We're open two extra days for Valentine's Day

We're open two extra days for Valentine's Day

02/05/2017 by Marie

As we prepare to approach one of our most beloved and favorite days of the year, we want to ensure that all of our customers are aware that we have additional hours to accommodate for some delectable sought after sweet treats! Our normal hours for Valentine’s Day on Tuesday February 14th, 2017 we will be […]

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Super Bowl 51 Cupcake and Cookie Delivery

01/30/2017 by Marie

The most anticipated game of the year is upon us. This weekend we’ll be catering to parties around the Columbus and central Ohio area for the big game. Have a hankering for some sweet treats to share for Super Bowl LI?! Well look no further than Fate Cakes Bakery where we proudly have been specializing […]

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Our New Valentine's Day Cookie Arrangements

01/20/2017 by Marie

It is that wonderful and exciting time of year again to display your appreciation for your special friends and loved ones. What better way than to surprise the people you care about with delicious and decorative Valentine’s Day cookie options from our specialty bakery. They will be sure to turn heads and create everlasting impressions. […]

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Is Blue Velvet Cake On The Rise?

08/08/2016 by Marie

Supposedly, an unintentional chemical reaction between cocoa powder and buttermilk contributed to the very first Red Velvet Cake that was served at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. Although it had a distinct red color as opposed to modern Red Velvet Cakes that call for added food coloring. On the other end of […]

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The Original Red Velvet Cake: A Sweet History

07/25/2016 by Marie

For those of you who love Red Velvet cake, brace yourselves for some startling facts. It did not get its name from the food coloring that you pour into the batter. Your mind is about to be blown…here is what actually happened. During the Great Depression, families were particularly more frugal and relying less on […]

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Involving Your Groom And Family For Wedding Cake Tastings

07/19/2016 by Marie

The time has come for you to try some delicious treats. As your wedding approaches this could be a final decision and one you’ve been looking forward to. But how many people should you involve in this decision? When considering flavor options it’s just as important to include those people close to you during this […]

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How Many Dessert Options Should I Serve At My Wedding?

07/12/2016 by Marie

Are you up to your eyes in wedding planning? This day will be most overwhelming and we’re here to help every step of the way. You’re not alone during this journey and we can answer all questions or concerns for this grand event. Many Fate Cakes’ couples who choose to serve only cake are asking […]

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Wedding Dos and Don'ts: Should You Serve A Cutting Cake

05/17/2016 by Marie

Is tradition still a large part of weddings in 2016? Many of our brides come to us requesting a dessert that is unique from any other event but they also want to keep some things the same as their parents and grandparents. Those same couples are asking for a cupcake display instead of cake, so […]

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Should I offer a dessert bar at my wedding?

02/22/2016 by Marie

During the first phase of planning your wedding, the desserts may not be the first item on your list, but it will soon become a large discussion between you and your fiance. Questions like, how much do I need, what type should I get and what design options do I have all might be part […]

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Wedding Tips: What Is The Cake To Guest Ratio

02/05/2016 by Marie

Often when we site down with newlyweds the most popular question asked is “How many servings should I order for my expected guest list?” It’s important for you to provide enough dessert for your guests but do you anticipate for one per invitee or more? Will everyone eat cake? What if your guests eat more […]

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