introduced to this social media website we weren’t able to stop pinning for hours. If you’d like to check out what we’ve been finding take a look at our Pinterest page.

Delivery in Columbus Ohio

We offer delivery of all our lil’ treats to any location within the Columbus, Ohio and other areas in Central Ohio. Please Click Here to read more about our delivery terms and conditions; as well as, additional locations within Columbus, Ohio in which we will deliver.

Parties and Events

Hosting a party within Columbus, Ohio or a surrounding area? Fate Cakes’ offers endless catering services. Having a Wedding, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower or just getting together for a birthday? Give us a call (614) 219.9429 and we’ll handle all the details while you sit back and enjoy some sweet treats!

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