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Celebrate The Day With An Unforgettable Dessert Table

Have you been planning the “big day” your entire life or maybe just starting the process and have endless questions? We’re here to keep things easy, convenient and delicious all while making those dreams come true!

Our Bakery Is Local

Fate Cakes is located near Easton Town Center and is one mile East on Morse road at the intersection of Morse / Cherry Bottom Road. We’re in a strip mall a couple doors down from Super Chef’s. 
1360 Cherry Bottom Road Columbus, Ohio 43230

Schedule A Tasting 

All of our desserts are conveniently available for pickup at our location. The box comes with a variety of our most popular flavors which you can enjoy after arriving at your home. We typically need only a couple of days notice to fit you in our schedule for the following dates/times!
Wednesday – (12-2PM)
Thursday – (12-4PM)
Friday – (12-4PM)
Saturday – (12-2PM)

We Deliver Locally And Anywhere In Ohio!

Delivery is becoming the more and more popular as almost every restaurant caters to this option around the Columbus area. All of our items have been hand delivered from day one when we first opened the bakery and the convenient option continues even with large catered events like bulk dessert orders and tiered cakes. 

Our driving radius can range all the way to the border of Ohio if needed and we’re always happy to provide additional pricing details for all round trip arrivals outside of Columbus. We also offer specific delivery times for large and bulk orders which make setup easiest especially if there are specific vendor ETAs provided from an event coordinator or venue management. 

We have towers and displays

We offer a variety of towers to display gourmet wedding cupcakes or other treats. All sizes vary from individual table placements or larger dessert table displays. Our towers are available to any party as a refundable charge after returned without damage. Contact us today at to learn more! 

We offer delivery of all our lil’ treats to any location within the Columbus, Ohio area including Westerville, Ohio and other areas in Central Ohio. Read our delivery terms and conditions for all of the specifics.

All of our treats at made to order – nothing sits out. Because of our custom order schedule, we ask for at least 48 hours notice for any standard cake order, 72 hours for custom cookies, and at least 1 week for any personalized/3D cake order.

Ready For A Quote?

Let’s connect and discuss your event in more detail. Call/TXT: 614-219-9429 or use our form to the right of this page so we can learn more about your BIG day!

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