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Chipotle Burrito Cake: 5 Simple Steps

Create a custom 3D Burrito Cake

As one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the United States, we couldn’t turn down creating a custom Chipotle 3D burrito cake.

Anna C contacted us to produce a personalized treat for her boyfriend as a special birthday cake he would love. As a lover of Mexican food, they celebrated his 25th at a local restaurant where she surprised him this cake, inspired from his favorite fast food place.

To create a 3D cake, it’s important to keep in mind simple is more and the little details go a long way. We’ve created a short tutorial with photos on the process to produce a Chipotle themed cake.

1). Bake and Assemble: This particular cake was made for 10 servings and utilized a 1/4 sheet cake. (Flavor – Buckeye – our most popular!). Once the cake has cooled, cut the sheet in half by length and flip it onto itself.

2). Cut and Shave: A 3D cake wouldn’t be a show stopper if without its extensive details and being lifelike. Cut the cake into a long oval shape and and shave off the top of the cake so it’s more into a cylinder from top to bottom.

3). Ice and Refrigerate: When icing your cake, make sure the consistency of the cake is correct and does not separate. In short, equal parts butter and confectioners sugar. Using a rounded hand spatula, smooth the edges before chilling for 30 minutes or until the entire cake has hardened.

4). Cover and Roll: Before rolling the cake in fondant it is of most importance for the whole cake to be frozen solid. The reasoning is for an easy “roll” as you create the iconic wrapped burrito. We recommend placing the cake on its top in the middle of the fondant and tuck and rolling around the hardened cake – starting and stopping the edges of fondant on the button of the cake.

5). Wrapping and Accenting: Directly after you roll the cake immediately fold a piece of aluminium foil around the cake until it covers the bottom of the burrito. Lastly, using a defining powder brush use a variety of three different luster dusts and have fun making the cake come to life!

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3D Birthday Cakes in Columbus Ohio

Order a 3D Cake in Columbus, Ohio today

While our bakery is most known for our Gourmet cupcakes in Columbus, Ohio (Yep, we have 16 flavors that you’ll droll over), we also deliver cakes daily in the Columbus, Ohio area. These cake requests come from the simplest to the more complex or even multi-tiered wedding cakes, but the more frequent orders are those which are carved in a 3rd dimensional design.

Our team can create a 3D cake for any themed party – no matter how complex the figure. The expert carvers actually enjoy taking on any challenge and we’ll make sure you’re overjoyed with the final project. The most frequent call we take are for a cake to be replicated from a photo or actual object. Take this guitar cake for example. We took this order from a parent who requested a cake in the exact form of her daughter’s favorite guitar. We worked with the mother for weeks to finalize a design with her and discussed additional details, which included, adding her daughter’s favorite musician on the guitar as an extra touch.

When we arrived at the party in Deer Creek, Ohio, the birthday girl was not just surprised from the customized cake, but was overjoyed at how similar to style and size from her actual guitar. We take pride in the work we provide and we make every effort to exceed all expectations.

To learn more about how we can help create that special cake for your next party or birthday event, contact a Fate Cakes representative (614.219.9429) and we’ll be happy to provide you with a general quote over the phone. Or contact us today by filling out the Contact Form found here.

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The Top 5 Buttercream Cake Stencil Designs

Order Bridal Shower Cupcakes Online

Here at Fate Cakes we’re always looking for new and improved ways to make our customized cakes stand out at your party. Sometimes, many customers come to our bakery and request one of our delicious cakes and want something stylish without using fondant as an accent/additional topping.

Fondant is the perfect way to make a cake look sleek, elegant and smooth out any imperfections which may be inevitable when using traditional buttercream. But, if you don’t like the taste or sweet taste of fondant, we can still achieve a smooth consistency and our team can use a variety of stencils to create a beautiful cake worthy of any top notch party and event.

We’ve compiled a list of our top five stencil designs, made popular from our client requests.

Damask (As seen in featured photo):
There are different styles of this design, which originated as a pattern sewn or woven on silk or other fabric. Many of our brides request this specific style for a bridal shower or for their rehearsal dinner the night before her wedding.

This style has grown in popularity mainly for young girls’ birthday parties or even for a baby shower for a little girl. It’s such a beautiful but simplistic design.

Most requested for a little boy’s birthday or baby shower, this repetition of diamond shapes is the perfect texture to create a custom cake made to replicate a sweater or shirt and tie.

Such an elegant touch to your cake that will make any guest take a second look. Perfect for an anniversary or special occasion, this stencil is truly a something to swoon over

Ordering a cake for that “wild” friend or family member. Maybe you’re having a safari themed baby shower or 1st birthday party. This stencil is the perfect match to ‘summer’ event and looks great as a multiple tiered with different patterns.

Don’t see a stencil or design you prefer? Looking for a specific customized pattern for your next party, event, shower or wedding? At Fate Cakes, our team can actually hand create a stencil directly from a photo of inspiration and mirror it on your cake. This particular practice is used on fondant cakes and you can see an example of our work from a custom 3D Louis Vuitton cake we created using a stencil drawn and carved/etched by hand. (Click here to also be redirected on instructions to making your own cake stencil)

Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about our buttercream stencil designs and to discuss your event! (614.219.9429).

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How To Make Your Own Cake Stencil

Custom 3D Purse Cakes

Stencils can be expensive and may take a while to arrive if you have a specific or expedited deadline. Here at Fate Cakes, we have many clients who request customized designs and cakes which use a stencil pattern and sometimes it’s easier to create one from scratch in comparison to finding a similar one (it it exists) from a third party.

What You Will Need:

– Printed copy of pattern/design
– Large piece of glass (about 1/4″ in thickness)
– Boxing Tape/ Scotch Tape / Duct Tape
– Acetate Paper (Found at any local art/paper supplier)
– Wood burning tool (Found at any local craft store)

Making your own stencil if fairly simple as long as you have the right tools, a steady hand, and some patience (lots of patience). The first thing to keep in mind, even if you’re purchasing a stencil from a vendor, is the ratio of pattern:size in reference to your finalized cake. For example, we are showcasing a 3D Louis Vuitton cake which was replicated from their Summer 2015 collection. The client which requested this design specifically wanted to smaller – almost ¼ the size of the actual purse; therefore, the ratio to the iconic LV pattern had to translate to the resizing.

Once you’ve determined a good size to the pattern, print off the design using a standard printer on an 8 ½”x11” sheet of printer paper – or larger if your cake needs a bigger pattern size; or if one of the sides of your cake will span longer than either 8 ½” or 11” – depending on its horizontal or vertical positioning/alignment.

After making a replicated print of the pattern, place a piece of glass (aproximately ¼” thick) on top of the pattern and tape it to a flat surface/table.

Next, take your acetate paper (thickness will be dependent on the complexity and size of your pattern) and adhere it on top of the glass using tape to secure it in place. Once you’ve compelted these steps, plug in your wood burning tool and wait about a minute until it has heated to the point of burning/melting the paper.

Note: A wood burning tool is a fabulous utensil and is useful for many arts and crafts. The more experience you have it, the better you will become in making accurate and replicated stencils.

The paper does not have to cool and can be used directly after etching after it has been thoroughly washed with water and soap. This will allow for any remaining particles to be removed before being placed on your cake.

Cake stencils come in a variety of patterns, designs and sizes, but sometimes it becomes impossible to find an exact replica to your specific cake needs. If you’re up for the challenge, try your hand at making your own stencil and remember – practice makes perfect!

Love the Louis Vuitton cake featured in this blog posting? Contact one of our Fate Cakes representatives today (614.219.9429) to learn more about how you can also have a custom made 3D cake to surprise that special lady on an anniversary or birthday celebration. For this specific cake, the client ordered the real deal; as well as, this smallest replicated version. What a thoughtful gift, but by no means do you have to surprise her with both – just get her an unforgettable and one of a kind cake. Even we admit that to it’s uniqueness and will be something none of her friends or family would also have.

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What Are Edible Cake Images?

Order an edible image cake online today

All the new rage, edible images are becoming even more popular as our bakery allows customers to choose to add this customized detail to both cakes and cupcakes. There are many options to the designs we can create for your party and we’d love to make it extra special with a replicated photo for that special someone.

Edible images have been around for a while are a sure way to make an impression on the guests at your next party. Typically placed on sheet cakes, these extra designs are perfect for any square or circle cake and can be cut to any shape. Typically printed on a 8”x10” piece of edible sugar paper, this topper is a perfect addition to our delicious cakes.

More recently, we’ve printed edible images to be toppers on cupcakes. These “disk” like wafers sit comfortable on top of our fluffy buttercream and garnishes. They are typically presented as photos or logos for anniversaries or corporate events.

We’ve yet to met anyone to turn down one of our buttery sugar cookies, and many of our corporate clients in Columbus, Ohio request these treats to special executive meetings or events. These are also a great favor/treat to pass out at conventions with your company logo – everyone will remember your name after eating a tasty treat.

If you’ve still gone without trying a dessert with an edible image, here’s a little more detail about what to expect in terms of texture and flavor.

Many customers claim there is no taste to an edible image. The image itself is printed using a specialized printer which only is for edible use, and has edible ink cartridges which are etched onto a edible paper – commonly known as sugar sheets. These pages are typically made up of various sugars and were once produced from rice paper.

As the panels are being printed, they are stiffer in consistency but turn soft and almost have no texture after being applied to buttercream. The icing helps moisturize the paper giving it a seamless look, as if it was painted directly on top of the cake.

If your cake is covered in fondant, the edible image will keep most of its original texture, but is very pliable and can be molded around sharp edges and smooth corners.

If you have any questions about the speciality designs we can customize for your next party, give us a ring and we’ll be happy to answer all of your comments or concerns. Please contact one of our representatives at Fate Cakes (614-219-9429).

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Large Wedding Cakes Now Available

The time has finally arrived! Our bakery is now offering large, mulch-tiered wedding cakes. Fate Cakes started as a cupcake bakery in January of 2013 and we’ve grown to the needs of our community and the needs of our customers.

We originally had a few gourmet flavors back in 2013, and now we have over 15 unique and traditional cupcakes. Even though we still have a special place in our hearts for the cupcakes which put us on the map, our menu has expanded to a large selection which will work for any budget or theme and party.

First after cupcakes came cake pops, which are ideal for that special person who’s looking for an individual treat, perfect for a two-bite sweet tooth. Next, came our cakes. This menu alone has grown the most in the different and variety of pricing/sizes we offer. You’ll have the option for a small cake, serving 6, up to a full sheet cake which serves up to 96 guests.

Our custom designed cakes are made from any request and we can replicate any design that you may find on Pinterest or if you’ve seen similar cake at another party. We price out our cakes as a flat fee based on the techniques used for your design; as well as, the size of the cake.

In March 2015, our team was excited to introduce large, tiered cakes to our menu and we’ll make them as high as the sky. There are no more limits to our cakes, in terms of height, and we’ll be happy to accommodate to any theme, party, and guest list. Whether it’s an ornate design, something you might have seen on a movie set, or traditional with a simplistic and elegant swirl (Photo), we’d be happy to help make that day even more special!

To learn more about our weddings and event services, CLICK HERE to be redirected to our wedding cake and cupcakes page. You can submit an online inquiry on this page or you can contact our Event Coordinator, Marie O’Stroske for more information on pricing and additional information. (614.219.942).

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Baby Gender Reveal Cakes and Parties

What's inside this gender reveal cake?

With the start of the New Year, we have received even more requests for gender reveal parties than ever before! This type of party can be fun for all members of the family and even the mother and father-to-be if they are kept out of the loop before the memorable day.

Typically, a first time Mom gives us a call to schedule a specialty cake or even cupcakes which will help her and the hubby reveal the sex of their baby, but rarely do we have the opportunity to be the only people to know about the sex of the baby before everyone else.

Kimberly B contacted us during the early parts of January to help her surprise everyone at a gender reveal baby shower – including herself and her husband Tim. We scheduled a time to pickup the sealed envelope delivered from her family practice with the results of the baby’s gender from Tim’s work days about a week prior to the cake delivery.

Once the envelope was safely brought back to our bakery, we were on pins and needles waiting to see what both Kim and Tim were going to be welcoming in the world this year, and we couldn’t wait to see the reactions on their and everyone’s faces once the news was shared.

It’s very rare for our team to see the excitement in our customers’ reactions when a special surprise like this is planned, ’cause who invites the baker/decorators to stay for a family planned event. But there’s nothing more rewarding to know all the hard work and detail pays off in the end to see those faces.

Kimberly was a sweetheart to share the following photos with us and our team from their special reveal party and these pics are of course being added to our Wall Of Memories we keep here at Fate Cakes. We never forget a customer or an order, but photos just help these keepsakes stay close to our hearts!

Congratulations, Kim and Tim on your baby BOY expected July 2015!

Message and Thank You Note from Kimberly M:
“We were very excited when we find out the news! I had a feeling it was a boy and Tim thought it was a girl……of course I was right. ;) It was a great day shared with family and friends and I couldn’t imagine it going any better. The cake was absolutely adorable and delicious! Thank you again for everything.”

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Affordable Columbus Bakery

A dessert table is the most important part of the party! With cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and a variety of custom cake options, there are many options for your next themed party.

While it’s so much fun planning those sweets for your guests, it can be stressful figuring out pricing for a specific budget. Our team of experts are here to help you find all the best treats for your big day and of course will make sure it’s priced perfectly. Check out all your options suitable for that unforgettable night!

News Flash… these treats are not a fad. In fact, their growing with popularity during the years. Perfect for an individualized party or an over the top wedding, every guest will be happy with our flavor varieties. Preview our CUPCAKE MENU to order cupcakes by the dozen for a simple birthday party or our WEDDING AND EVENTS page for more information about our bulk pricing for large orders.

Cookies –
We added custom designed cookies to our menu after being countless requests for needing something special and unique for the party. Our clients typically want another treat that just adds to the theme and makes the party even more special. The great thing about custom designed cookies is we can create any shape and work with any style. Click here to view ourCOOKIE MENU for more information about our pricing per cookie and details about our minimum orders.

Cake Pops –
Individual treasures – perfect for those little ones. Our most typical order are for parties where it’s important for children to have something bite-size and nothing too large for those smaller appetites. But, don’t be fooled by the size of this treat, these pops are most comparable to brownies on a stick and your guests will for sure be going back for seconds. To view more information about our cake pop flavors and pricing, CLICK HERE!

Cakes –
Custom designed cakes are all the craze. Seriously, we’ve created 3D styles with ornate lace perfect for a princess and we’ve even designed special character cakes ideal for a birthday. The great thing about cake is it’s very versatile and we stand by the idea we’re happy to create your vision – no matter how crazy! We’ll be happy to discuss any custom ideas about a 3D or unique cake. Simple click on our CAKE MENU to learn more about our specialty cakes and pricing.

No matter the occasion, our bakery is happy to make sure you stay within budget. We have sweet tooth for tasty treats and affordable desserts. We will always be here to answer any questions you have about our pricing or about our custom designed treats. Visit our CONTACT PAGE to found out how one of our experts can help you today!

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Baking Soda Vs Baking Powder: Cakes 101

We’re not scientists at Fate Cakes, but we surely know a heck a lot about baking cake! And to put is in logical terms – baking=science; science=cool reactions; which must deduce to baking=cool!

Most recipes you make at home equally call for either baking soda and baking powder and sometimes it may seem as easy to just substitute one for the other when in a bind, but like most things in life – only if it was that simple. They may seem like such similar ingredients that there can’t be much difference between the two, but you friend, are wrong! Here’s the simple and to-the-point run down on both Baking Soda and Baking Powder:

Baking Powder
This white powder is sometimes stiff in texture if not sealed in an air-tight container, but it’s scientific makeup doesn’t change. Sodium Bicarbonate, by day, this ingredient really packs a punch! When mixed with heat and an acidic pair, it creates Carbon Dioxide which in laymens terms means it gives that cake all the lil’ air bubbles needed to rise, baby rise!

You may thing Baking Soda will be that key ingredient to help your recipes make full and tall show stoppers, but don’t forget, Baking Soda creates a strong metallic taste after creating all those gas bubbles and doing all that scientific stuff while in the oven. If it’s not matched with the correct acidic pairing while baking, it will leave your cake with a not-so-appetizing cake.

Baking Powder
This key ingredient, much like it’s sister, Baking Soda, activates almost immediately after adding it to your batter or dough. It’s important to note, most recipes must be placed in the oven pretty much instantly after preparing it.

Powder is most predominately used in most cake and biscuit recipes and it might be surprising to learn the powder contains it’s other-half, baking soda. Powder also comes in two forms (as if this wasn’t already enough science to understand), there is a ‘single-acting’ and ‘double-acting’ option, where the ‘double-acting’ means: once it’s combined with other ingredients it will produce a small amount of Carbon Dioxide at first, but the majority of the gas will be caused by the heat from your oven.

This ingredient has a less metallic taste to it after baked because it already has the acidic ingredient added, which means you won’t have to worry about a not so tasty treat.

The rule of thumb here is if you have to substitute – powder can be used for soda because it already uses soda as an ingredient, but because soda lacks the acidity it will not work the same. To use powder in place of soda you will need more powder in the recipe and to make your own baking powder you can simply combine soda and cream of tartar.

Science can be a confusing and overwhelming subject to master. We may not be experts in chemistry (Yea, pretty sure all our bakers fell asleep during science class), but we are experienced bakers. Leave the creativity and the tastiness to Fate Cakes for your next party and let us worry about all that science stuff!

Click here to learn more about our Cupcake Services and Cake Services or just give us a ring to discuss any questions about our catering options and pricing. (614) 219.9429

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Bachelor Party Bra and Boob Cake

Erotic Bachelor Party Boob Cakes

Columbus, Ohio is full of late night entertainment joints perfect for a bachelor party. No matter the time of year, we have plenty of locations that are best to celebrate that last night of freedom. But what is a party without that “prop” we know every bachelor has to have. You know, the item that everyone at the party can’t stop looking at and is the talk of the party for years to come!

If you’ve never been to a bachelor party or if the one you’ve attended did not involve scantily clad women and drinks to the early morning, you haven’t lived! (Only kidding) Surprisingly, more and more soon-to-be married men are requesting a laid-back, small get-together with their closest buds without any risks of making a mistake large enough to call off the marriage. But, no matter the type of party you’re planning and no matter how reserved the groom and guests are, it’s not a bachelor party without a little fun, right!?

“Fun” is what excites Fate Cakes and we would love to create a piece or art every guy will be talking about into the next morning? Boob and bra cakes are one of our most popular items requested at our bakery and our team is not one to shy away from any chance to make a creative statement. Sure, you can hit the clubs and enjoy an entire night of drinking, but how about those unforgettable photo ops for the groom and the stories you will be telling at the party about the naughty cake which was both risky and tasty?

With the lack of bakeries around the city that don’t accept erotic requests, we’re proud to be a part of any occasion – and we never take offense to any suggestive request. Our XXX Adult themed cakes and cupcakes come in all shapes and sizes and they come with or without clothing. We pretty much make anything in this bakery that your heart desires. If you have a photo of a cake that has inspired a them or you’ve envisioned a special request, we will come as close as possible to the example you provide.

If we haven’t already won you over with our erotic cake services, learning that we supply delivery to any location in the Columbus area might do the trick. We can even drop off the cake to the venue, bar or restaurant where everyone is meeting for the night. Basically, we make the process as easy on you as possible. (But really, how more simple is it to order a cake and have it already at the location without you having to worry about it?)

We would love to hear more about your party and of course discuss more details about our XXX themed desserts. To read more about our services CLICK HERE and to call to talk about pricing and delivery information call (614) 219.9429.

Don’t be shy, we delivery XXX cakes on a weekly bases; therefore, orders like these are pretty much the norm at our bakery!