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FREE Gift Wrapping for any 2017 Valentine’s Day Order

For our wonderful customers who are interested in a great way add excite to their purchase we have got just the idea for you! For a limited time during Valentine’s Day we will include free gift wrap on any of our products simply by entering the specialized product code: BEMINE on the order checkout page.

To take advantage of this special deal please click here to check out our menu and special packages and enter the coupon code in order to have your items wrapped at no additional charge! Also be sure to check out our special hours of operation and delivery hours so you can be sure hook up your friends and family with delicious sweet treats .

You know it would be great to dazzle that special someone in your life with a little extra of awesomeness! Click here to view our special Valentine’s Day cookies and enter the code to get it wrapped up!

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We’re open two extra days for Valentine’s Day

As we prepare to approach one of our most beloved and favorite days of the year, we want to ensure that all of our customers are aware that we have additional hours to accommodate for some delectable sought after sweet treats!

Our normal hours for Valentine’s Day on Tuesday February 14th, 2017 we will be open from 9 AM to 6 PM, however for those who desire to be proactive and snag some treats for their dear friends and loved ones we are excited to announce that we will be open Sunday February 12th from noon to 5 PM. Allowing some last minute shopping perfect for any weekend celebrations. In addition, why not keep the love going. For those that need a little more time we will be available the following Sunday February 19th from noon to 5 PM!

With only one month until Valentine’s Day, hit us up with any of your questions regarding our extended holiday delivery times and schedule; as well as, those special Valentine’s Day cookies and cupcakes available this year. We would love to make your or your special someone’s day complete with a beautiful and decorative Valentine’s Day care package and it’s even simpler to order directly online.

Pssst – Click there to learn more about our FREE gift offer for every Valentine’s Day order.

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Super Bowl 51 Cupcake and Cookie Delivery

Order cupcakes online for your Super Bowl 2017 party.

The most anticipated game of the year is upon us. This weekend we’ll be catering to parties around the Columbus and central Ohio area for the big game.

Have a hankering for some sweet treats to share for Super Bowl LI?! Well look no further than Fate Cakes Bakery where we proudly have been specializing in cakes, cookies and cupcakes going on five years. Click here to view our popular cookie items!

A real crowd pleasing treat are hand drawn logo cookies including both rival teams or decadent cupcakes with creative designs. Whether you’re a rooting tooting Falcons or Patriots fan, it makes no difference. We sure have the sweet treats to delight! We have decadent Vanilla, Red Velvet and super moist chocolate to devour for The Super Bowl.

So don’t hesitate and be sure to view our menu and check out our cookie and cupcake options that will satisfy your sweet tooth and put a smile on your face. We would love to deliver an array of cookies and cupcakes for you upcoming Super Bowl Party!

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Our New Valentine’s Day Cookie Arrangements

We're delivering beautiful Valentine's Day Cookies

It is that wonderful and exciting time of year again to display your appreciation for your special friends and loved ones. What better way than to surprise the people you care about with delicious and decorative Valentine’s Day cookie options from our specialty bakery. They will be sure to turn heads and create everlasting impressions.

We are proud to announce two mouth watering and delicious cookie packages that will be sure to excite!

Our first scrumptious variety of 16 gourmet Valentine’s cookies includes three scrumptious flavors. This option would be exceptionally ideal for your office gatherings, dazzling clients or for your dear loved ones. Our buttery vanilla cookies have designs such as Valentine’s Day sprinkles and those including a deep red rose. The decadent chocolate cookies include a custom “love” pattern with a dove and red hearts. There’s also a chocolate dip and square cookie with a meaningful “Be Mine” and a heart background. But how could we forget Red Velvet. Our most popular dip cookie covered in white chocolate and Valentine’s Day sprinkles. A lovely heart cookie with a hand scripted “Love” written across the center is our favorite.

In addition, we have a more intimate and sweet arrangement that consists of 12 Gourmet Valentine’s Cookie Package. We had to pair the three Vanilla, Chocolate and Red Velvet flavors again for this mouth-watering care package. Our Vanilla and Chocolate “LOVE” cookies are topped with a signature vanilla buttercream frosting and the Red Velvet hearts are simply sweet with white crystal sugar. This option is exceptionally ideal for a sweet and special someone that you want to spoil and delight.

As we draw near to the most beloved day of the year, Be sure to hit us up so that we can aid you in winning some hearts this Valentine’s day. We would love astonish you with our delicious creativity. In our excitement, we’ve added some special Valentine’s Day hours so make sure to check them out. We’ll be open for two extra days in February to help surprise all those special loved ones. You can also find our holiday delivery hours HERE and don’t forget to read more about how you can add a FREE gift to your Valentine’s Day order with THIS COUPON CODE.

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Is Blue Velvet Cake On The Rise?

Supposedly, an unintentional chemical reaction between cocoa powder and buttermilk contributed to the very first Red Velvet Cake that was served at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. Although it had a distinct red color as opposed to modern Red Velvet Cakes that call for added food coloring.

On the other end of the spectrum Blue Velvet Cake has been turning heads all over. All it calls for is adding some blue food coloring to vanilla cake and adding typically white frosting and perhaps berries. At Fate Cakes we are always seeking new and innovative ways to excite. We keep our menu up to date with new and inventive ideas; as well as, those becoming popular.

Blue Velvet cake may not be in the list of new flavors added to our variety of cupcakes, but our community spoke and we listened. You wanted (and needed) more chocolate in your life. With over 60% of our menu already tempting those chocolate lovers, we’ve added two new rich flavors. Our Chocolate Ganache and Ultimate Brownie will do more than tempt your cravings with endless amounts of chcocolatey goodness.

If you have an interest in adding some for options to our menu we’re all ears. Your thoughts and opinions area always welcome. Please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to discuss sweet options with you!

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The Original Red Velvet Cake: A Sweet History

Red Velvet Cupcakes

For those of you who love Red Velvet cake, brace yourselves for some startling facts. It did not get its name from the food coloring that you pour into the batter. Your mind is about to be blown…here is what actually happened.

During the Great Depression, families were particularly more frugal and relying less on food colorings and extracts which could easily be eliminated. While the savings were good for those looking to pinch pennies, it was undoubtedly unfavorable news for the Adams Extract Company. To counter decreasing sales, employees at the company created the Adams Red Velvet Cake which was a concoction that incorporated red food coloring and butter extract instead of traditional ingredients.

The idea was a huge hit across households throughout America. Ever since then Red Velvet cake has been a common staple or addiction for dessert addicts. Here is a little bit of history as well regarding Red Velvet, early bakers of the recipe colored the cake with beet juice which possessed a deep dark red color. Its acquired name Red Velvet does not come from the color of the cake, but the smooth soft texture of the cake crumbs.

Always a crowd pleaser, the great news is that Fate Cakes has been producing delicious Red Velvet cake since our beginning. It’s been love at first bite and we even offer this delicious treat as one of our cupcake and cake pop flavors.

Why wait to enjoy a Red Velvet cupcake? We’re sure you’re already drooling so go ahead and order a dozen of these lil’ treats and we’ll bring them directly to your door. Hand delivered with love. CLICK HERE to visit our shopping cart of give us a call (614.219.9429) to order over the phone.

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Involving Your Groom And Family For Wedding Cake Tastings

The time has come for you to try some delicious treats. As your wedding approaches this could be a final decision and one you’ve been looking forward to. But how many people should you involve in this decision?

When considering flavor options it’s just as important to include those people close to you during this planning but how many is too many? It’s easy to become immersed with the opinions of others during this time but don’t become overwhelmed. A tasting should involve only your betrothed and direct parents. Any more during this meeting might become too overwhelming.

During this tasting it’s time to ask some crucial questions of your bakery and we’ve outlined some of the key points to mention.

1). What is the guest to cake ratio recommended? (To read more about our recent article HERE)
2). What is the deadline to finalize an order?
3). Are there any additional fees included? (Setup, Delivery, Display Rental)
4). Is there a minimum payment for deposit or a discount if one is made? Also, what is the deadline for the final payment?
5). What is the arrival time when the team will deliver at the venue or location?
6). Will your team return to the venue to pickup any display?

Here at Fate Cakes it’s our number one priority to make sure you have the perfect wedding cake and a memorable event. We’re here to answer any questions you might have regarding our wedding services and we’d be happy to meet in person for a taste testing. To contact our Event Coordinator or a Fate Cakes’ representative, give us a ring (614-219-9429) or message us on our Contact form.

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How Many Dessert Options Should I Serve At My Wedding?

Are you up to your eyes in wedding planning? This day will be most overwhelming and we’re here to help every step of the way. You’re not alone during this journey and we can answer all questions or concerns for this grand event.

Many Fate Cakes’ couples who choose to serve only cake are asking how to gauge the exact number of servings needed based on expected guests. To read more about an estimated recommendation, CLICK HERE to view our post about choosing cake to guest ratio. But what if you’re envisioning more than one dessert or treas which will be completely customized to your theme?

A previous topic on dessert bars showcases their convenience for guests; as well as, can benefit your pocket. It’s probably old news how expensive wedding cakes are – priced per slice. Our cake pops, cupcakes and cookies are not just delicious but can also be the perfect desserts for any wedding or even large event. There are countless options for design ideas and if you’re envisioning a dessert bar, these will make a lasting impression.

We’d be happy to discuss any pricing questions regarding our dessert catering but you can also preview some questions we suggest asking asking your bakery before booking for your event. This will provide some additional information needed before finalizing on your dessert or cake. To contact a Fate Cakes’ representative, give us a call (614-219-9429) or use our Contact Form.

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Wedding Dos and Don’ts: Should You Serve A Cutting Cake

Is tradition still a large part of weddings in 2016? Many of our brides come to us requesting a dessert that is unique from any other event but they also want to keep some things the same as their parents and grandparents. Those same couples are asking for a cupcake display instead of cake, so when do you still incorporate a cake cutting in your reception?

First, let’s cover why cutting into a cake cake has become a large focal point of the wedding. It’s not just a great photo op but is pretty tasty too. The guests will also have fun if both bride and groom dodge each other during the ultimate ‘cake in the face’ duel.

The couple will cut into the bottom tier of cake to symbolize the continued relationship and the groom is also said to place his hand on top of the brides to assist her cut the first piece. This is said to have meaning for the new husband in support of his bride as she in return taking care of her groom and their family.

The cutting cake should also be used to serve not just you and your newlywed but also those immediate family members. First provide a piece to your parents and then any bridal party members if you have additional servings to provide.

We know all of this planning can be overwhelming and of course are here to answer any questions about pricing or your thoughts over the phone. To speak with a Fate Cakes cake design specialist or an event coordinator, give us a call (614) 219.9429.

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Should I offer a dessert bar at my wedding?

Call us today to schedule your wedding or large event

During the first phase of planning your wedding, the desserts may not be the first item on your list, but it will soon become a large discussion between you and your fiance. Questions like, how much do I need, what type should I get and what design options do I have all might be part of the worry as your big day gets closer.

Within the last few years dessert bars have become a popular trend as it supplies guests with multiple options and there are endless varieties you can arrange around a large display. Even if look is not as important as price when it comes to this item on your list, you can even keep a dessert bar within a specified budget if you plan early.

Will all your guests eat dessert? That will be one of the most frustrating questions to tackle when planning your bar. Read our article about how to choose the Cake to Guest Ratio posted earlier this month. This will give more concrete information on how to plan appropriately for your guest count. Because not every invitee will eat cake, this is a large concern for most brides; therefore, they plan accordingly and offer different desserts as additional options and order less cake.

Some different desserts which are paired nicely with your cake:

Cookies! Not just tasty but also beautiful. They items can be customized to your theme or colors and there are a variety of designs which can be hand drawn and added to the cookie. These little treats are also very popular as favors for your guests and they can be wrapped in a cellophane bag to keep freshness.

Cake Pops are on of our most popular items which are added to every wedding to accommodate for those guests who are not fans of the traditional piece of cake. Each are individually wrapped with a ribbon which can be customized to a particular swatch. There are also stands which we rent for the convenience of displaying your lil’ treats.

The final option to keep in mind when planning a dessert bar is the possibility to forgo your cake all together and offer cupcakes as the main dessert. With a larger variety of flavors, garnishes and designs, they can be a cute addition to your bar and you won’t have to worry about what guests do with all that left over cake. There is also a large price difference between serving size for cucpakes vs. cake. To read more about how much money you can save, check out our article about Cupcakes vs. Cakes – The Price Difference.

Call a wedding cake and cupcake representative today to discuss your big day! We’re available at 614.219.9429 to answer any questions.

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