It’s time to celebrate our graduates! As we begin the start of June, those parties are just around the corner. Are you prepared?
There are a couple of 7 key points our team has for those planning the biggest party of the year.
Hire a cleaning service – While preparing for an open house with countless guests, no one wants last minute cleaning – or worse, forgetting to clean at all. It’s affordable to hire a local maid and cleaning service where you wont have to lift a finger and will be able to sit back and relax – or keep planning. Our Note: Plan to call months before the big day. Remember, it’s a popular time of year and some services will be limited the closer you come to the party.
Ask for RSVPs for everyone – Yes. Everyone, including your graduates friends. It’s an exciting time for all seniors, and they’ll all make an appearance to each party they’re invited – especially if good food and vibes are expected. If you’ve invited extended family, or out of towners, make sure to include an RSVP note in your invitation. Out Note: Give your graduate a guest restriction. If they’re popular and knows every student at school, give your child a limit on how many friends they can invite.
Keep the theme simple – Remember less is always more. If you’re planning for a large amount of guests, chaos may strike if you have multiple appetizers, entrees and sides. Sometimes, offering a single hot item and sides which can be stored a room temperature are good options so you’re not constantly replenishing items. Our Recommendation: Try a build your own taco bar or sandwich station. This will allow for many options for all guests.
Plan to feed more than expected – If you think your exact RSVP number will arrive, expect for at least a dozen or two extra. Even more if your child sent out a general invitation word of mouth to their friends and classmates. It’s always the most difficult to estimate how many people will arrive at an open house, but you’ll absolutely need to make sure you can feed all the guests. Our Thoughts: Buying in bulk will benefit you here. Don’t put out all your food at once. Allow for guests to come and go freely but expect some will eat seconds; therefore, if you save extras for additional guests you wont get caught off guard.
Have an indoor alternative – Graduation season is smack dab in prime rainy season. If you’re expecting to offer your entire party outside, a tent might not be enough if there’s a downpour. Most guests will seek shelter inside if the weather turns bad quickly and you’ll soon be packed like sardines if you don’t have any alternatives. Our advice: If your home can not accommodate for your guest list inside, think about renting a space where this won’t be a concern while you’re celebrating with friends and family.
Offer more than one dessert – Now for the fun planning! A centerpiece cake is tradition but cupcakes are gaining respect among large parties. There’s many custom options which can be created from our bakery to correlate to school colors, mascots and other designs. You’ll want to plan a specific time to cut the cake, which can cause a delay in activities if you’re needing to plate. Consider other deserts which will allow for ease of display and distribution to your guests. Our suggestion: Cake pops and cookies are individually wrapped at Fate Cakes, so these desserts make it possible to leave out on a platter even for favors or a thank you treat.
Provide doggy bags – As guests prepare to leave, they’ll come and go all throughout the party if you have a traditional open house. As you’ve planned for additional guests, keep in mind there’s a high possibility you’ll have an abundance of food remaining at the end of the party. Make cleanup easier by sending leftovers home with your guest. It’s also a good idea to have take home bag kits readily available so guests can easily pack some food for later. Our consideration: If doggy bags aren’t something suitable for your event, contact a local charity, homeless shelter or community food bank. Setup a time in the evening when you can drop off perishables which can not be saved or consumed by your household.
With all this planning, it’s easy to become overwhelmed about the party and events. But remember, this is a special day to celebrate a milestone for your child and it’s important to enjoy these moments while they are still present.
Our team of design experts and catering staff are happy to help plan a successful party which will WOW your guests. To talk to our team about your event, contact us today (614.219.9429) and we’ll discuss the next steps in preparing that special day for your graduate.