Order OSU cupcakes online today We’re celebrating all those hard working graduate and undergraduate students participating in this spring’s 2013 Ohio State University commencement. For most it’s been a long 4 years (or more) of hard studying and dedication to get this far and a college/university diploma is definitely a reason to celebrate with family, friends and cake!
For all the graduates walking on May 5th, the journeys in life are just beginning and all the work that has led up to this point will be well worth it. Many will travel around the country or world to be the next leaders of their and our generation. These young scholars will one day be some if not the most influential people, and before we know it we’ll be looking to them to help make some of the largest and and most important national decisions.
As these four years have come to a close, there’s one last event and party that has to take place to celebrate that special graduate who has more than inspired family and friends. There’s no better way to get everyone together to celebrate one of life’s largest moments. So, Fate Cakes want’s nothing more to help celebrate with you during this special and memorable time. We will decorate personalized cakes and even cupcakes or cake pops for any OSU themed party.
Don’t forget we can definitely add even more customization by incorporating your student’s name and even the college and or major/minor/specialization that your student graduated with. Plus, we’d love to feature your students on our website and our monthly newsletter. So, call us today (614) 219.9429 to learn more or click here to read how Fate Cakes can cater to your next Ohio State University graduation party.

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