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20% off our Ohio State Themed Desserts for the Big Ten Championship

OSU Cupcake Variety Perfect for Tailgating

Cheer on your home state with Fate Cake’s delicious creations including festive vanilla cake pops, and customized classic football cookies.

If you are from the midwest, you’ve grown up watching BIG 1G football. You’ve cheered, screamed, cried–all out of love for your favorite football team. You hope each year, that your team will be the Big Ten Champions. Well that time has come! Celebrate with Fate Cakes as Ohio State, winner of 36 Big Ten Championships, takes on Northwestern! With handcrafted cookies and cake pops that are decorated to reflect our beloved home state and school’s colors, these desserts will not only wow your party guests, they will make you feel as if you’ve just scored a touchdown.

Mention this post or #GoBucks when ordering over the phone and receive 20% off our OSU themed cupcakes or Ohio State colored cake pops. Offer ends Saturday December 1st to celebrate that big ten championship!

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Super Bowl 51 Cupcake and Cookie Delivery

Order cupcakes online for your Super Bowl 2017 party.

The most anticipated game of the year is upon us. This weekend we’ll be catering to parties around the Columbus and central Ohio area for the big game.

Have a hankering for some sweet treats to share for Super Bowl LI?! Well look no further than Fate Cakes Bakery where we proudly have been specializing in cakes, cookies and cupcakes going on five years. Click here to view our popular cookie items!

A real crowd pleasing treat are hand drawn logo cookies including both rival teams or decadent cupcakes with creative designs. Whether you’re a rooting tooting Falcons or Patriots fan, it makes no difference. We sure have the sweet treats to delight! We have decadent Vanilla, Red Velvet and super moist chocolate to devour for The Super Bowl.

So don’t hesitate and be sure to view our menu and check out our cookie and cupcake options that will satisfy your sweet tooth and put a smile on your face. We would love to deliver an array of cookies and cupcakes for you upcoming Super Bowl Party!

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Affordable Columbus Bakery

A dessert table is the most important part of the party! With cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and a variety of custom cake options, there are many options for your next themed party.

While it’s so much fun planning those sweets for your guests, it can be stressful figuring out pricing for a specific budget. Our team of experts are here to help you find all the best treats for your big day and of course will make sure it’s priced perfectly. Check out all your options suitable for that unforgettable night!

News Flash… these treats are not a fad. In fact, their growing with popularity during the years. Perfect for an individualized party or an over the top wedding, every guest will be happy with our flavor varieties. Preview our CUPCAKE MENU to order cupcakes by the dozen for a simple birthday party or our WEDDING AND EVENTS page for more information about our bulk pricing for large orders.

Cookies –
We added custom designed cookies to our menu after being countless requests for needing something special and unique for the party. Our clients typically want another treat that just adds to the theme and makes the party even more special. The great thing about custom designed cookies is we can create any shape and work with any style. Click here to view ourCOOKIE MENU for more information about our pricing per cookie and details about our minimum orders.

Cake Pops –
Individual treasures – perfect for those little ones. Our most typical order are for parties where it’s important for children to have something bite-size and nothing too large for those smaller appetites. But, don’t be fooled by the size of this treat, these pops are most comparable to brownies on a stick and your guests will for sure be going back for seconds. To view more information about our cake pop flavors and pricing, CLICK HERE!

Cakes –
Custom designed cakes are all the craze. Seriously, we’ve created 3D styles with ornate lace perfect for a princess and we’ve even designed special character cakes ideal for a birthday. The great thing about cake is it’s very versatile and we stand by the idea we’re happy to create your vision – no matter how crazy! We’ll be happy to discuss any custom ideas about a 3D or unique cake. Simple click on our CAKE MENU to learn more about our specialty cakes and pricing.

No matter the occasion, our bakery is happy to make sure you stay within budget. We have sweet tooth for tasty treats and affordable desserts. We will always be here to answer any questions you have about our pricing or about our custom designed treats. Visit our CONTACT PAGE to found out how one of our experts can help you today!

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Wedding Dessert Trends – Fall 2014

Our Designer wedding cookies

We’re only a couple weeks away from the first day of Fall for 2014 and it’s absolutely that time of year where our bakery is booked to capacity for all large events and weddings. Fall is such a beautiful time of year, especially if you are expected to say your nuptials with the love of your life. As much as the time of year is one of the most important parts up for discussion when planning your wedding, we receive many calls from brides and grooms who have done little to no planning on their dessert table and are stumped on what to order for that big day.

It can be an overwhelming task planning on what to serve your guests at your wedding. There are countless options available that are currently trending and at Fate Cakes we’re happy offer a spread of desserts perfect for that special day. Below we have outlined all the treats up for temptation at our bakery; as well as, those options that are also popular to any sweet treat. Below getting started, we have also noted some general thoughts to keep in mind which might help your dessert planning

1). Keep it simple – Sometimes a modern and sleek designed dessert can make a larger statement and doesn’t have to hurt the checkbook
2). Keep it individualized – Small doesn’t always mean boring. Guests will love finger food for appetizers and more importantly desserts.
3). Keep if fun! – No matter how many people you’re inviting to attend your wedding, get a dessert or platter of desserts that you and your lover enjoy.

Now to the treats!

Cookies: Our bakers have received more inquiries about custom wedding cookies this year compared to past wedding season. These little buttery treats are the perfect amount of sweet and can be decorated to any shape, size and design of your choice. Honestly, there so many different themes and color combinations which can make any day even that more special.

Cupcakes: This is our speciality at Fate Cakes. Not much to say about how these little treats aren’t going anyway anytime soon. If you have doubts on the popularity of our special delights, check out our outstanding client reviews at WEDDING WIRE.

Cake Pops: Nothing says love like a little cake pop. These are perfect for any dessert table but even more desirable for favor placements at each guest table. Give you loved ones something to enjoy even after the big celebration!

Pies: Even though these scrumptious treats are currently unavailable at our bakery, more brides are taking the leap to supply individually sliced pieces of pie at their dessert tables. Some bakeries even make this pastry on a stick. How cool is that!

Donuts: Does this treat need a description? You’ll be the coolest couple with these delights. Everyone will be talking about that dessert table!

We’re making brides and grooms’ dreams come true every weekend of the year here at Fate Cakes. If you are recently engaged, or just wanna talk to our team about our savory lil’ treats, give us a ring (614) 219.9429 and we’ll be happy to discuss any questions about our wedding cateringservices or pricing.

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National Chocolate Chip Day : 5 Simple and Traditional Treats

Order Cookies Online Today

In celebration of Chocolate Chip Day, we’re excited to share some fun and easy recipes you can tempt yourself to during this fabulous holiday. There are some traditional desserts and others you may have never heard or thought about, but all a must to be shared today, May 15th.

Let the drooling commence

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies – Perfect timing, we’ve started selling our cookies online today in honor of Chocolate Chip Day and this special treat is predicted to be our top seller. It’s a no brainer this is our first choice on how to celebrate the day. Nothing beats Ooey Gooyey Goodness

2. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies – If a chocolate chip cookie isn’t good just by itself, these delightful peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are a perfect mingle of rich and crispness. We’re also selling these online starting today, so don’t just sit there… order today!

3. Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake – It’s getting close to the time of year we treat ourselves to cool and creamy ice cream and creamy treats. Get that blender out and throw some vanilla ice cream, mini chocolate chips, mint extract (or the real stuff) and some milk and turn that baby on high!

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes – This lil’ delight is not on our Spring cupcake menu, but it is a treat that everyone needs to try. Once you’ve had one you’re more than likely already taking the wrapper off the next!

5. White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Cookies – Who said we had to keep it with standard chocolate? Let’s switch it up and add a little white chocolate to our dessert menu. Live a little!

Enjoy and don’t forget to have fun!