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Baby Gender Reveal Cakes and Parties

With the start of the New Year, we have received even more requests for gender reveal parties than ever before! This type of party can be fun for all members of the family and even the mother and father-to-be if they are kept out of the loop before the memorable day.
Typically, a first time Mom gives us a call to schedule a specialty cake or even cupcakes which will help her and the hubby reveal the sex of their baby, but rarely do we have the opportunity to be the only people to know about the sex of the baby before everyone else.
Kimberly B contacted us during the early parts of January to help her surprise everyone at a gender reveal baby shower – including herself and her husband Tim. We scheduled a time to pickup the sealed envelope delivered from her family practice with the results of the baby’s gender from Tim’s work days about a week prior to the cake delivery.
Once the envelope was safely brought back to our bakery, we were on pins and needles waiting to see what both Kim and Tim were going to be welcoming in the world this year, and we couldn’t wait to see the reactions on their and everyone’s faces once the news was shared.
It’s very rare for our team to see the excitement in our customers’ reactions when a special surprise like this is planned, ’cause who invites the baker/decorators to stay for a family planned event. But there’s nothing more rewarding to know all the hard work and detail pays off in the end to see those faces.
Kimberly was a sweetheart to share the following photos with us and our team from their special reveal party and these pics are of course being added to our Wall Of Memories we keep here at Fate Cakes. We never forget a customer or an order, but photos just help these keepsakes stay close to our hearts!
Congratulations, Kim and Tim on your baby BOY expected July 2015!

Message and Thank You Note from Kimberly M:
“We were very excited when we find out the news! I had a feeling it was a boy and Tim thought it was a girl……of course I was right. ;) It was a great day shared with family and friends and I couldn’t imagine it going any better. The cake was absolutely adorable and delicious! Thank you again for everything.”