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July '13 Clearance! Receive $10 Off Expedited Delivery

July is a month of celebration and pool parties. At Fate Cakes, we love to spend as much time outside in the sun when we aren’t preparing fresh and mouth watering cupcakes for your summer events. But what we enjoy the most is getting to visit with close friends and family during cookouts and our local festivals.
We want to make hosting parties easier this month. Enjoy your summer while the warm weather lasts by taking more time outside and not stressing out over last minute details! During July, we’re offering on of our biggest deals. While submitting a cupcake ONLINE ORDER receive $10.00 off all expedited next day and same day delivery! (That means you’re getting next day delivery for FREE!!!).
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Cupcake Blog: 5 Sweet Barbeque Sauces for Dad

Check Out our barbeque ideas for Father's DayWe’re getting close to Father’s Day and no better way to celebrate Dad then put him to work on the grill! (We’re only kidding). This might be the only day of the year when women will man the charcoal – if we’re allowed. Family members will be traveling around town and from state to state in order to spend some quality time with Pop, so we’ve come up with some sweet but savory sauces and marinades to tempt Daddio’s taste buds.

    1. Red Wine BBQ Sauce (Chicken/Poultry) – We can’t go one post without speaking what’s on everyone’s mind – Wine Time – Just make sure to save some extra “juice” for dinner or dessert 🙂
    2. Hazelnut Marinade (Steak/Beef) – This lil’ nut packs a punch full of flavor no matter what recipe with which we add into. Simply put some Hazelnut spread mixed with your savory marinade and enjoy
    3. Dark Chocolate BBQ Sauce (Ribs/Pork) – Whether you just literally add a good quality chocolate to your favorite barbeque sauce, it’ll be divine 🙂
    4. Cinnamon and Blueberry Dry Rub (Chop/Pork) – It wouldn’t be summer without a little fresh fruit in every recipe. Try your hand at a fruity but flavorful dry rub that will make your taste buds rejoice!
    5. Brown Sugar and Soy Sauce Marinade (Salmon/Fish) – Saved the best for last. This wonderful combination of both sweet and savory couldn’t get any tastier. These two flavors will keep you asking why you haven’t grilled your fish with this marinade before. Delish!

    Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

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Cupcake Blog: 10 Simple Memorial Day Dessert Treats

Checkout Out These 10 Simple Memorial Day Treats

It’s that time of year again. Start up the grill and get your party cookout shoes on. Like most of us, from Memorial Day until Labor Day we are on the road most of our weekends. Taking part in National celebrations for veterans and freedom, and other for graduates, weddings and new babies! Either way, most likely you’re in charge of bringing a side dish or dessert to these events.

We’re here to make your Memorial Day and party desserts easier so you can spend more time enjoying the party(s)! Check out our short list of 10 sweet and easy treats you can bring this four-day weekend!

1). Strawberry and Blueberry Shortcakes – All you need is 5 minutes at the grocery store and you’re set. Make sure to purchase a couple extra cakes and of course double the amount of whipped cream you place your cart – you’re going to need it!

2). S’mores over the Grill – This fun idea is perfect for any party. No bonfire needed, just a hot and toasty grill. Just make sure to keep the kiddos at a far enough distance if they’re handling the mallow duty.

3). Fruit Kabob – Fresh and cold. Use a variety of fruits this season and spend a buck or two on some fun mini cookie cutters to cut out fruits like pineapple, honeydew  and watermelon.

4). Popsicles – You don’t HAVE to go homemade here, store bought will always due…. but they are so easy to make yourself. Plus, you can mix water with any flavor of drink mix for a variety of tasty flavors you won’t be able to find on the shelf.

5). Chocolate Covered Strawberries or Pretzels – Cover or drizzle anything in chocolate and you’re treat will surely be a hit. Make sure to pick up dark and white chocolate for a variety of color options, but most importantly stock up on those Stars & Stripes sprinkles.

6). Patriotic Rice Treats – How easy is this recipe you ask? Count to three and you’re done. Keep rice cereal, butter and mallows on hand for any party for a last minute dessert!

7). Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich Bar – Wanna be the talk of the party? Bring some soft cookies (Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, any flavor you name it) and a couple of pint varieties of ice cream. Set everything out with a couple spoons and let everyone create their own ooey gooey creation. Don’t forget the chocolate syrup or mallow topping for extra tasty fun.

8). Banana Pudding – More than like this dessert is a traditional treat present at every picnic and outdoor party. There’s a reason it’s so popular… it’s sooo darn good!

9). (Kid Fun) Virgin Jello Shots – Yep, keep it the most simply by letting these cool in the fridge the night before in small disposable shot containers, or use those handy mini cookie cutters for patriotic shapes. Don’t forget to switch up the colors and of course make a couple spiced ones for the grownups – just make sure to color coat them correctly!

10). (Adult Fun) Margarita / Smoothie – Ahhhh… sit back, poolside, and sip on some grown up drinks – you have the day of… you deserve it! 🙂

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day!