Growing in popularity, dessert bars are the perfect opportunity to offer your guests more than one treat. It also allows for a variety of flavors, sweets and even let’s you design specific desserts around your theme or vision. We offer many confections at our bakery and are not limited to; cupcakes, cakes, cake pops, cookies and it’s becoming the norm for our brides to request more than one item at their wedding. Below, we’ve outlined 5 suggestions to why we LOVE dessert bars.
Wow Factor:
So you want that jaw dropping wedding? One which guests will be talking about for weeks? There’s no better way to show your friends and family you had a blast planning the big day and even more importantly the desserts. Make them ask how and where you came up with all the ideas!
We all have that family member that can’t get enough sweets. Allowing for multiple options will give all your guests an opportunity to select a treat they would prefer the most. More flavors are always a good thing, right!? (Stumped on what dessert options you should offer your guests? Check out our post about how to choose which treats to offer at your wedding).
All of our treats are customizable, but some are easier to create that magical look you want for your special day! For example, our custom cut out cookies can be perfect for designing monograms or any personalization. All our cookies are hand drawn and we can create a design of your dreams.
So you’re not cutting a cake? More brides are opting for a cupcake display which allows for an easier flow to your dessert party. Guests are able to walk up and choose their very own cupcake and flavor. We offer a variety of cupcake display and tower options, click here to read more about our stand rentals.
Take Home Bags:
It’s not traditional to offer food as a party favor, but who turns down a treat to take with them when they’re retiring from a great wedding? Sometimes, not everyone eats dessert but others like to eat MORE! (read our article about cake to guest ratio) Your guests might be tempted to take multiple treats but will probably wait until the party has almost ended to followthrough with their impulse. Give them an opportunity to take something to go and ask us to supply boxes for those after hours sweet thooths.
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