You’ve met your perfect match. Now, it’s time to start planning that big day!
During the first stages of this unforgettable journey, money may not play a large role on initial decision making, but everything adds up. It will soon show weddings are the some of the most expensive and elaborate events, but they don’t have to hurt the wallet to be perfect.
Season – A blushing bride can walk down the isle during any season. Keep in mind that most venues are more cost effective and will give you discounts if booking for off season ceremonies.
Sunday Through Friday – Saturdays are the most popular wedding day during the week. This is obvious because it’s the best day for traveling and partying… but it’s the most expensive. Keep in mind that this will be the fastest day of the week to get booked.
Dresses On Sale – Well known bridal gown stores, like David’s Bridal, have annual sales that will help the budget tremendously. If you’re lucky to have a standard body, which fits perfectly in a certain size, shop in the clearance rack where no alternations are necessary.
All In One – It’s a popular option to have your ceremony and reception all at the same location. Most churches and ceremony locations do not charge for members, but this idea can also be advantageous to your guests so they don’t have to drive around town getting lost on the way to your party!
Outside Caterers – A lot of venues restrict you to choosing food supplied by their company and staff only. Ask your wedding planner and venue if there are preferred vendors that they work with for cheaper prices.
Buffet Style – Early reception times may help you save the dough depending on the your venues options and discounts. If you’re considering this, some venues offer a buffet style reception which may be cheaper per guest. Plus, there are usually different categories which allow you to choose multiple entré items and sides. Even better. host a cocktail only reception for small finger foods and a limited amount of mixed drinks or alcohol.
Cash Bar – Yes, we said it. Some would disagree and are admit that an open bar is expected with every wedding reception, but if a budget is important this item may be the largest expense. An option to keep in mind would be to offer a champagne toasting as an alternative.
DIY – If you’re looking to be hands on during the entire wedding process, do it yourself projects may be right up your alley, but keep them simple. Some projects may become time consuming and might not be cheaper in the long run. Make sure you also get all your girlfriends together for a night of wine – they’d be happy to help!
Flowers – Keeping in the DIY theme, making your own flower arrangements are going to save a lot of money. Check with some local bulk flower stores which could give you pricing for their flower options.
There are tons of options to help you save on that special day but there’s no better way to save than on the dessert. Many brides are going with cupcake displays to cut costs on the pricing for cake cutting. Plus, you get to choose multiple flavors. To learn more about how Fate Cakes can cater to your next wedding give a call! (614) 219.9429. We’re always here to talk about your beautiful day!