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Spooktacular Savings in October – $10.00 Off Gooey S'more Cupackes

It’s officially Fall.
Break out your hoodies and napkins… we’re having a bonfire and sharing our oooey gooey S’more cupcakes. This month marks the start to a new season and of course a new promotion at Fate Cakes.
During the month of October, we’ve got a Spoooktacular saving just in time for your Halloween themed parties and events. If you order a dozen cupcakes (any flavor) during October 1st – October 31st, you’ll receive a dozen (12) S’more cupcakes for $15.00. That’s a $10.00 saving! Yep, we’re practically giving our sweets away!
Simply enter the code SPOOKY while filling out your Online Order Form or Shopping Cart. Or you can give us a call (614.219.9429) and we’ll go over all the details with you over the phone – just don’t forget to mention the promotion and we’ll simply add the discount to your order.
To view our wickedly good cupcake menu click HERE. We also offer some pretty deadly cake pops if you’re in the mood for something divinely dangerous!

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The Ohio State University Student Care Packages – $25.00

We deliver care packages to OSU Campus
The Ohio State University is a prestigious school and students from all around the world attend the university. No matter if a student is ten minutes or ten thousand miles away from home, every child needs a little special surprise from Mom and Dad.
At Fate Cakes we receive multiple calls a day asking to deliver cupcakes and cake pops on OSU campus; therefore, our delivery team know all campus streets like the back of our hands. We’re driving and interacting with students multiple times a day during the school hours and we get to see their big smiles of pure surprise when they receive a special care package from a loved one.
Our cupcakes and cake pops are the most thoughtful gift to send that special student and child for a birthday, finals week pick me up, or just to say “We Love and Miss You”. All cupcakes on our divine menu are priced at $25.00/dozen and our cake pops are even more affordable at $20.00/dozen. We even keep our delivery prices low and charge a standard delivery fee of $10.00 instead of charging you by the mile.
We know how much the little things matter to our children and a simple sweet care package and remind them how much they are missed and loved back home.
Check out our cupcake menu and cake pop menu today. We keep it easy for you to either order online from our Order Form and Shopping Cart or you can simply give us a call (614.219.9429) and we’ll go over all the details with you on the phone!

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July '13 Clearance! Receive $10 Off Expedited Delivery

July is a month of celebration and pool parties. At Fate Cakes, we love to spend as much time outside in the sun when we aren’t preparing fresh and mouth watering cupcakes for your summer events. But what we enjoy the most is getting to visit with close friends and family during cookouts and our local festivals.
We want to make hosting parties easier this month. Enjoy your summer while the warm weather lasts by taking more time outside and not stressing out over last minute details! During July, we’re offering on of our biggest deals. While submitting a cupcake ONLINE ORDER receive $10.00 off all expedited next day and same day delivery! (That means you’re getting next day delivery for FREE!!!).
Enter promotional code DELIVERY10 on your ORDER FORM or within your shopping cart to receive this limited time offer!

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7 Easy Steps On How To Create Tasty Cake Pops

Cake pops are all the rage especially for small parties like baby showers and bridal showers. They are the perfect size for any sweet lover that may be looking for a light treat. Plus, you can have a variety of flavors at your party so all your guests can multiple choices!

At Fate Cakes we cater our variety of cake pop flavors to baby showers, bridal showers, weddings and many more parties all across Columbus, Ohio; therefore, we know what we’re doing when it comes to cake pops. With all this pop frenzy, we have created a simple checklist to follow in order to make and create tasty and decorative cake pops.

Our 7 Tips

  1. Cool and Shave Down – After baking your cake, let cool completely, before taking it out of the pan and “shredding” it into small pieces.

  2. Roll and Shape – Once the cake is fully cooled and you have shaved it down, add a “binding” ingredient like sour cream or cream cheese. This will allow the cake to be easier to mold into your shape or a traditional ball

  3. Stick It – After you have rolled and shaped your pop, apply melted chocolate melts on the tip of your lollipop stick before placing it into your ball or shape. This will allow the cake to adhere better to the stick as the chocolate melts

  4. Cool ‘Em –  Allow the pops to cool in the refrigerator or freezer for a short period. Make sure your pop has not completely cooled or froze. The reasoning is if the pop is too cool, your icing will crack as it cools after you have rolled the pop in a variety of candy melt flavors and colors.

  5. Heat Chocolate – While your pops are cooling, heat the chocolate melts in a microwave 15-30 seconds at a time. As the chocolate starts to melt, check it more often as it tends to burn and crystallize which will ruin the chocolate. If  if your sugar starts to crystallize but does not burn, add some oil to allow the chocolate to become more liquid.

  6. Roll and Coat – After taking the pops out of the refrigerator or freezer, roll the pops in your melted chocolate. You can either tap or twirl the pops to get access chocolate off the the pops.

  7. Double Dip – This is the only time you’re allowed to double dip! Make sure to apply this step to allow for a smoother surface on each pop

Now that you’ve coated your pops you can either decorate with your favorite sprinkles or let them cool and then drizzle them in a different colored melted chocolate. For a little extra flair don’t forget to wrap each pop in their individual bags and add a themed ribbon or ti to incorporate your baby shower, wedding or bridal shower theme and colors.

Love our tips and want to see learn more about how Fate cakes can cater to your next party in Columbus, Ohio? Click here to read more about the cake pops we’ve decorated for special events. You can also give us a call at (614) 219.9429 to order over the phone.

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