Celebrating Love With Pre-Wedding Treats !

Bridal Showers are a time to enjoy the day with close friends and family. Whether you’re planning your own party or hosting for a daughter or best friend, take this opportunity to relax and let the cake experts make your event unforgettable. Don’t stress over all the little details and let us do all the work.


Most all bridal shower treat requests require a little custom design specifically tailored to the bride and groom or their wedding day. Our cut-out cookies are the perfect way to include names, dates, colors or event custom shapes that incorporate a very individualized and unique design. Cakes and cupcakes can also offer personalized options all of which could come together on a dessert table.

Dessert Table

Offering more than one dessert at your event is the best way to cater to all palates. We provide a variety of treats; not limited to, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, brownies, buckeyes and many other options. Most dessert tables are also a great way to keep your food budget manageable while still creating a one of a kind party – an event the bride will remember for a lifetime.

Will You Be My Maid-Of-Honor /
Bridesmaid Dessert Packages?

Planning for the biggest day of your life starts with finalizing the group who will stand with you while exchanging vowels. You’re excited for them to be a part of your wedding and can’t wait to share the news – but how do you ask? There are many creative and super cute ways we can customize our desserts and even hand deliver the packages directly to your lucky friends or family!

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