Obama's Columbus Bound: OSU Commencement Spring 2013

The Ohio State University graduate and undergraduate students will have the opportunity to hear President Barack Obama during this year’s 2013 OSU Spring commencement. The White House confirmed in February that our current president will be addressing our graduating students this year outside in Horseshoe (Our OSU football stadium) on Cinco De Mayo, May 5th.
Thinking of taking a trip down to The Shoe and see our President, but don’t have a student graduating during Spring? OSU reported that the ticket limit for each student has been increased, but good luck finding a way to get into the festivities without a ticket. The typical commencement at The Ohio State University does not require a voucher or ticket to enter and observe the day’s events, but with this year’s special guest, there is a larger amount of security (no surprise there).
Rumor has it that students are anticipating to sell some of their tickets online, even though this is not allowed by the university and if students are found to be scoping their tickets, consequences will occur which the university will handle personally and privately. After last year’s record amount of students attending, during the 400th Ohio State Spring Commencement, there really might not be a lot of “extra” space or seats even if there wasn’t a historic speaker participating at the events.
Even if not all family and members can attend during this year’s commencement, remember the party does go on after our graduates walk and accept the diploma. The celebration of all hard work and determination really begins at the personal graduation parties held weeks and weekends to come after May 5th. To learn more about how Fate Cakes can help cater to your next graduation party by calling us at (614) 219.9429 or click here to read more about our special Ohio State University party services.
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