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20% off our Ohio State Themed Desserts for the Big Ten Championship

OSU Cupcake Variety Perfect for Tailgating

Cheer on your home state with Fate Cake’s delicious creations including festive vanilla cake pops, and customized classic football cookies.

If you are from the midwest, you’ve grown up watching BIG 1G football. You’ve cheered, screamed, cried–all out of love for your favorite football team. You hope each year, that your team will be the Big Ten Champions. Well that time has come! Celebrate with Fate Cakes as Ohio State, winner of 36 Big Ten Championships, takes on Northwestern! With handcrafted cookies and cake pops that are decorated to reflect our beloved home state and school’s colors, these desserts will not only wow your party guests, they will make you feel as if you’ve just scored a touchdown.

Mention this post or #GoBucks when ordering over the phone and receive 20% off our OSU themed cupcakes or Ohio State colored cake pops. Offer ends Saturday December 1st to celebrate that big ten championship!

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Celebrate With A Spooktacular Dessert Table This Halloween

You feel it in the chill of the air, the rustle of the leaves, that fall is coming….and it brings a sense of excitement with it as it ticks closer toward the end of the month. Halloween, beggar’s night, Harvest parties–whatever you call it, whichever way you celebrate it–you don’t want to miss out on all the spooktacular treats from Fate Cakes!

As a parent, there is all this pressure to have the perfect crafted cookies, cupcakes, or cakepops for your little prince or princess’ school function. You’ve scoured the stores and pinterest boards for the perfect fall treats only to have the perfect pinterest fail, or the same thing every other parent has found. Dare to be different? This is no trick but a treat, let fate cakes weave a spell of decadence over you and your friends & family.

Can’t celebrate your favorite holiday at work with costumes? Be the superhero your office deserves by bringing treats to get everyone through the work day. Even the joker you work for will enjoy these festive creations!

Let us send chills down your spine with our thrilling creations whether they are for your goblin or your boo; scary or sweet. We will bring your vision to life.

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5-Tiered Wedding Cakes in Columbus, Ohio

Weddings are our specialty and what we’re passionate about at Fate Cakes. There are only a handful of ocassions which are remembered for a lifetime and this day is one of the most important. Creating that perfect centerpiece on your one-of-a-kind day is imperative and we’d be thrilled at a chance to help you celebrate with close friends and family.

Wedding cakes are still the traditional choice and the overall crowd pleaser. An unforgettable dessert table with a 5-tiered cake will have your guests talking about your event for years to come. The stacked intricate details can create something so unique to your theme and event; as well as, be a lasting memory for you, your fiance and all guests.

At fate cakes, you’ll get to customize each tiered design and get the chance to offer different cake/icing and filling options for each tier. The top tier will also be available as a cutting tier which is the perfect opportunity for some photography and keepsake moments.

We offer tastings for our cake/icing and filling options along with our cupcake flavors. We’d be happy to meet with you in person to try some of our delicious treats; as well as, of some time to discuss your big day in more detail. Contact us today to speak to our creative team and even coordinator to seek our current wedding availability and options for tastings.

Give us a call (614-219-9429) or message us directly on our contact page. Please also checkout our wedding cake and dessert reviews on both The Knot and Wedding Wire websites.

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7 Tips For A Successful Graduation Party

It’s time to celebrate our graduates! As we begin the start of June, those parties are just around the corner. Are you prepared?

There are a couple of 7 key points our team has for those planning the biggest party of the year.

Hire a cleaning service – While preparing for an open house with countless guests, no one wants last minute cleaning – or worse, forgetting to clean at all. It’s affordable to hire a local maid and cleaning service where you wont have to lift a finger and will be able to sit back and relax – or keep planning. Our Note: Plan to call months before the big day. Remember, it’s a popular time of year and some services will be limited the closer you come to the party.

Ask for RSVPs for everyone – Yes. Everyone, including your graduates friends. It’s an exciting time for all seniors, and they’ll all make an appearance to each party they’re invited – especially if good food and vibes are expected. If you’ve invited extended family, or out of towners, make sure to include an RSVP note in your invitation. Out Note: Give your graduate a guest restriction. If they’re popular and knows every student at school, give your child a limit on how many friends they can invite.

Keep the theme simple – Remember less is always more. If you’re planning for a large amount of guests, chaos may strike if you have multiple appetizers, entrees and sides. Sometimes, offering a single hot item and sides which can be stored a room temperature are good options so you’re not constantly replenishing items. Our Recommendation: Try a build your own taco bar or sandwich station. This will allow for many options for all guests.

Plan to feed more than expected – If you think your exact RSVP number will arrive, expect for at least a dozen or two extra. Even more if your child sent out a general invitation word of mouth to their friends and classmates. It’s always the most difficult to estimate how many people will arrive at an open house, but you’ll absolutely need to make sure you can feed all the guests. Our Thoughts: Buying in bulk will benefit you here. Don’t put out all your food at once. Allow for guests to come and go freely but expect some will eat seconds; therefore, if you save extras for additional guests you wont get caught off guard.

Have an indoor alternative – Graduation season is smack dab in prime rainy season. If you’re expecting to offer your entire party outside, a tent might not be enough if there’s a downpour. Most guests will seek shelter inside if the weather turns bad quickly and you’ll soon be packed like sardines if you don’t have any alternatives. Our advice: If your home can not accommodate for your guest list inside, think about renting a space where this won’t be a concern while you’re celebrating with friends and family.

Offer more than one dessert – Now for the fun planning! A centerpiece cake is tradition but cupcakes are gaining respect among large parties. There’s many custom options which can be created from our bakery to correlate to school colors, mascots and other designs. You’ll want to plan a specific time to cut the cake, which can cause a delay in activities if you’re needing to plate. Consider other deserts which will allow for ease of display and distribution to your guests. Our suggestion: Cake pops and cookies are individually wrapped at Fate Cakes, so these desserts make it possible to leave out on a platter even for favors or a thank you treat.

Provide doggy bags – As guests prepare to leave, they’ll come and go all throughout the party if you have a traditional open house. As you’ve planned for additional guests, keep in mind there’s a high possibility you’ll have an abundance of food remaining at the end of the party. Make cleanup easier by sending leftovers home with your guest. It’s also a good idea to have take home bag kits readily available so guests can easily pack some food for later. Our consideration: If doggy bags aren’t something suitable for your event, contact a local charity, homeless shelter or community food bank. Setup a time in the evening when you can drop off perishables which can not be saved or consumed by your household.

With all this planning, it’s easy to become overwhelmed about the party and events. But remember, this is a special day to celebrate a milestone for your child and it’s important to enjoy these moments while they are still present.

Our team of design experts and catering staff are happy to help plan a successful party which will WOW your guests. To talk to our team about your event, contact us today (614.219.9429) and we’ll discuss the next steps in preparing that special day for your graduate.

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Super Bowl 51 Cupcake and Cookie Delivery

Order cupcakes online for your Super Bowl 2017 party.

The most anticipated game of the year is upon us. This weekend we’ll be catering to parties around the Columbus and central Ohio area for the big game.

Have a hankering for some sweet treats to share for Super Bowl LI?! Well look no further than Fate Cakes Bakery where we proudly have been specializing in cakes, cookies and cupcakes going on five years. Click here to view our popular cookie items!

A real crowd pleasing treat are hand drawn logo cookies including both rival teams or decadent cupcakes with creative designs. Whether you’re a rooting tooting Falcons or Patriots fan, it makes no difference. We sure have the sweet treats to delight! We have decadent Vanilla, Red Velvet and super moist chocolate to devour for The Super Bowl.

So don’t hesitate and be sure to view our menu and check out our cookie and cupcake options that will satisfy your sweet tooth and put a smile on your face. We would love to deliver an array of cookies and cupcakes for you upcoming Super Bowl Party!

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How Many Dessert Options Should I Serve At My Wedding?

Are you up to your eyes in wedding planning? This day will be most overwhelming and we’re here to help every step of the way. You’re not alone during this journey and we can answer all questions or concerns for this grand event.

Many Fate Cakes’ couples who choose to serve only cake are asking how to gauge the exact number of servings needed based on expected guests. To read more about an estimated recommendation, CLICK HERE to view our post about choosing cake to guest ratio. But what if you’re envisioning more than one dessert or treas which will be completely customized to your theme?

A previous topic on dessert bars showcases their convenience for guests; as well as, can benefit your pocket. It’s probably old news how expensive wedding cakes are – priced per slice. Our cake pops, cupcakes and cookies are not just delicious but can also be the perfect desserts for any wedding or even large event. There are countless options for design ideas and if you’re envisioning a dessert bar, these will make a lasting impression.

We’d be happy to discuss any pricing questions regarding our dessert catering but you can also preview some questions we suggest asking asking your bakery before booking for your event. This will provide some additional information needed before finalizing on your dessert or cake. To contact a Fate Cakes’ representative, give us a call (614-219-9429) or use our Contact Form.

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Wedding Dos and Don’ts: Should You Serve A Cutting Cake

Is tradition still a large part of weddings in 2016? Many of our brides come to us requesting a dessert that is unique from any other event but they also want to keep some things the same as their parents and grandparents. Those same couples are asking for a cupcake display instead of cake, so when do you still incorporate a cake cutting in your reception?

First, let’s cover why cutting into a cake cake has become a large focal point of the wedding. It’s not just a great photo op but is pretty tasty too. The guests will also have fun if both bride and groom dodge each other during the ultimate ‘cake in the face’ duel.

The couple will cut into the bottom tier of cake to symbolize the continued relationship and the groom is also said to place his hand on top of the brides to assist her cut the first piece. This is said to have meaning for the new husband in support of his bride as she in return taking care of her groom and their family.

The cutting cake should also be used to serve not just you and your newlywed but also those immediate family members. First provide a piece to your parents and then any bridal party members if you have additional servings to provide.

We know all of this planning can be overwhelming and of course are here to answer any questions about pricing or your thoughts over the phone. To speak with a Fate Cakes cake design specialist or an event coordinator, give us a call (614) 219.9429.

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Should I offer a dessert bar at my wedding?

Call us today to schedule your wedding or large event

During the first phase of planning your wedding, the desserts may not be the first item on your list, but it will soon become a large discussion between you and your fiance. Questions like, how much do I need, what type should I get and what design options do I have all might be part of the worry as your big day gets closer.

Within the last few years dessert bars have become a popular trend as it supplies guests with multiple options and there are endless varieties you can arrange around a large display. Even if look is not as important as price when it comes to this item on your list, you can even keep a dessert bar within a specified budget if you plan early.

Will all your guests eat dessert? That will be one of the most frustrating questions to tackle when planning your bar. Read our article about how to choose the Cake to Guest Ratio posted earlier this month. This will give more concrete information on how to plan appropriately for your guest count. Because not every invitee will eat cake, this is a large concern for most brides; therefore, they plan accordingly and offer different desserts as additional options and order less cake.

Some different desserts which are paired nicely with your cake:

Cookies! Not just tasty but also beautiful. They items can be customized to your theme or colors and there are a variety of designs which can be hand drawn and added to the cookie. These little treats are also very popular as favors for your guests and they can be wrapped in a cellophane bag to keep freshness.

Cake Pops are on of our most popular items which are added to every wedding to accommodate for those guests who are not fans of the traditional piece of cake. Each are individually wrapped with a ribbon which can be customized to a particular swatch. There are also stands which we rent for the convenience of displaying your lil’ treats.

The final option to keep in mind when planning a dessert bar is the possibility to forgo your cake all together and offer cupcakes as the main dessert. With a larger variety of flavors, garnishes and designs, they can be a cute addition to your bar and you won’t have to worry about what guests do with all that left over cake. There is also a large price difference between serving size for cucpakes vs. cake. To read more about how much money you can save, check out our article about Cupcakes vs. Cakes – The Price Difference.

Call a wedding cake and cupcake representative today to discuss your big day! We’re available at 614.219.9429 to answer any questions.

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Wedding Tips: What Is The Cake To Guest Ratio

Wedding Cake Delivery

Often when we site down with newlyweds the most popular question asked is “How many servings should I order for my expected guest list?” It’s important for you to provide enough dessert for your guests but do you anticipate for one per invitee or more? Will everyone eat cake? What if your guests eat more than one dessert? All of these questions are valid while making imperative decisions and they can be very stressful.

While planning your big day you’ll soon learn not every guest will make an appearance at your wedding and it can be overwhelming deciding on a final number which will fit within your budget. Typically, when ordering a wedding cake, all bakeries will charge you per slice and Fate Cakes is no different. Our pricing starts at a standard and average cost and then increases on the complexity of design and all additional features. Our Event Coordinator will sit down with you and discuss all the options involved in planning the cake of your dreams and this is also the time where cake to guest ratio will be mentioned. (Click HERE to read additional information on the initial questions to ask a bakery during the first process of planing your wedding).

When planning to serve a cake for a wedding there are several costs to consider one of which is if your venue charges a cutting fee and how much this will total for the amount of servings you’re anticipating. Another item to consider is will your venue provide all plates, napkins and serving utensils. Most venues will accommodate but it’s worth make certain this will not be an added expense.

As all these details can be overwhelming, we are here to answer as many questions about your big day. To speak with our team about setting you to meet with our experts, contact us (614-219-9429) to schedule a date. You can also read details about the ‘Questions To Ask Before Booking A Bakery For Your Wedding’ and we’d be happy to answer any remaining inquiries.

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Wedding Dos and Don’ts: Dessert Bars

Growing in popularity, dessert bars are the perfect opportunity to offer your guests more than one treat. It also allows for a variety of flavors, sweets and even let’s you design specific desserts around your theme or vision. We offer many confections at our bakery and are not limited to; cupcakes, cakes, cake pops, cookies and it’s becoming the norm for our brides to request more than one item at their wedding. Below, we’ve outlined 5 suggestions to why we LOVE dessert bars.

Wow Factor:
So you want that jaw dropping wedding? One which guests will be talking about for weeks? There’s no better way to show your friends and family you had a blast planning the big day and even more importantly the desserts. Make them ask how and where you came up with all the ideas!

We all have that family member that can’t get enough sweets. Allowing for multiple options will give all your guests an opportunity to select a treat they would prefer the most. More flavors are always a good thing, right!? (Stumped on what dessert options you should offer your guests? Check out our post about how to choose which treats to offer at your wedding).

All of our treats are customizable, but some are easier to create that magical look you want for your special day! For example, our custom cut out cookies can be perfect for designing monograms or any personalization. All our cookies are hand drawn and we can create a design of your dreams.

So you’re not cutting a cake? More brides are opting for a cupcake display which allows for an easier flow to your dessert party. Guests are able to walk up and choose their very own cupcake and flavor. We offer a variety of cupcake display and tower options, click here to read more about our stand rentals.

Take Home Bags:
It’s not traditional to offer food as a party favor, but who turns down a treat to take with them when they’re retiring from a great wedding? Sometimes, not everyone eats dessert but others like to eat MORE! (read our article about cake to guest ratio) Your guests might be tempted to take multiple treats but will probably wait until the party has almost ended to followthrough with their impulse. Give them an opportunity to take something to go and ask us to supply boxes for those after hours sweet thooths.

Recently engaged? We’d love to talk with you about your upcoming wedding! Give us a call today (614.219.9429) to share details about your big day or send us a quick message from our Contact Form