Imagine you’re standing in your local grocery store’s baking isle. You’ve brought with you a short list of ingredients you’ll need to to bake that famous pie recipe and as you’re browsing the shelves you notice how expensive vanilla extract has risen within the recent years. You think to yourself ‘There has to be a cheaper and easier substitute!”
If you find yourself purchasing vanilla extract every other time you’re at the store, we have a solution to what can be an alternative to that annoying expense. The best part is it’s only two ingredients, which will cost you less in the long run. In order to start this simple recipe, first you will need the purchase the following ingredients:
• (1) 1.5 Liter bottle of cheap vodka (The cheaper the better :D)
• 25 Madagascar Vanilla Beans (these can be bought online in bulk)
First, slice your vanilla beans down the middle using a knife. Next place all the vanilla beans within the container of vodka and seal tightly. (Use a piece of plastic wrap between the lid and bottle for a tighter seal). That’s it! Store in a dark and cool environment – like your cupboard – and make sure to shake the bottle at least 3 times a week to ensure for full distribution of vanilla.
Your extract should be ready to use within 8 weeks. Once you start using this homemade ingredient, simply replace the amount you use with fresh vodka, shake and continue to store in the same environment. The vanilla beans will stay potent and continue to provide your with the best tasting vanilla for months!
Let’s do the simple math on the money you’ll SAVE:

If 8oz of generic (non Madagascar) extract costs you approximately $2.00 in the local grocery market, some bakers can go through this amount within one month (or less). So, let’s say you do use this amount within one month time, that concludes you spend approximately $24.00 on vanilla extract a year alone!
On sale, you’ll be able to purchase a 1.5 liter of cheap vodka for approximately $8.00 and depending on how many and the type of vanilla beans you purchase online, each bean will be approximately $.50. This would bring your total expense to be $20.00. Now this doesn’t seem like a big price difference at first, but because the vanilla beans will continue to provide potency, over time you are will continue to save money!