Now that you’ve decided to serve cupcakes at your wedding, the next major decision will be how the treats will be displayed and served to guests. There’s a variety of size and style options but how many stands will you need and what will the arrangement look like?
We’ve created countless setups of any desserts offer at our bakery. No matter if our brides are ordering cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and even more than one cake, there are several options we can offer you for your big day. The first part of this planning process start with how many desserts will be displayed. From there, everything seems to fall into place!
If your expecting 100 or less guests, the location of your wedding and venue might be a little more quaint with one limited dessert table because of limited space. Some venues have a max capacity of 100 (or less) and if your planning on only inviting your close friends and family to the event this would be the perfect opportunity to create a, if you will, main focus to the room. It is our recommendation to keep your setup to one display with any additional cupcakes placed on the table. This offers the most simplistic and elegant look.
For those typical guest lists of 100-200 you have a couple of options and the dessert table offered by the venue might be a traditional banquet size. We cater many weddings where there is still one display showcased and we have stands which will fit all your cupcakes, but sometimes one stand just doesn’t cut it for what you’ve envisioned. Available from our bakery are smaller displays which can be side-by-side and you can request silver plated or crystal serving trays from your venue. These can add different height options perfect for any children who are in attendance. It also allows the entire dessert table to be utilized, giving more appeal to your guests.
Expecting more than 200 attendees at your reception can already make for a large event and you’ll need a fairly spacious venue to accommodate for those invited. Read our article about Dessert Bars for more information about the variety of options you might need to offer these amount of guests, but we absolutely recommend allowing for more than one display which can alleviate any overcrowding at the dessert table. (Our treats may be delicious but we’d hate for all your guests to be reaching in on each other).
All our displays are available for rent and they can be used for cupcakes; as well as, a small cake which is placed on the top tier. (Read more information about why a cutting cake is still an important tradition). Details regarding any rental fees or other costs can be viewed at our Cupcake Stand and Display tabs on our Wedding and Events page.
If you’ve recently become engaged, we’d be happy to discuss your wedding in more detail over the phone (614.219.9429). You can also contact a representative by going to our Contact Us page. We’d be happy to answer any specific questions regarding our wedding pricing and services.