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The Original Red Velvet Cake: A Sweet History

For those of you who love Red Velvet cake, brace yourselves for some startling facts. It did not get its name from the food coloring that you pour into the batter. Your mind is about to be blown…here is what actually happened.
During the Great Depression, families were particularly more frugal and relying less on food colorings and extracts which could easily be eliminated. While the savings were good for those looking to pinch pennies, it was undoubtedly unfavorable news for the Adams Extract Company. To counter decreasing sales, employees at the company created the Adams Red Velvet Cake which was a concoction that incorporated red food coloring and butter extract instead of traditional ingredients.
The idea was a huge hit across households throughout America. Ever since then Red Velvet cake has been a common staple or addiction for dessert addicts. Here is a little bit of history as well regarding Red Velvet, early bakers of the recipe colored the cake with beet juice which possessed a deep dark red color. Its acquired name Red Velvet does not come from the color of the cake, but the smooth soft texture of the cake crumbs.
Always a crowd pleaser, the great news is that Fate Cakes has been producing delicious Red Velvet cake since our beginning. It’s been love at first bite and we even offer this delicious treat as one of our cupcake and cake pop flavors.
Why wait to enjoy a Red Velvet cupcake? We’re sure you’re already drooling so go ahead and order a dozen of these lil’ treats and we’ll bring them directly to your door. Hand delivered with love. CLICK HERE to visit our shopping cart of give us a call (614.219.9429) to order over the phone.

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Baking Soda Vs Baking Powder: Cakes 101

We’re not scientists at Fate Cakes, but we surely know a heck a lot about baking cake! And to put is in logical terms – baking=science; science=cool reactions; which must deduce to baking=cool!
Most recipes you make at home equally call for either baking soda and baking powder and sometimes it may seem as easy to just substitute one for the other when in a bind, but like most things in life – only if it was that simple. They may seem like such similar ingredients that there can’t be much difference between the two, but you friend, are wrong! Here’s the simple and to-the-point run down on both Baking Soda and Baking Powder:
Baking Powder
This white powder is sometimes stiff in texture if not sealed in an air-tight container, but it’s scientific makeup doesn’t change. Sodium Bicarbonate, by day, this ingredient really packs a punch! When mixed with heat and an acidic pair, it creates Carbon Dioxide which in laymens terms means it gives that cake all the lil’ air bubbles needed to rise, baby rise!
You may thing Baking Soda will be that key ingredient to help your recipes make full and tall show stoppers, but don’t forget, Baking Soda creates a strong metallic taste after creating all those gas bubbles and doing all that scientific stuff while in the oven. If it’s not matched with the correct acidic pairing while baking, it will leave your cake with a not-so-appetizing cake.
Baking Powder
This key ingredient, much like it’s sister, Baking Soda, activates almost immediately after adding it to your batter or dough. It’s important to note, most recipes must be placed in the oven pretty much instantly after preparing it.
Powder is most predominately used in most cake and biscuit recipes and it might be surprising to learn the powder contains it’s other-half, baking soda. Powder also comes in two forms (as if this wasn’t already enough science to understand), there is a ‘single-acting’ and ‘double-acting’ option, where the ‘double-acting’ means: once it’s combined with other ingredients it will produce a small amount of Carbon Dioxide at first, but the majority of the gas will be caused by the heat from your oven.
This ingredient has a less metallic taste to it after baked because it already has the acidic ingredient added, which means you won’t have to worry about a not so tasty treat.
The rule of thumb here is if you have to substitute – powder can be used for soda because it already uses soda as an ingredient, but because soda lacks the acidity it will not work the same. To use powder in place of soda you will need more powder in the recipe and to make your own baking powder you can simply combine soda and cream of tartar.
Science can be a confusing and overwhelming subject to master. We may not be experts in chemistry (Yea, pretty sure all our bakers fell asleep during science class), but we are experienced bakers. Leave the creativity and the tastiness to Fate Cakes for your next party and let us worry about all that science stuff!
Click here to learn more about our Cupcake Services and Cake Services or just give us a ring to discuss any questions about our catering options and pricing. (614) 219.9429

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DIY Pan Release – 3 Ingredients in 3 easy steps

There is nothing worse than a cake which just won’t make it out of that pan in one piece. You’ve taken the time to prepare your award-winning recipe, but it doesn’t matter how great it tastes if it’s not in perfect condition.
The larger your cake, the harder it can be to get the darn thing out of the pan if you don’t use expensive sprays. There are a number of techniques bakers use to spring those fluffy desserts from their metal cages, but none seem to work like the easy pan release spray. If you’re sick of burning a hole in your pocket every month for this expensive, but necessary product, we have a homemade recipe we live by in the bakery. It’s simple and only takes three ingredients! Can’t beat that :)
First thing to remember with this recipe is no matter how much of the pan “goop” you’re anticipating to prepare, you’re going to be using the same quantity/ratio for all three ingredients. For this tutorial, we are going to be using the “2 Cup” measurement and you’ll need the following ingredients:
2 Cups Flour
2 Cups Vegetable Oil
2 Cups Vegetable Shortening
Not on to the easy steps!
Step One: Sift your flour into a 4 quart bowl. Yes, we said “sift”. It is important to take this extra step and will allow the remaining ingredients to easily mix into one another.Easy Homemade Pan Release
Step Two: Add the vegetable oil into your bowl and whisk both the flour and oil together until they become a creamy and thicker batter like consistency. (This is where you’ll find flour bubbles in your batter if you did not sift during step one).
Make your own pan release at home
Step Three: Lastly, take your vegetable shortening and add it to the mixture 1/2 cup at a time. We find that letting the ingredients sit together for a couple minutes in between adding additional shortening helps the batter and shortening soften and mingle together, which makes it easier to whisk.
3 ingredient Homemade Pan Release
3 Step Pan Release
After you’ve combined all ingredients, transfer the mixture to a sealable container and place in the refrigerator. You can store the cake “goop” for as long as you need it, or until you use it all up and make more! To apply to your cake pan, we prefer to use a basting brush, where all you’ll need to do is apply a very light coating within the bottom and sides of the pan.

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How To Decorate A Wedding Dress Cupcake Cake

Wedding dress cupcake cakes are becoming all the rage. During the “cupcake era” it’s more popular for parties to feature individual custom desserts instead of the traditional cake. This makes it planning easier, more fun, and a no doubt less expensive. Not to mention with a cake you’re typically limited to one flavor unless you’re planning for more than one tier – which means even more cake left over – and honestly does anyone just take a slice of cake home? No, it just gets thrown away. Blasphemy!
Don’t let the Cake Gods bring down punishment and smite you for ditching perfectly good cake in the trash. Keep it simple. Make sure it’s easier for guests to take home extra cake, but most importantly provide your guests with multiple flavor choices at this bridal celebration.
Perfecting the wedding dress cupcake cake is very simple. In 5 short steps you’ll have an edible work of art that every attendant will be Oooing and Awwwing over asking how long it took you to master this technique.
For this particular instructional, the photo shown in this post is using a full sheet cake board. Dependent on the amount of guests which are attending, plan accordingly for the size of board you’ll be using to display your cupcakes. (Note: We used 44 cupcakes. If you have a larger party it’s absolutely acceptable to only display a select number of cupcakes using the wedding dress shape. Extras can be positioned around the dress).
Step #1: Flavor Combinations – This particular wedding dress cupcake cake has two different cake flavors. They are alternating from Vanilla to Chocolate which gives a more creative look; as well as, allows each guest to choose which flavor they’d like to devour – even though we know they’ll be right back up to taste all other flavors in no time.
Step #2: Layout Design – Before icing the cupcakes, first layout each in the wedding dress design. There is no set diagram to the proper ‘shape’ as it’s entirely dependent on how many cupcakes are included in the design and the size of your board. Most important thing to remember is to have fun, nothing can be perfect. If it was no one would eat it!
Step #3: Secure Outlining Cupcakes – After all the work of making a beautiful wedding dress design the last thing you want to have happen is your lil’ cups start sliding around on the board. Before icing the tops of each, pick up the outside cupcakes one of a time and tab a little buttercream on the cake board. Then SMUSH!
Step #4: Piping Rose – Using a tip similar to the Wilton 1M, start in the middle of the cupcake and start moving outward in a swirling motion. Keeping your bag and tip at a 90 Degree angle.
Step #5: Decorate Final Details – Using sprinkles, lace, ribbon, beads and other orate decorations, make the final details on your cupcakes. (Note: if you’d prefer for no gaps between each cupcake, make additional smaller roses to fill in those little holes).
These cute wedding dress cupcake cakes are perfect for a bridal shower or any special occasion for newlyweds. The steps are easy, but if it’s still overwhelming we’re here to help. To learn more about our Bridal Shower Services, CLICK HERE or give us a call (614) 219.9429 to order over the phone. You can even submit your order online using our Online Form.

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Easy Shell Border – How To Pipe Buttercream

The shell border is the most popular piped decoration for any occasion cake. It’s also possibly one of the easiest ways to add a little needed flair to any cake edge. Have an uneven edge, or need to cover up where your multiple tiered cakes meets in the middle? Try the simple Shell Border.
To complete this technique you can use any size tip; as well as, any style of tip (Star variation or Round variations). With these three simple steps you’ll be on your way to stylish cakes!
Step 1: Using a medium-stiff consistency buttercream, squeeze using firm pressure till you make a ball on your cake.
Step 2: Stop applying pressure and slightly drag your piping tip and bag until you almost have a teardrop shape
Step 3: Place your tip and bag at the base of the teardrop and squeeze by repeating steps 1 and 2. (Note: do not place your tip too close to the first shell. As you apply pressure and release buttercream, you will need space).
This border is best used on any cake or design. It is the best and easiest technique to make your cake look detailed.

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Make Vanilla Extract From Scratch With Two Ingredients

Imagine you’re standing in your local grocery store’s baking isle. You’ve brought with you a short list of ingredients you’ll need to to bake that famous pie recipe and as you’re browsing the shelves you notice how expensive vanilla extract has risen within the recent years. You think to yourself ‘There has to be a cheaper and easier substitute!”
If you find yourself purchasing vanilla extract every other time you’re at the store, we have a solution to what can be an alternative to that annoying expense. The best part is it’s only two ingredients, which will cost you less in the long run. In order to start this simple recipe, first you will need the purchase the following ingredients:
• (1) 1.5 Liter bottle of cheap vodka (The cheaper the better :D)
• 25 Madagascar Vanilla Beans (these can be bought online in bulk)
First, slice your vanilla beans down the middle using a knife. Next place all the vanilla beans within the container of vodka and seal tightly. (Use a piece of plastic wrap between the lid and bottle for a tighter seal). That’s it! Store in a dark and cool environment – like your cupboard – and make sure to shake the bottle at least 3 times a week to ensure for full distribution of vanilla.
Your extract should be ready to use within 8 weeks. Once you start using this homemade ingredient, simply replace the amount you use with fresh vodka, shake and continue to store in the same environment. The vanilla beans will stay potent and continue to provide your with the best tasting vanilla for months!
Let’s do the simple math on the money you’ll SAVE:

If 8oz of generic (non Madagascar) extract costs you approximately $2.00 in the local grocery market, some bakers can go through this amount within one month (or less). So, let’s say you do use this amount within one month time, that concludes you spend approximately $24.00 on vanilla extract a year alone!
On sale, you’ll be able to purchase a 1.5 liter of cheap vodka for approximately $8.00 and depending on how many and the type of vanilla beans you purchase online, each bean will be approximately $.50. This would bring your total expense to be $20.00. Now this doesn’t seem like a big price difference at first, but because the vanilla beans will continue to provide potency, over time you are will continue to save money!

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Cake 101 – What is fondant?

Fate Cakes will cater to your next baby showerAt Fate Cakes the number one question we get asked is “What is fondant?”
Starting Fall of 2013 we are excited to announce we will be expanding our dessert menu and are adding custom cakes to our catering services. While we will absolutely create a delectable cake using our mouthwatering buttercream, we will also be introducing fondant. While fondant is growing in popularity, we couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon and offer this topping option to our cake menu.
Fondant can make any cake have a more polished and smooth look. A cake decorated with fondant can also make that party extra special by molding and designing a cake using a specific theme. While all cakes are works of art at Fate Cakes, fondant can be an easier medium to use while achieving that memorable cake and most important, party!
It’s important to remember that fondant and buttercream are entirely different in texture and taste. While they both use similar ingredients, fondant has a more paste like consistency as opposed to a creamy buttercream. There are many different variations of fondant – mainly Buttercream Fondant and Marshmallow Fondant – both have a more solid consistencay compared to buttercream. It’s also important to note that the main ingredient in fondant is powdered sugar which makes the level of sweetness much higher when compared to buttercream.
No matter the occasion, Fate Cakes will cater a buttercream or fondant cake to your next Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Birthday and we also offer anniversary (mini) cakes for your cupcake tiers for weddings or other large events.

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7 Easy Steps On How To Create Tasty Cake Pops

Cake pops are all the rage especially for small parties like baby showers and bridal showers. They are the perfect size for any sweet lover that may be looking for a light treat. Plus, you can have a variety of flavors at your party so all your guests can multiple choices!

At Fate Cakes we cater our variety of cake pop flavors to baby showers, bridal showers, weddings and many more parties all across Columbus, Ohio; therefore, we know what we’re doing when it comes to cake pops. With all this pop frenzy, we have created a simple checklist to follow in order to make and create tasty and decorative cake pops.

Our 7 Tips

  1. Cool and Shave Down – After baking your cake, let cool completely, before taking it out of the pan and “shredding” it into small pieces.

  2. Roll and Shape – Once the cake is fully cooled and you have shaved it down, add a “binding” ingredient like sour cream or cream cheese. This will allow the cake to be easier to mold into your shape or a traditional ball

  3. Stick It – After you have rolled and shaped your pop, apply melted chocolate melts on the tip of your lollipop stick before placing it into your ball or shape. This will allow the cake to adhere better to the stick as the chocolate melts

  4. Cool ‘Em –  Allow the pops to cool in the refrigerator or freezer for a short period. Make sure your pop has not completely cooled or froze. The reasoning is if the pop is too cool, your icing will crack as it cools after you have rolled the pop in a variety of candy melt flavors and colors.

  5. Heat Chocolate – While your pops are cooling, heat the chocolate melts in a microwave 15-30 seconds at a time. As the chocolate starts to melt, check it more often as it tends to burn and crystallize which will ruin the chocolate. If  if your sugar starts to crystallize but does not burn, add some oil to allow the chocolate to become more liquid.

  6. Roll and Coat – After taking the pops out of the refrigerator or freezer, roll the pops in your melted chocolate. You can either tap or twirl the pops to get access chocolate off the the pops.

  7. Double Dip – This is the only time you’re allowed to double dip! Make sure to apply this step to allow for a smoother surface on each pop

Now that you’ve coated your pops you can either decorate with your favorite sprinkles or let them cool and then drizzle them in a different colored melted chocolate. For a little extra flair don’t forget to wrap each pop in their individual bags and add a themed ribbon or ti to incorporate your baby shower, wedding or bridal shower theme and colors.

Love our tips and want to see learn more about how Fate cakes can cater to your next party in Columbus, Ohio? Click here to read more about the cake pops we’ve decorated for special events. You can also give us a call at (614) 219.9429 to order over the phone.

Cake Pops Columbus Ohio

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas: 5 Tips To Making Her Day!

Order Mothers Day Cupcakes in Columbus, Ohio

Everyone should celebrate and thank their mother every day of the year, but for those of you who put a little more effort on the that one special day in May, we’ve compiled a short list of 5 ideas which will make Mother’s day a little more special.

  1. Mark Your Calendar – Mother’s day lands on the second Sunday, every May. That would mean we celebrate our Momma’s this year on May 12th. It’s important to remember, that most gifts for Mother’s are purchased only a few days, if not the same day, in advance in order to keep items fresh; therefore, it’s a must to not procrastinate and think you can just walk into an establishment demanding gifts that might already be sold out of picked through

  2. Call In Advance – To carry over with #1, if you are thinking about ordering an item (like cupcakes or desserts from Fate Cakes ;)) online or over the phone, understand that Mother’s Day is one if not the most busiest days of the year for almost every business. This means possible longer lines and other many items may be out of stock or need to be ordered in advance to guarantee delivery or even order confirmation

  3. Switch It up – Take this time to think about what you’ve sent or given your mother for the last 5 years… is there some repetition? This year, surprise Mom and send her something she won’t be expecting. Nothing’s better than a little surprise 🙂

  4. Keep It Simple – Our mums didn’t spend 9 months and 18 years raising their crazy kids just to reap the gifts on Mother’s Day. It’s the little things that will make Mom smile on this day, so you don’t have to go overboard. It might go without saying, but evening taking the time to send a card in the mail will let her know all her hard work has paid off and you appreciate her in your life

  5. Get Cupcakes Delivered – Fate Cakes is open every day of the week, and especially during Mother’s Day! Surprise Mom this year by getting her a dozen cupcakes delivered right at her doorstep. We’ve made it simple by giving you the ability to choose from our standard or aMother’s Day Cupcake Bouquet within an online form or you can give us a call (614) 219.9429 and we’ll discuss all the details with you over the phone.

Whether you’re planning on spending the day with you Mother this Sunday (Yea, it’s in 4 days!) or just going to give her a quick call over the phone to let her know how much she means to you, every mother deserves to be pampered. Just don’t forget there are 364 other days during the year which you should also be thankful and let your mother know she’s special.

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Cinco De Mayo Party Prep: 7 Traditional Drinks

Order Martini Cupcakes Online for your Cinco De Mayo Party

This weekend we celebrate what most American’s might classify as the national drinking day of the year. It’s that time to break out your margarita glasses, lime and salt, invite your closest friends over and dip into that chips and salsa. Even though the majority of us are not of Mexican, we do however can’t deny any opportunity to celebrate.

For your enjoyment, our team compiled a short list of our favorite drinks we either enjoy making or bringing but most importantly drinking at the party. Take a look at our list and you can always find recipes online for all below:

  1. Mojitos – A heavenly mixture of 5 ingredients : White Rum, Sugar Cane Juice, Lime Juice, Sparkling Water and Fresh Mint.

  2. Any Margarita – Tequila…. lots o’ tequila added to any pre-made juice or drink mix

  3. Sangria – Just add wine and fruit, or you can can have your fruit ala mode… or just wine 🙂

  4. Agua Fresca – Keep it simple by adding Sugar Cane, Water with hibiscus iced tea

  5. Sangrita – A pairing of Orange Juice, Lime Juice, Pomegranate Grenadine, Chile Powder and of course Jalapeno slices for garnish

  6. Piña Colada – Yep, can’t get any better and simpler than this coconut drink

  7. Corona – May be the only time of the year we’d be caught drinking or holding this beverage.

Remember to always drink responsibility and don’t forget we have a variety of cupcakes for any party which you can enjoy during this year’s Cinco De Mayo celebrations. Click here to read more about the specialty and gourmet cupcakes or give us a call (614) 219.9429.