Terms and Conditions

Customer information:

Upon payment of this invoice all dessert, delivery, and recipient information is confirmed correct. This includes and is not limited to:  qty/size of desserts, flavors, special requests, delivery location, delivery date, recipient name and other personal information. Fate Cakes is not liable for any inaccurate or outdated information provided during the time of order. Fate Cakes is only responsible in producing the type/amount of desserts included in each invoice even if previous communication was made via phone, email, text, social media messages, etc. In the event an item is missing or has the incorrect details, quantity, etc. it is the responsibility of the customer to contact the bakery to request an addition to the current order or request a new order if previous order was paid.    

Photo inspiration, special requests, toppers, accents:

Only items included on this invoice are to be created/implemented by the decorative team. If a photo is requested to be used as inspiration, only specific details discussed and stated on the invoice will be completed. Items which are not automatically included in a quote may include but not limited to: fresh flowers, gum paste / sugar flowers, fondant toppers, non-edible toppers, 3D molds, 3D/flat image characters, fondant accents and plaques, decoration on cake boards, etc. 


General arrival windows are chosen at checkout and no specific, preferred, or predicted time request available within the chosen window. In the event recipient or other affiliated parties are not available upon delivery, all packages will remain at delivery location and photo documentation will be recorded of the package on site.

Driver will not wait for recipient in the event they are not at the delivery address upon arrival and no packages will return to the bakery after they have arrived at their destination. This applies during any time of year and all seasons. Potential damages which might occur if no recipient is available include but is not limited to all affects of outdoor elements including animals, insects, freezing, melting and also tampering / stolen, etc – non of which Fate Cakes is liable for.

The customer who ordered and/or recipient may also be contacted at the time of delivery to confirm the delivery. Photo documentation of the order is taken at the delivery address to confirm Fate Cakes is not accountable for any compromised product after delivery.


All desserts come in standard bakery packaging for the exception of tiered cakes – depending on size – no box will be provided upon arrival.

Invoice due date:

All invoices include a due date. Payment is mandatory before 6PM on the specified due date or the invoice/order will be automatically cancelled. If the invoice/order is cancelled there may not be an option to reschedule as availability is limited. Fate Cakes has the right to decline any potential re-order if the invoice is not paid by 6PM on the invoice due date.


All orders are due in full by due date unless deposit options are previously discussed prior to invoice. If a deposit option is discussed during the order process, a deposit due date will also be provided at that time.

Order changes:

Dessert changes to an order can only be made prior to when an invoice is due. This includes but is not limited to: flavor, size, decoration and accents. No changes will be accepted after an invoice due date.


No refunds will be provided if order is cancelled after invoice due date.

Cancellations for bulk orders/special events:

No refunds will be provided if cancellation is less than two weeks prior to your event.