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Big 10 Championship Cake Giveaway – WTTE Fox 28

Big 10 Championship Cake

Good Day Columbus Weekend show contacted our team AGAIN to give away another cake for a lucky viewer of the morning shower. During the month of November, our bakery had the opportunity to showcase our OSU vs Michigan cake on the GDC show and the phones were ringing off the hook!

This specific cake was a custom design focused on the Big 10 Championship themed show in December. We were contacted for the second week in a row because viewers just could not get enough of our custom cake designs. We were even more excited to create this special fun design and happy to celebrate our Buckeyes traveling to Indiana for the Big 10 Championship.

Unfortunately, our “cake powers” were not strong enough to give the Buckeyes all the luck to come out with a win in the Lucas Oil Stadium, but they put up a fight against the Michigan State Spartans.

If you’re looking for a fun and custom cake for your next party or event, give us a call to talk with a cake designer today (614) 219.9429. You can also check out our cake pricing information; as well as, our cake menu by clicking here.

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OSU Bakery Deliveries – Beat Michigan Week!

Order Ohio State University Themed Cakes

We bleed scarlet and grey every day, but especially during Beat Michigan Week! There’s no better time to be rutting for our Buckeyes than the most anticipated week of the football season.

The stats are in and our Buckeyes are projected to blow those wimpy wolverines out of the water. Our team will be on the road this Saturday, but no doubt our fans will crowd Ann Arbor, MI and show those up North what it’s like to be winners!

While our buckeyes are playing the game of the year, celebrate during your OSU vs. Michigan party with one of our custom Ohio State University Cakes. Choose from a variety of cake flavors, iced with our silky grey buttercream and scarlet shell border with a fondant decorative Block O, Buckeye and Buckeye Leaf – which is of course the iconic OSU logo.

Give us a call to order your custom cake over the phone (614) 219.9429. Check out our cake menu and our custom cake pricing HERE. Have questions or need some clarification on our Cake Services? Don’t hesitate to call one of our cake designers.

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Cupcake Delivery For OSU Finals FALL ’13


Our buckeyes are hitting the books HARD, gettin’ prepared for their Fall finals. Our students have been studying all quarter long to take that one final test before heading out to enjoy their Holiday vacations. We know the bucks are obviously more excited about heading home for a month long winter break, but they do have to stick around just a little while longer before hitting the road to enjoy quality time with friends and family.

During the week of December 5th-11th, those students will be last-minute cramming, pulling all nighters and more than likely on high drive to just get through the next couple of days. It’s during this very stressful time that we receive the most requests to surprise our college students. Those “Good Luck” messages and our little treats are really all our scholars need to keep on trucking before the week is over!

We’re here to make sure your student remembers to take a couple moments to relax – and enjoy a little sweet treat. We know this time can be just as stressful for parents because you are listening every step of the way – when classes are hard, and when tests results aren’t always up to expectations. We’re here to calm your nerves too… we’ll make sure to take care of your kids by keeping their minds alert and their hearts happy!

Give us a call today (614) 219.9429 to order over the phone or submit an order for delivery on our ONLINE ORDER FORM.

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The Ohio State University Student Care Packages – $25.00

We deliver care packages to OSU Campus


The Ohio State University is a prestigious school and students from all around the world attend the university. No matter if a student is ten minutes or ten thousand miles away from home, every child needs a little special surprise from Mom and Dad.

At Fate Cakes we receive multiple calls a day asking to deliver cupcakes and cake pops on OSU campus; therefore, our delivery team know all campus streets like the back of our hands. We’re driving and interacting with students multiple times a day during the school hours and we get to see their big smiles of pure surprise when they receive a special care package from a loved one.

Our cupcakes and cake pops are the most thoughtful gift to send that special student and child for a birthday, finals week pick me up, or just to say “We Love and Miss You”. All cupcakes on our divine menu are priced at $25.00/dozen and our cake pops are even more affordable at $20.00/dozen. We even keep our delivery prices low and charge a standard delivery fee of $10.00 instead of charging you by the mile.

We know how much the little things matter to our children and a simple sweet care package and remind them how much they are missed and loved back home.

Check out our cupcake menu and cake pop menu today. We keep it easy for you to either order online from our Order Form and Shopping Cart or you can simply give us a call (614.219.9429) and we’ll go over all the details with you on the phone!

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The “Stay Alive” Guide to Final’s Week : 9 Ways To Ace That Exam

Order OSU Cupcakes Online In Columbus, Ohio

It’s been a long Spring Quarter. Weeks of hard work and sleepless nights studying have gotten you to the final week where tests and essays take over your life. Ohio State University’s exam schedule runs a grueling 7 day long stretch from April 24th to the last day of the month, April 30th. We know it’s going to be a rough week for our buckeyes; therefore, we’ve come up with our personal nine simple guidelines to making it through.

  1. Know your Exam Dates – This item may seem obvious, but some students just assume when their exams will take place. The Ohio State University has many resources on their website; as well as, documents explaining the proper time periods in which exams are conducted. These times are determined based on what day and time your class meets for the first time during a normal semester week.

  2. Reschedule If Conflict – After identifying when all your exams occur, if you have multiple within a short period of time, consult with your professor to discuss an alternate time/test which you might be able to take based on your final’s schedule. Professors should be understanding on this matter as long as you can provide proof that you have another exam conflict or more than 2 exams within one day.

  3. Participate in Pre-Exam Classes – You may have personal opinions on how your professor conducts his/her classroom and lectures, but all want nothing more to see their students succeed. In most cases, professors have specific classes which are either part of the curriculum (mandatory) or up to the student to attend in which they will cover a majority of the material which will be on the final exam. This is pretty much a free pass to an A+, don’t miss it.

  4. Study Buddies Unite –  You’re in college… So, we’d like to assume you’ve obviously either made friends with other classmates or peers who are currently taking your same course; therefore, take a couple hours the week or days before the exam and go over notes together. They might have written down pertinent information which you have missing.

  5. No All Nighters – Ahhh… crunch time. Those before you have done it and more than likely you have also spent way to much time staring at your scribbled notes trying to decode them at 3:30AM – six hour before the good ole test time. Well, it’s a nobranier that your mind needs plenty of sleep to rejuvenate before… well anything. Just try and re-think that decision to procrastinate up until 24-48 hours prior to an exam. We don’t care who you are… preparation is key!

  6. Set Your Alarms – Yep, “alarms” as in plural. You’re in college, we shouldn’t need to explain our reasoning 🙂

  7. Breakfast Of Champions – No one likes a growling tummy, do your classmates a favor and at least grab a bagel before leaving your humble abode. That way you wont be squirming around while everyone’s now more distracted at your awkward stomach noises. Rude, not to mention you definitely aren’t going to be concentrating on the more important objective with that empty stomach

  8. No Booze – Absolutely NO celebrating until all exams are final and wrapped up. We recommend locking yourself in the library if your roommates choose to pre-game before every exam and go out once the pens are down. Yea, we’ve all had roommates who have some how lucked out and finished all their exams within the first days or were even more lucky if they only had 1 exam, but no excuses… no drinking. And especially no alcohol even after finals if you are not of legal age!

  9. Stay Positive and Motivated – “I Think I Can… I Think I Can” – None of the scholars before you got far by thinking negatively. The more positive your mind, the clearer it will be to select the correct answer.

We’re only bakers, but all of us at Fate Cakes have sat exactly where you are now – rethinking courses you should have taken, like photography, cause it would have been easier than economics, but you’ve come this far! There’s no reason to ruin all that you’ve worked this hard to accomplish. Finally, when all is complete and you’re able to sit back and reminisce over a great semester, give us a call… we’ll be there with some specialty gourmet cupcakes to bring the year academic year to a close