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I started a cupcake blog because baking is fun! Most people might not agree and may think it’s not enjoyable, but what could be more interesting than making your own desserts from scratch. Plus, eating them fresh out of the oven… mmmm warm cookies and milk!
Not too sure who I got the baking “gene” from, both my grandmother’s are great cooks. Must be my natural desire of those tasty treats that keep me going back to the kitchen. Either way, when I do bake (usually on the weekends), I wanted to start a Baker’s Blog to show friends and family some simple recipes I find online, in cook books, on TV and those that I just make up on the whim.
* All recipes that I bake and post on this website have inspiration from one or many persons – whether it’s the actual recipe or if it’s just someone’s request for a new flavor thought. If I do grab a couple ideas from other bakers I try to make the recipe my own and not “steal” that person’s thunder. If a recipe is 100% from another source I will make reference within that specific recipe page.
Now on to the good stuff… why did I start blogging?!
First, it’s easy! Everyone’s doing it and there’s no better way to keep my fans up-to-date with all the great concoctions I come up with. Plus, it’s a great way to keep a visual record of all my recipes… all I have to do now is login to Fate Cakes and research which item I’d like to make on a whim!
Second, I wanted everyone to share the excitement I get when I bake. Cooking is such a relaxing thing for me, it seems obvious that I’d want to share that warm and inviting vibe with my fans and readers!
I’m sooo excited to start this blog and share all my thoughts and great cupcake and dessert recipes with you! Keep coming back to Fate Cakes for your fun and tasty desserts and treats!
I’ll keep posting… if you keep liking, eating, sharing and giving me your flavor inspiration

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