The Original Red Velvet Cake: A Sweet History

For those of you who love Red Velvet cake, brace yourselves for some startling facts. It did not get its name from the food coloring that you pour into the batter. Your mind is about to be blown…here is what actually happened. During the Great Depression, families were particularly more frugal and relying less on […]

Baking Soda Vs Baking Powder: Cakes 101

We’re not scientists at Fate Cakes, but we surely know a heck a lot about baking cake! And to put is in logical terms – baking=science; science=cool reactions; which must deduce to baking=cool! Most recipes you make at home equally call for either baking soda and baking powder and sometimes it may seem as easy […]

DIY Pan Release – 3 Ingredients in 3 easy steps

There is nothing worse than a cake which just won’t make it out of that pan in one piece. You’ve taken the time to prepare your award-winning recipe, but it doesn’t matter how great it tastes if it’s not in perfect condition. The larger your cake, the harder it can be to get the darn […]

How To Decorate A Wedding Dress Cupcake Cake

Wedding dress cupcake cakes are becoming all the rage. During the “cupcake era” it’s more popular for parties to feature individual custom desserts instead of the traditional cake. This makes it planning easier, more fun, and a no doubt less expensive. Not to mention with a cake you’re typically limited to one flavor unless you’re […]

Easy Shell Border – How To Pipe Buttercream

The shell border is the most popular piped decoration for any occasion cake. It’s also possibly one of the easiest ways to add a little needed flair to any cake edge. Have an uneven edge, or need to cover up where your multiple tiered cakes meets in the middle? Try the simple Shell Border. To […]

Make Vanilla Extract From Scratch With Two Ingredients

Imagine you’re standing in your local grocery store’s baking isle. You’ve brought with you a short list of ingredients you’ll need to to bake that famous pie recipe and as you’re browsing the shelves you notice how expensive vanilla extract has risen within the recent years. You think to yourself ‘There has to be a […]

Cake 101 – What is fondant?

At Fate Cakes the number one question we get asked is “What is fondant?” Starting Fall of 2013 we are excited to announce we will be expanding our dessert menu and are adding custom cakes to our catering services. While we will absolutely create a delectable cake using our mouthwatering buttercream, we will also be […]

7 Easy Steps On How To Create Tasty Cake Pops

Cake pops are all the rage especially for small parties like baby showers and bridal showers. They are the perfect size for any sweet lover that may be looking for a light treat. Plus, you can have a variety of flavors at your party so all your guests can multiple choices! At Fate Cakes we […]

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: 5 Tips To Making Her Day!

Everyone should celebrate and thank their mother every day of the year, but for those of you who put a little more effort on the that one special day in May, we’ve compiled a short list of 5 ideas which will make Mother’s day a little more special. Mark Your Calendar – Mother’s day lands […]

Cinco De Mayo Party Prep: 7 Traditional Drinks

This weekend we celebrate what most American’s might classify as the national drinking day of the year. It’s that time to break out your margarita glasses, lime and salt, invite your closest friends over and dip into that chips and salsa. Even though the majority of us are not of Mexican, we do however can’t […]