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New Bakery / Office Hours and Delivery Times

Here at Fate Cakes we service to any party within the Columbus, Ohio area and will pretty much create and customize our desserts to your needs and specific event. Our representatives are available during our normal business hours to answer any questions about our products and will help assist you with any additional information regarding your party.

Starting July 6th, we have implemented new hours of operation and will be available at your convenience during 9AM-6PM Monday-Friday and 12PM Noon-5PM on Saturdays. We still reserve Sundays for special events and our team can be accommodating to your event if it falls on Sunday.

Please feel free to contact one of our team members with any questions regarding the operation change (614.219.9429) or send us your feedback at

It should also be noted, our delivery schedule has also be altered. Our team is available to hand delivery all orders during the morning hours 10AM-12PM, and 12PM-2PM, Monday-Friday. Our morning hours during Saturday have stayed the same and will be serviced as usual during 10AM-12PM Noon. Same day deliveries will no longer continue to be taken during all weekdays and are also not available on Saturdays. (Please submit all next day orders before 10:00PM the day before delivery to qualify . Note, if we are overbooked during a specific day, our bakery has the right to turn down any potential next day inquiry).

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The Top 5 Buttercream Cake Stencil Designs

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Here at Fate Cakes we’re always looking for new and improved ways to make our customized cakes stand out at your party. Sometimes, many customers come to our bakery and request one of our delicious cakes and want something stylish without using fondant as an accent/additional topping.

Fondant is the perfect way to make a cake look sleek, elegant and smooth out any imperfections which may be inevitable when using traditional buttercream. But, if you don’t like the taste or sweet taste of fondant, we can still achieve a smooth consistency and our team can use a variety of stencils to create a beautiful cake worthy of any top notch party and event.

We’ve compiled a list of our top five stencil designs, made popular from our client requests.

Damask (As seen in featured photo):
There are different styles of this design, which originated as a pattern sewn or woven on silk or other fabric. Many of our brides request this specific style for a bridal shower or for their rehearsal dinner the night before her wedding.

This style has grown in popularity mainly for young girls’ birthday parties or even for a baby shower for a little girl. It’s such a beautiful but simplistic design.

Most requested for a little boy’s birthday or baby shower, this repetition of diamond shapes is the perfect texture to create a custom cake made to replicate a sweater or shirt and tie.

Such an elegant touch to your cake that will make any guest take a second look. Perfect for an anniversary or special occasion, this stencil is truly a something to swoon over

Ordering a cake for that “wild” friend or family member. Maybe you’re having a safari themed baby shower or 1st birthday party. This stencil is the perfect match to ‘summer’ event and looks great as a multiple tiered with different patterns.

Don’t see a stencil or design you prefer? Looking for a specific customized pattern for your next party, event, shower or wedding? At Fate Cakes, our team can actually hand create a stencil directly from a photo of inspiration and mirror it on your cake. This particular practice is used on fondant cakes and you can see an example of our work from a custom 3D Louis Vuitton cake we created using a stencil drawn and carved/etched by hand. (Click here to also be redirected on instructions to making your own cake stencil)

Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about our buttercream stencil designs and to discuss your event! (614.219.9429).