Is tradition still a large part of weddings in 2016? Many of our brides come to us requesting a dessert that is unique from any other event but they also want to keep some things the same as their parents and grandparents. Those same couples are asking for a cupcake display instead of cake, so when do you still incorporate a cake cutting in your reception?
First, let’s cover why cutting into a cake cake has become a large focal point of the wedding. It’s not just a great photo op but is pretty tasty too. The guests will also have fun if both bride and groom dodge each other during the ultimate ‘cake in the face’ duel.
The couple will cut into the bottom tier of cake to symbolize the continued relationship and the groom is also said to place his hand on top of the brides to assist her cut the first piece. This is said to have meaning for the new husband in support of his bride as she in return taking care of her groom and their family.
The cutting cake should also be used to serve not just you and your newlywed but also those immediate family members. First provide a piece to your parents and then any bridal party members if you have additional servings to provide.
We know all of this planning can be overwhelming and of course are here to answer any questions about pricing or your thoughts over the phone. To speak with a Fate Cakes cake design specialist or an event coordinator, give us a call (614) 219.9429.