Cinco De Mayo Party Prep: 7 Traditional Drinks

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This weekend we celebrate what most American’s might classify as the national drinking day of the year. It’s that time to break out your margarita glasses, lime and salt, invite your closest friends over and dip into that chips and salsa. Even though the majority of us are not of Mexican, we do however can’t deny any opportunity to celebrate.

For your enjoyment, our team compiled a short list of our favorite drinks we either enjoy making or bringing but most importantly drinking at the party. Take a look at our list and you can always find recipes online for all below:

  1. Mojitos – A heavenly mixture of 5 ingredients : White Rum, Sugar Cane Juice, Lime Juice, Sparkling Water and Fresh Mint.

  2. Any Margarita – Tequila…. lots o’ tequila added to any pre-made juice or drink mix

  3. Sangria – Just add wine and fruit, or you can can have your fruit ala mode… or just wine 🙂

  4. Agua Fresca – Keep it simple by adding Sugar Cane, Water with hibiscus iced tea

  5. Sangrita – A pairing of Orange Juice, Lime Juice, Pomegranate Grenadine, Chile Powder and of course Jalapeno slices for garnish

  6. Piña Colada – Yep, can’t get any better and simpler than this coconut drink

  7. Corona – May be the only time of the year we’d be caught drinking or holding this beverage.

Remember to always drink responsibility and don’t forget we have a variety of cupcakes for any party which you can enjoy during this year’s Cinco De Mayo celebrations. Click here to read more about the specialty and gourmet cupcakes or give us a call (614) 219.9429.