Cupcake Delivery for an OSU Student

We’ve received many next day orders from loving parents, out of state, who just want to send their OSU children Happy Birthday wishes, or a little pick-me-up during finals week. In this case, we had an actual Ohio State University student who just had a sweet tooth for our Dorothy Gale (Lemon Blueberry) cupcakes. Tamara S ordered 12 cupcakes from our bakery one Saturday evening requesting our little treats within 24 hours of the order.
Ohio State University may be the third largest college within the continental United States, and we’d like to think that we’ve surprised a majority of those hard studying students or professors with a little sweet cupcake. OSU is one of the fun eventful delivery locations we make trips to daily and we always look forward to making even more cupcake deliveries to OSU students!
Delivering Cupcakes Daily to Ohio State University Students

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