Cupcake Blog: 5 Sweet Barbeque Sauces for Dad

Check Out our barbeque ideas for Father's DayWe’re getting close to Father’s Day and no better way to celebrate Dad then put him to work on the grill! (We’re only kidding). This might be the only day of the year when women will man the charcoal – if we’re allowed. Family members will be traveling around town and from state to state in order to spend some quality time with Pop, so we’ve come up with some sweet but savory sauces and marinades to tempt Daddio’s taste buds.

    1. Red Wine BBQ Sauce (Chicken/Poultry) – We can’t go one post without speaking what’s on everyone’s mind – Wine Time – Just make sure to save some extra “juice” for dinner or dessert 🙂
    2. Hazelnut Marinade (Steak/Beef) – This lil’ nut packs a punch full of flavor no matter what recipe with which we add into. Simply put some Hazelnut spread mixed with your savory marinade and enjoy
    3. Dark Chocolate BBQ Sauce (Ribs/Pork) – Whether you just literally add a good quality chocolate to your favorite barbeque sauce, it’ll be divine 🙂
    4. Cinnamon and Blueberry Dry Rub (Chop/Pork) – It wouldn’t be summer without a little fresh fruit in every recipe. Try your hand at a fruity but flavorful dry rub that will make your taste buds rejoice!
    5. Brown Sugar and Soy Sauce Marinade (Salmon/Fish) – Saved the best for last. This wonderful combination of both sweet and savory couldn’t get any tastier. These two flavors will keep you asking why you haven’t grilled your fish with this marinade before. Delish!

    Happy Father’s Day, Dads!