Halloween Treats for OSU Students

Halloween is a time for ghouls and goblins and while the lil’ kids walk the streets of our neighborhoods trick or treating there are some “youngsters” we can’t forget about this spooky season. No matter what age, our kids always appreciate some extra sweets once the seasons start changing and October ends. The Ohio State […]

The Ohio State University Student Care Packages – $25.00

THIS COUPON HAS EXPIRED The Ohio State University is a prestigious school and students from all around the world attend the university. No matter if a student is ten minutes or ten thousand miles away from home, every child needs a little special surprise from Mom and Dad. At Fate Cakes we receive multiple calls […]

The Ohio State University tailgate Cupcakes

“O-H…” College is back in session and that means one thing. Football. It’s that time of year to celebrate your favorite team and put on that game winning jersey. (You know, the one you haven’t washed in 5 years because it brings good ‘joojoo’). Whether you’re sitting in the stands witnessing touchdown by touchdown first […]

OSU Cupcake Delivery To Start Academic Year

OSU Students Are Back!! We’re excited to welcome new and returning students as they move in this week and start back to The Ohio State University tomorrow, August 22nd. Classes start early Wednesday, but all students are happy to be back in the heart of Columbus to experience college memories they will never forget. At […]

The “Stay Alive” Guide to Final's Week : 9 Ways To Ace That Exam

It’s been a long Spring Quarter. Weeks of hard work and sleepless nights studying have gotten you to the final week where tests and essays take over your life. Ohio State University’s exam schedule runs a grueling 7 day long stretch from April 24th to the last day of the month, April 30th. We know […]