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5 delicious treats to send on Sweetest Day

Fall has arrived! During the start to our favorite season, everyone is focused toward October 31st for tricks, treats and special eats. But, what if you missed an opportunity to share some extra sweets with your boo?

October 20th is Sweetest Day and the weekend is quickly approaching. Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered like creamy buttercream on velvety cupcakes. Nothing says, “I love you” like surprising your sweetie from one of the most popular gourmet bakeries in Columbus! Our cupcakes are the #1 seller at our location, but some delightful cake pops are the perfect little goody for this special Occassion. An “I Love You” balloon and gift wrapping is also the ideal pairing which can be added to your order.

What’s even sweeter? Having it delivered to your love at work, home, or school. You’ll be labeled the thoughtful romantic, and the hero or heroine they deserve. With some delicious options, we’re taking orders for Sweetest Day up until this Friday and will hand deliver all packages Saturday during our standard hours. Order online through our one page checkout or give us a ring to place an order directly over the phone. (614.219.9429) Love is sweet, so remember to share the sweetness by ordering your cupcakes, cookie cakes, buckeye or M&M fudge brownies & gourmet cake pops today!

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Holiday 2017 Schedule

Throughout the year, you count on us for your custom cakes and treats. We treasure making these desserts for all special occasions and are so happy to help you celebrate.

Our team takes pride in our treats and are determined to deliver the sweets of your dreams. We have a very dedicated work ethic and there are only a couple of times a year we get to spend with our loved ones. For the next couple of weeks, we’ll have limited hours available here in the office and on our delivery schedule.

Closed Monday, November 20th and reopening Monday, November 27th.

Christmas and New Year
Closed Monday, December 25th and reopening Wednesday, January 3rd.

Have a ‘sweet’ holiday season!

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Is Blue Velvet Cake On The Rise?

Supposedly, an unintentional chemical reaction between cocoa powder and buttermilk contributed to the very first Red Velvet Cake that was served at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. Although it had a distinct red color as opposed to modern Red Velvet Cakes that call for added food coloring.

On the other end of the spectrum Blue Velvet Cake has been turning heads all over. All it calls for is adding some blue food coloring to vanilla cake and adding typically white frosting and perhaps berries. At Fate Cakes we are always seeking new and innovative ways to excite. We keep our menu up to date with new and inventive ideas; as well as, those becoming popular.

Blue Velvet cake may not be in the list of new flavors added to our variety of cupcakes, but our community spoke and we listened. You wanted (and needed) more chocolate in your life. With over 60% of our menu already tempting those chocolate lovers, we’ve added two new rich flavors. Our Chocolate Ganache and Ultimate Brownie will do more than tempt your cravings with endless amounts of chcocolatey goodness.

If you have an interest in adding some for options to our menu we’re all ears. Your thoughts and opinions area always welcome. Please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to discuss sweet options with you!

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Bakery and Office Holiday Hours for 2015-2016

As those last minute shoppers are gearing up for the ‘big day’, our little elves also work hard to bake and deliver you treats before Christmas. We’re more than happy to create custom desserts tailed to special office parties and even the occasional ugly sweater party!

We’ve celebrated more birthdays with you that we can even count and there have been the fair share of 3D cakes thrown into the mix and we couldn’t have forgotten about the custom cookies we started this year. As 2015 comes to a close, we’re more than grateful for all the friends we’ve met and even more blessed for all those loyal customers who keep coming back for more sweets!

We’ll be announcing some exciting new desserts for the start of the New Year and we’re more than anxious to see what fun and creative ideas you’ll request for 2016! Our bakery enjoys every moment we’ve spent with your close friends and family and we’re looking forward to even more fabulous parties.

Our team has been with you almost every Monday-Saturday this year so it’s no surprise we’re in need of a little R&R with our loved ones too. We’ll be back full refreshed and ready to take on those sweetooths at the ring of the New Year, but for now we’ll be turing the oven off and spending quality time with family.

Fate Cakes will be observing the holiday during the following dates:

December 24th, 2015 (Christmas Eve) – Closes early at 4PM
December 25th, 2015 (Christmas)- December 31st, 2015 (New Year’s Eve) – Closed
January 1st (New Year 2016) – Closed

We’ll be back in the office January 2nd, 2016 and are currently taking orders for when we resume delivery on January 4th. To place an order using our online shopping cart CLICK HERE – We are currently booked for January 2nd and will just be taking orders for the upcoming week and year once we return to the office that Saturday.

Have a warm and healthy holiday season. Stay Sweet!

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NEW Salted Caramel Cupcake

Yes, we folded under pressure. Customers have been requesting our creative team design a Salted Caramel flavor and we think we’ve lived up to the expectation. There are many competitors which have also added this popular item to their menu and we think it’s a perfect option to pair with our other selections.

Let’s break it down:

Our very popular vanilla cupcake is topper with a luscious and creamy vanilla buttercream but it’s the homemade toffee and carmel which give this cupcake it’s extra spunk. The toffee is buttery and crisp with a layer of semi-sweet chocolate coating. The drizzle of our top-secret carmel almost melts over the toffee and cupcake itself. Worried about mess? Don’t be. The flavor itself makes up for the ‘face cleanup’.

We’re continuously updating our menu online and we love our customer feedback. Click Here to view our online cupcake menu and feel free to contact our bakery with any menu suggestions.

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New Bakery / Office Hours and Delivery Times

Here at Fate Cakes we service to any party within the Columbus, Ohio area and will pretty much create and customize our desserts to your needs and specific event. Our representatives are available during our normal business hours to answer any questions about our products and will help assist you with any additional information regarding your party.

Starting July 6th, we have implemented new hours of operation and will be available at your convenience during 9AM-6PM Monday-Friday and 12PM Noon-5PM on Saturdays. We still reserve Sundays for special events and our team can be accommodating to your event if it falls on Sunday.

Please feel free to contact one of our team members with any questions regarding the operation change (614.219.9429) or send us your feedback at

It should also be noted, our delivery schedule has also be altered. Our team is available to hand delivery all orders during the morning hours 10AM-12PM, and 12PM-2PM, Monday-Friday. Our morning hours during Saturday have stayed the same and will be serviced as usual during 10AM-12PM Noon. Same day deliveries will no longer continue to be taken during all weekdays and are also not available on Saturdays. (Please submit all next day orders before 10:00PM the day before delivery to qualify . Note, if we are overbooked during a specific day, our bakery has the right to turn down any potential next day inquiry).

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Fate Cakes and Athleta team up in May, 2015

Athleta Cupcakes

athleta_cupcakes It may have been almost 3 months since our last post, and boy do we have a ton of updates for you! In April of this year, Athleta ( a sub company to The Gap), contacted our bakery to become an affiliate with their store for some upcoming fundraisers.

We were happy to be a part of 4 different events during the month of May, some of which involved Easters Seals for a Shop For A Cause event, where every shopper who mentions the fundraiser receives 10% off their order and a percentage of then every sale goes to Easter Seals.

There was also a larger planned event which involved The American Lung Association, and in a similar fashion, all transactions made under the Shop For A Cause would be given a discount at the register and The Lung Force would receive a portion of the sales for their organization.

At Fate Cakes, we take pride in our community and love giving back to the Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. We make dozens of donations to small and large fundraisers – ranging from a couple cupcakes/desserts, to large events held within the Downtown Columbus area. We are happy to be a part of this community and there is nothing more important than making sure our community knows how much we love and care about them.

If you’re interested in learning more about our fundraisers, and continued affiliation with Athleta, check out our Fate Cakes Facebook Page and Fate Cakes Twitter Account accounts where you can follow our daily and weekly events. If you’re part of an organization looking for some sweet treats at your next event, feel free to contact our Event Coordinator, Marie O’Stroske at 614.219.9429 to set up a time to discuss your organization and the event.

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Valentine’s Day Hours 2015

We’re excited to announce our bakery will be operating all days of the week/weekend starting February 1st, and will return to our normal 6-days a week schedule after the Valentine’s Day rush. This particular holiday is our busiest, and in years past customers have requested delivery dates on every day of the week, including Sundays; therefore, we love making you happy and have opted to work even harder to work around any scheduled during the Valentine’s Weekend.

Below are our new hours effective February 1st – February 22nd. (We’ll be returning back to our normal hours and operation, Monday, February 23rd).

Sunday, February 1st: 12PM-5PM (Delivery 12PM-2PM) *No Same Day Orders
Monday, February 2nd – Friday, February 6th: 9AM-8PM (Delivery: 12PM-2PM; 6Pm-8PM)
Saturday, February 7th: 12PM-5PM (Delivery 10AM-12PM) *No Same Day Orders
Sunday, February 8th: 12PM-5PM (Delivery 12PM-2PM) *No Same Day Orders
Monday, February 9th – Friday, February 13th: 9AM-8PM (Delivery: 12PM-2PM; 6Pm-8PM) *ALL VDAY ORDERS NEED TO BE SUBMITTED BY 12PM FOR NEXT DAY
Saturday, February 14th: 12PM-5PM (Delivery 10AM-12PM; 2PM-4PM) *No Same Day Orders
Sunday, February 15th: 12PM-5PM (Delivery 12PM-2PM) *No Same Day Orders

To view our current Valentine’s Day custom cupcakes and cookies, please CLICK HERE to be redirected to our online shopping cart/product pages.

If you have any questions about our holiday hours or specials please contact us at (614) 219.9429. Please be patient if we are busy during peak days/hours leading up to Valentine’s Day. You may have to contact us via email ( or leave a voicemail in order for our team to return your call/inquiry.

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9 Ways To SAVE On Your Wedding

You’ve met your perfect match. Now, it’s time to start planning that big day!

During the first stages of this unforgettable journey, money may not play a large role on initial decision making, but everything adds up. It will soon show weddings are the some of the most expensive and elaborate events, but they don’t have to hurt the wallet to be perfect.

Season – A blushing bride can walk down the isle during any season. Keep in mind that most venues are more cost effective and will give you discounts if booking for off season ceremonies.

Sunday Through Friday – Saturdays are the most popular wedding day during the week. This is obvious because it’s the best day for traveling and partying… but it’s the most expensive. Keep in mind that this will be the fastest day of the week to get booked.

Dresses On Sale – Well known bridal gown stores, like David’s Bridal, have annual sales that will help the budget tremendously. If you’re lucky to have a standard body, which fits perfectly in a certain size, shop in the clearance rack where no alternations are necessary.

All In One – It’s a popular option to have your ceremony and reception all at the same location. Most churches and ceremony locations do not charge for members, but this idea can also be advantageous to your guests so they don’t have to drive around town getting lost on the way to your party!

Outside Caterers – A lot of venues restrict you to choosing food supplied by their company and staff only. Ask your wedding planner and venue if there are preferred vendors that they work with for cheaper prices.

Buffet Style – Early reception times may help you save the dough depending on the your venues options and discounts. If you’re considering this, some venues offer a buffet style reception which may be cheaper per guest. Plus, there are usually different categories which allow you to choose multiple entré items and sides. Even better. host a cocktail only reception for small finger foods and a limited amount of mixed drinks or alcohol.

Cash Bar – Yes, we said it. Some would disagree and are admit that an open bar is expected with every wedding reception, but if a budget is important this item may be the largest expense. An option to keep in mind would be to offer a champagne toasting as an alternative.

DIY – If you’re looking to be hands on during the entire wedding process, do it yourself projects may be right up your alley, but keep them simple. Some projects may become time consuming and might not be cheaper in the long run. Make sure you also get all your girlfriends together for a night of wine – they’d be happy to help!

Flowers – Keeping in the DIY theme, making your own flower arrangements are going to save a lot of money. Check with some local bulk flower stores which could give you pricing for their flower options.

There are tons of options to help you save on that special day but there’s no better way to save than on the dessert. Many brides are going with cupcake displays to cut costs on the pricing for cake cutting. Plus, you get to choose multiple flavors. To learn more about how Fate Cakes can cater to your next wedding give a call! (614) 219.9429. We’re always here to talk about your beautiful day!


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Fate Cakes Ranked in Top 101 Cupcake Bakeries

The Daily Meal’s annual “Top Cupcake Bakeries in America” was released earlier this week and your favorite Columbus, Ohio cupcake bakery made the cut. Not just the cut, we’re ranked #5 out of 101 of this countries finest cupcake bakeries.

We’re more than exstatic to hear the news and share with our fans and most importantly our sweettoothies. Without our amazing following and the continued support of our Columbus community, we would be less fortunate. This cool and impressive ranking is all the thanks to your love for our product and we’d like to share this achievement with all our customers.

The list of 101 bakeries was ranked within 5 categories with a potential of 4 points available for each section. To read more about how Fate Cakes made it to the 5th most popular bakery in America, and to view the slideshow of all contestants, CLICK HERE.

Do you think Fate Cakes should have made it to #1? We’d love to hear your feedback about our bakery, product, and of course our customer service. To be redirected to our Contact Us page Click Here or take a look at what other customers are saying about our treats and delivery services on our Reviews Page.