As one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the United States, we couldn’t turn down creating a custom Chipotle 3D burrito cake.
Anna C contacted us to produce a personalized treat for her boyfriend as a special birthday cake he would love. As a lover of Mexican food, they celebrated his 25th at a local restaurant where she surprised him this cake, inspired from his favorite fast food place.
To create a 3D cake, it’s important to keep in mind simple is more and the little details go a long way. We’ve created a short tutorial with photos on the process to produce a Chipotle themed cake.
1). Bake and Assemble: This particular cake was made for 10 servings and utilized a 1/4 sheet cake. (Flavor – Buckeye – our most popular!). Once the cake has cooled, cut the sheet in half by length and flip it onto itself.
2). Cut and Shave: A 3D cake wouldn’t be a show stopper if without its extensive details and being lifelike. Cut the cake into a long oval shape and and shave off the top of the cake so it’s more into a cylinder from top to bottom.
3). Ice and Refrigerate: When icing your cake, make sure the consistency of the cake is correct and does not separate. In short, equal parts butter and confectioners sugar. Using a rounded hand spatula, smooth the edges before chilling for 30 minutes or until the entire cake has hardened.
4). Cover and Roll: Before rolling the cake in fondant it is of most importance for the whole cake to be frozen solid. The reasoning is for an easy “roll” as you create the iconic wrapped burrito. We recommend placing the cake on its top in the middle of the fondant and tuck and rolling around the hardened cake – starting and stopping the edges of fondant on the button of the cake.
5). Wrapping and Accenting: Directly after you roll the cake immediately fold a piece of aluminium foil around the cake until it covers the bottom of the burrito. Lastly, using a defining powder brush use a variety of three different luster dusts and have fun making the cake come to life!