Wedding dress cupcake cakes are becoming all the rage. During the “cupcake era” it’s more popular for parties to feature individual custom desserts instead of the traditional cake. This makes it planning easier, more fun, and a no doubt less expensive. Not to mention with a cake you’re typically limited to one flavor unless you’re planning for more than one tier – which means even more cake left over – and honestly does anyone just take a slice of cake home? No, it just gets thrown away. Blasphemy!
Don’t let the Cake Gods bring down punishment and smite you for ditching perfectly good cake in the trash. Keep it simple. Make sure it’s easier for guests to take home extra cake, but most importantly provide your guests with multiple flavor choices at this bridal celebration.
Perfecting the wedding dress cupcake cake is very simple. In 5 short steps you’ll have an edible work of art that every attendant will be Oooing and Awwwing over asking how long it took you to master this technique.
For this particular instructional, the photo shown in this post is using a full sheet cake board. Dependent on the amount of guests which are attending, plan accordingly for the size of board you’ll be using to display your cupcakes. (Note: We used 44 cupcakes. If you have a larger party it’s absolutely acceptable to only display a select number of cupcakes using the wedding dress shape. Extras can be positioned around the dress).
Step #1: Flavor Combinations – This particular wedding dress cupcake cake has two different cake flavors. They are alternating from Vanilla to Chocolate which gives a more creative look; as well as, allows each guest to choose which flavor they’d like to devour – even though we know they’ll be right back up to taste all other flavors in no time.
Step #2: Layout Design – Before icing the cupcakes, first layout each in the wedding dress design. There is no set diagram to the proper ‘shape’ as it’s entirely dependent on how many cupcakes are included in the design and the size of your board. Most important thing to remember is to have fun, nothing can be perfect. If it was no one would eat it!
Step #3: Secure Outlining Cupcakes – After all the work of making a beautiful wedding dress design the last thing you want to have happen is your lil’ cups start sliding around on the board. Before icing the tops of each, pick up the outside cupcakes one of a time and tab a little buttercream on the cake board. Then SMUSH!
Step #4: Piping Rose – Using a tip similar to the Wilton 1M, start in the middle of the cupcake and start moving outward in a swirling motion. Keeping your bag and tip at a 90 Degree angle.
Step #5: Decorate Final Details – Using sprinkles, lace, ribbon, beads and other orate decorations, make the final details on your cupcakes. (Note: if you’d prefer for no gaps between each cupcake, make additional smaller roses to fill in those little holes).
These cute wedding dress cupcake cakes are perfect for a bridal shower or any special occasion for newlyweds. The steps are easy, but if it’s still overwhelming we’re here to help. To learn more about our Bridal Shower Services, CLICK HERE or give us a call (614) 219.9429 to order over the phone. You can even submit your order online using our Online Form.