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Cupcakes vs. Wedding Cakes – What’s The Pricing Difference

Choosing a bakery for your wedding is at the top of the list, but what desserts should you serve? How much is a slice of cake and what are my options to keep desserts affordable and within my budget?

As your guest list increases, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with different sweet option and which to serve. It’s been a tradition to offer cake, but smaller and individual desserts are becoming even more popular. So, what are your alternatives and how much more cost effective will it be to offer cupcakes at your wedding.

At fate cakes, our cakes are priced by the slice but we offer a bulk discount for our cupcakes. You will also get a choice of four or more cupcake flavors with the discount. This breaks down to a multiple dollar difference in pricing between a cake serving and cupcake, depending on your cake design.

We offer tastings for our cupcakes and cake/icing and filling options and we’d be happy to meet with you to discuss your upcoming wedding. Any and all questions are praised and we can help you find the best dessert fit for your big day.

Call us to schedule your taste testing and to speak with a design expert. (614-219-9429) Or contact us from our wedding cupcake and dessert page HERE. Want to read more about how to choose the best ratio of cupcake/cake per guest? We’ve provided our recommendation HERE.

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Holiday 2017 Schedule

Throughout the year, you count on us for your custom cakes and treats. We treasure making these desserts for all special occasions and are so happy to help you celebrate.

Our team takes pride in our treats and are determined to deliver the sweets of your dreams. We have a very dedicated work ethic and there are only a couple of times a year we get to spend with our loved ones. For the next couple of weeks, we’ll have limited hours available here in the office and on our delivery schedule.

Closed Monday, November 20th and reopening Monday, November 27th.

Christmas and New Year
Closed Monday, December 25th and reopening Wednesday, January 3rd.

Have a ‘sweet’ holiday season!

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Wedding Dos and Don’ts: Cake To Replicate Dress

So, you’ve found that perfect dress. Something you’re been dreaming of from the time you can remember and now it’s coming true. With that beautiful dress comes so many decisions and even more planning than you could probably imagine, but it will absolutely be worth it.

Part of the process is finding a cake fit for a queen and can feed all of your guests. The taste of the desserts are just as important as the how it will look on your big day. It might even cross your mind to design the cake around the dress, but there is a thin line between a beautiful replication and a tacky after thought. To help you though this decision we’ve included some recommendations.

– Ruffle designs are a classic look and can enhance the overall theme
– Lace will be an elegant addition to the cake which incorporates your dress
– Color can add a little distinction to the cake and tie in your theme swatches

– Recreate the actual dress design – in full.
– Split a cake design between a wedding cake and groom’s cake. The groom is deserving of their very own cake.

We’d be happy to discuss your cake designs and provide our knowledge to help make your wedding cake unforgettable. We will discuss our recommendations but in the end agree on the best option for your big day. Give us a call today (614.219.9429) or contact us from our Wedding and dessert page HERE