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Should I offer a dessert bar at my wedding?

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During the first phase of planning your wedding, the desserts may not be the first item on your list, but it will soon become a large discussion between you and your fiance. Questions like, how much do I need, what type should I get and what design options do I have all might be part of the worry as your big day gets closer.

Within the last few years dessert bars have become a popular trend as it supplies guests with multiple options and there are endless varieties you can arrange around a large display. Even if look is not as important as price when it comes to this item on your list, you can even keep a dessert bar within a specified budget if you plan early.

Will all your guests eat dessert? That will be one of the most frustrating questions to tackle when planning your bar. Read our article about how to choose the Cake to Guest Ratio posted earlier this month. This will give more concrete information on how to plan appropriately for your guest count. Because not every invitee will eat cake, this is a large concern for most brides; therefore, they plan accordingly and offer different desserts as additional options and order less cake.

Some different desserts which are paired nicely with your cake:

Cookies! Not just tasty but also beautiful. They items can be customized to your theme or colors and there are a variety of designs which can be hand drawn and added to the cookie. These little treats are also very popular as favors for your guests and they can be wrapped in a cellophane bag to keep freshness.

Cake Pops are on of our most popular items which are added to every wedding to accommodate for those guests who are not fans of the traditional piece of cake. Each are individually wrapped with a ribbon which can be customized to a particular swatch. There are also stands which we rent for the convenience of displaying your lil’ treats.

The final option to keep in mind when planning a dessert bar is the possibility to forgo your cake all together and offer cupcakes as the main dessert. With a larger variety of flavors, garnishes and designs, they can be a cute addition to your bar and you won’t have to worry about what guests do with all that left over cake. There is also a large price difference between serving size for cucpakes vs. cake. To read more about how much money you can save, check out our article about Cupcakes vs. Cakes – The Price Difference.

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Wedding Tips: What Is The Cake To Guest Ratio

Wedding Cake Delivery

Often when we site down with newlyweds the most popular question asked is “How many servings should I order for my expected guest list?” It’s important for you to provide enough dessert for your guests but do you anticipate for one per invitee or more? Will everyone eat cake? What if your guests eat more than one dessert? All of these questions are valid while making imperative decisions and they can be very stressful.

While planning your big day you’ll soon learn not every guest will make an appearance at your wedding and it can be overwhelming deciding on a final number which will fit within your budget. Typically, when ordering a wedding cake, all bakeries will charge you per slice and Fate Cakes is no different. Our pricing starts at a standard and average cost and then increases on the complexity of design and all additional features. Our Event Coordinator will sit down with you and discuss all the options involved in planning the cake of your dreams and this is also the time where cake to guest ratio will be mentioned. (Click HERE to read additional information on the initial questions to ask a bakery during the first process of planing your wedding).

When planning to serve a cake for a wedding there are several costs to consider one of which is if your venue charges a cutting fee and how much this will total for the amount of servings you’re anticipating. Another item to consider is will your venue provide all plates, napkins and serving utensils. Most venues will accommodate but it’s worth make certain this will not be an added expense.

As all these details can be overwhelming, we are here to answer as many questions about your big day. To speak with our team about setting you to meet with our experts, contact us (614-219-9429) to schedule a date. You can also read details about the ‘Questions To Ask Before Booking A Bakery For Your Wedding’ and we’d be happy to answer any remaining inquiries.