Delivery and Shipping Policy

Columbus, Ohio

After leaving Fate Cake’s bakery, we are not liable for any damages which may occur during delivery or after items have been delivered to a residence or commercial location. We make every effort to protect our lil’ treats from damage but we can not guarantee safe transportation after the leave our cozy kitchen. Additional information in regards to our delivery policy can be found within the tabs below. Please read these terms before submitting any payment within our shopping cart. You can also give us a call (614) 219.9429 and we’ll answer any questions

Flat Rate

Delivery services are available within the Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. Fate Cakes will deliver individual or small party orders with a Columbus address for a standard flat rate. Other suburbs and cities outside of Columbus may also have a flat rate but all other delivery inquiries will be charged $.55/ mile (round trip) from our Columbus, Ohio (43214) location.

Next Day & Same Day

At Fate Cakes we understand some birthdays and special events can be lost and forgotten during all our busy schedules. Don’t panic, we’re here to help you in any time of need; therefore, we are happy to offer next day delivery on a selection of our desserts. (Note: Because our bakery makes every treat to order, we reserve the right to no longer accept next day deliveries at any time and on any day of the week. Check our calendar of availability during checkout to confirm if delivery is currently available as soon as the following day).

  • No additional charge (after flat rate) is applied to any next day order – as long as it is submitted over the phone and invoices paid before 6PM EST on the prior day.
  • Next day orders may be placed online using a shopping cart up until 10:00PM prior to the day of delivery.
  • At this time, we no longer offer same day delivery

Delivery Times

Fate Cakes will deliver all orders, including next day and weekends, within the time spans below:

Before 6PM

Business/Corporate Locations

If a business is closed or doesn’t have working hours during our delivery time the entire order will be brought back to our bakery and another delivery date will have to be discussed after an additional delivery fee applied. Our team will try to reach any contact number during delivery for alternative options. We also try to accommodate for special delivery times noted in our order, but can only guarantee delivery during our time window.

Recipient Confirmation

During the order process, Fate Cakes requests the delivery recipient name and address of the recipient, but we will not call before or upon delivery. Please Note: All desserts will be left at the delivery location regardless on if the recipient is present. If there is no individual available to sign for the package we will notify the orderee and provide details about the delivery and where the package was securely left/hidden out of plane view.

We understand some packages are expected to be received directly by the recipient, and by special request, our team can bring the treats back to the bakery until otherwise contacted with further instruction upon delivery, instead of leaving the package at the designated location. Note: All packages brought back to Fate Cakes will be charged an additional delivery fee during the next attempt to reach the recipient. (No pickup options are available at this time).


We’re a bakery opened nearly every day of the year; therefore, we make deliveries all over the Columbus, OH area during any weather conditions. In the event that a recipient is not available upon our confirmation request, we are permitted to leave our desserts outside a residence no matter the weather conditions. As long as our desserts are located within a shaded and cool environment, no harm will come. Please Note: leaving anything sweet outside, during any season, can attract bugs and animals – we are not liable for any damages conducted after delivery if it’s requested for us to leave our treats outside.

Upon arrival, if no recipient is available, we will notify the orderee with a followup call with an explanation of details or further information about the delivery. Please read the Recipient Confirmation tab for more details about or additional protocols for no recipient available upon arrival.


Fate Cakes’ will not share personal address, email or phone numbers. This information is requested to better service you and properly deliver your order to it’s delivery address.


We know you are all anxiously waiting the option to get our treats shipped to any location within the US and we appreciate your excitement! At this time we do not offer shipping or pickup for any of our products.