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Cake 101 – What is fondant?

Fate Cakes will cater to your next baby showerAt Fate Cakes the number one question we get asked is “What is fondant?”
Starting Fall of 2013 we are excited to announce we will be expanding our dessert menu and are adding custom cakes to our catering services. While we will absolutely create a delectable cake using our mouthwatering buttercream, we will also be introducing fondant. While fondant is growing in popularity, we couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon and offer this topping option to our cake menu.
Fondant can make any cake have a more polished and smooth look. A cake decorated with fondant can also make that party extra special by molding and designing a cake using a specific theme. While all cakes are works of art at Fate Cakes, fondant can be an easier medium to use while achieving that memorable cake and most important, party!
It’s important to remember that fondant and buttercream are entirely different in texture and taste. While they both use similar ingredients, fondant has a more paste like consistency as opposed to a creamy buttercream. There are many different variations of fondant – mainly Buttercream Fondant and Marshmallow Fondant – both have a more solid consistencay compared to buttercream. It’s also important to note that the main ingredient in fondant is powdered sugar which makes the level of sweetness much higher when compared to buttercream.
No matter the occasion, Fate Cakes will cater a buttercream or fondant cake to your next Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Birthday and we also offer anniversary (mini) cakes for your cupcake tiers for weddings or other large events.

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What's Hot! 2013 Columbus Ohio Wedding Venue Guide

Franklin Park Conservatory

Summer is the most popular season to get married. It’s every young girls dream to walk down the aisle in that flowing dress during an outside ceremony surrounded by both loved family and friends. Columbus, Ohio is a beautiful city in which to get married, but what venues are the perfect location for your theme and amount of guests?

At Fate Cakes we love weddings and are honored to share your special day with you and your fiance. We’ve asked our bakers and decorators where their favorite weddings were hosted and compiled a small list of our the hottest venues in Columbus

1. Franklin Park Conservatory1777 E Broad Street – A variety of indoor private botanical rooms and outdoor terraces for any guest list size

2. Dock 580580 N 4th Street – Sleek and modern venue paired with a unforgettable skyline

3. Station 67379 W Broad Street – A grand arched ballroom creates a romantic and warm setting

Nothing’s more hot than the dessert table at your wedding and that’s where we come in! We’d love to make your day even more special by bringing our mouth watering cupcakes, cake pops and cakes to your wedding! Visit our wedding catering page for more information on our wedding services.

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Wedding 101: What Do I Buy The Couple?

5 gift ideas for the bride and groomSo you’re invited to a wedding this summer and don’t know what to give the bride and groom as a congratulatory gift? First, it’s most common for all couples to send information in regards to which wedding registry they are currently enrolled. But it’s not proper etiquette for the couple to include this information within their invitation. It’s traditional for all guests to contact the mother of the bride and inquiry on gift suggestions.
If for any reason you don’t have the availability to contact the mother of the bride, registry information, or just wanna surprise them with someone personalized, simple and keep in under $60.00, we’ve created a short list. Click on the links below to be redirected to each products respective online stores.

    1. His and Hers / Yours and Mine glasses/whiskey glasses
      Nordstrom ($50 + S&H) Set of 2 (each)
      Click Here To Shop


    1. Mr. and Mrs. Hand Towels ($30 + S&H) Set of 2
      Click Here To Shop


    1. Personalized (Monogram) Linen Hemstitch Napkins ($56.00 + S&H) Set of Six
      Click Here To Shop


    1. Our First Christmas (Personalized) Ornament ($20.00 + S&H)
      Click Here To Shop


  1. Personalized (Monogram) Glass Coasters (30.00 + S&H) Set of 4
    Click Here To Shop

Remember it is also common courtesy to send the gifts to the mother of the bride’s address and not directly to the couple – even if they live together. Plus, it is customary to send all gifts to the bride and groom before the wedding, or within the first month of marriage as a newlywed present. It is no longer proper to send a gift within the first year of marriage.