Cupcake Bakery in Columbus Ohio Delivers Thanksgiving Dessert!

Happy Thanksgiving!
It’s that time of the year when we all indulge in good food and relax with family and friends. Or, we’re stuck in the kitchen fixing that delicious dinner everyone’s been looking forward to for months! Either way, by the end of the day we’re all thankful for those special people in our lives and of course our full bellies.
This Thanksgiving, we got a call from Amanda R, a Westerville, Ohio Mom and wife who ordered 1 dozen buckeye cupcakes. Amanda was the winner of our FREE dozen cupcakes which was raffled off at the 2012 Shopping Expo in Westerville, Ohio October 27th. In time for the big day, we delivered these tasty lil’ “turkeys” to Amanda and her family the day before Thanksgiving and we’re happy to be able to share this Holiday with her and her family.
On this thankful day, the Fate Cakes team and bakers would love to give thanks to our families; as well as, those families who let us bring our love and treats into your home.

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