It is that wonderful and exciting time of year again to display your appreciation for your special friends and loved ones. What better way than to surprise the people you care about with delicious and decorative Valentine’s Day cookie options from our specialty bakery. They will be sure to turn heads and create everlasting impressions.
We are proud to announce two mouth watering and delicious cookie packages that will be sure to excite!
Our first scrumptious variety of 16 gourmet Valentine’s cookies includes three scrumptious flavors. This option would be exceptionally ideal for your office gatherings, dazzling clients or for your dear loved ones. Our buttery vanilla cookies have designs such as Valentine’s Day sprinkles and those including a deep red rose. The decadent chocolate cookies include a custom “love” pattern with a dove and red hearts. There’s also a chocolate dip and square cookie with a meaningful “Be Mine” and a heart background. But how could we forget Red Velvet. Our most popular dip cookie covered in white chocolate and Valentine’s Day sprinkles. A lovely heart cookie with a hand scripted “Love” written across the center is our favorite.
In addition, we have a more intimate and sweet arrangement that consists of 12 Gourmet Valentine’s Cookie Package. We had to pair the three Vanilla, Chocolate and Red Velvet flavors again for this mouth-watering care package. Our Vanilla and Chocolate “LOVE” cookies are topped with a signature vanilla buttercream frosting and the Red Velvet hearts are simply sweet with white crystal sugar. This option is exceptionally ideal for a sweet and special someone that you want to spoil and delight.
As we draw near to the most beloved day of the year, Be sure to hit us up so that we can aid you in winning some hearts this Valentine’s day. We would love astonish you with our delicious creativity. In our excitement, we’ve added some special Valentine’s Day hours so make sure to check them out. We’ll be open for two extra days in February to help surprise all those special loved ones. You can also find our holiday delivery hours HERE and don’t forget to read more about how you can add a FREE gift to your Valentine’s Day order with THIS COUPON CODE.