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Fate Cakes Holiday Hours 2014

Our team of baking experts are happy to serve your sweet tooth all year round, but sometimes we need a little R&R to keep our creative juices flowing. The holidays are for sharing quality time with close friends and even closer family; therefore, we take some extended time off to also enjoy this most anticipated time of the year.
During the following days/weeks, our team will not be available to answer any phone inquiries or any online orders and cart orders. Delivery is not allocated during this time, but we are more than happy to answer any questions via EMAIL ( and will contact you within 48-72 hours from original inquiry.
If you are anticipating an order scheduled for delivery right after we return to the bakery, please contact us as soon as possible with your request. Many clients are already making requests for pre-Christmas cupcake and custom cake orders; as well as, to ring in the new year. (For all those who at least attempt their resolutions).
Please contact our team with any questions about the following Fate Cakes Holiday Hours for 2014:
Closed Wednesday, November 26th – Re-opens Monday, December 1st
Closed Wednesday, December 24th – Re-opens Monday, January 5th

Happy Holidays and May Your New Year Be Filled With All Things ‘Sweet’!
~ Fate Cakes Team <3

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9 Ways To SAVE On Your Wedding

You’ve met your perfect match. Now, it’s time to start planning that big day!
During the first stages of this unforgettable journey, money may not play a large role on initial decision making, but everything adds up. It will soon show weddings are the some of the most expensive and elaborate events, but they don’t have to hurt the wallet to be perfect.
Season – A blushing bride can walk down the isle during any season. Keep in mind that most venues are more cost effective and will give you discounts if booking for off season ceremonies.
Sunday Through Friday – Saturdays are the most popular wedding day during the week. This is obvious because it’s the best day for traveling and partying… but it’s the most expensive. Keep in mind that this will be the fastest day of the week to get booked.
Dresses On Sale – Well known bridal gown stores, like David’s Bridal, have annual sales that will help the budget tremendously. If you’re lucky to have a standard body, which fits perfectly in a certain size, shop in the clearance rack where no alternations are necessary.
All In One – It’s a popular option to have your ceremony and reception all at the same location. Most churches and ceremony locations do not charge for members, but this idea can also be advantageous to your guests so they don’t have to drive around town getting lost on the way to your party!
Outside Caterers – A lot of venues restrict you to choosing food supplied by their company and staff only. Ask your wedding planner and venue if there are preferred vendors that they work with for cheaper prices.
Buffet Style – Early reception times may help you save the dough depending on the your venues options and discounts. If you’re considering this, some venues offer a buffet style reception which may be cheaper per guest. Plus, there are usually different categories which allow you to choose multiple entré items and sides. Even better. host a cocktail only reception for small finger foods and a limited amount of mixed drinks or alcohol.
Cash Bar – Yes, we said it. Some would disagree and are admit that an open bar is expected with every wedding reception, but if a budget is important this item may be the largest expense. An option to keep in mind would be to offer a champagne toasting as an alternative.
DIY – If you’re looking to be hands on during the entire wedding process, do it yourself projects may be right up your alley, but keep them simple. Some projects may become time consuming and might not be cheaper in the long run. Make sure you also get all your girlfriends together for a night of wine – they’d be happy to help!
Flowers – Keeping in the DIY theme, making your own flower arrangements are going to save a lot of money. Check with some local bulk flower stores which could give you pricing for their flower options.
There are tons of options to help you save on that special day but there’s no better way to save than on the dessert. Many brides are going with cupcake displays to cut costs on the pricing for cake cutting. Plus, you get to choose multiple flavors. To learn more about how Fate Cakes can cater to your next wedding give a call! (614) 219.9429. We’re always here to talk about your beautiful day!

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Affordable Columbus Bakery

A dessert table is the most important part of the party! With cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and a variety of custom cake options, there are many options for your next themed party.
While it’s so much fun planning those sweets for your guests, it can be stressful figuring out pricing for a specific budget. Our team of experts are here to help you find all the best treats for your big day and of course will make sure it’s priced perfectly. Check out all your options suitable for that unforgettable night!
News Flash… these treats are not a fad. In fact, their growing with popularity during the years. Perfect for an individualized party or an over the top wedding, every guest will be happy with our flavor varieties. Preview our CUPCAKE MENU to order cupcakes by the dozen for a simple birthday party or our WEDDING AND EVENTS page for more information about our bulk pricing for large orders.
Cookies –
We added custom designed cookies to our menu after being countless requests for needing something special and unique for the party. Our clients typically want another treat that just adds to the theme and makes the party even more special. The great thing about custom designed cookies is we can create any shape and work with any style. Click here to view ourCOOKIE MENU for more information about our pricing per cookie and details about our minimum orders.
Cake Pops –
Individual treasures – perfect for those little ones. Our most typical order are for parties where it’s important for children to have something bite-size and nothing too large for those smaller appetites. But, don’t be fooled by the size of this treat, these pops are most comparable to brownies on a stick and your guests will for sure be going back for seconds. To view more information about our cake pop flavors and pricing, CLICK HERE!
Cakes –
Custom designed cakes are all the craze. Seriously, we’ve created 3D styles with ornate lace perfect for a princess and we’ve even designed special character cakes ideal for a birthday. The great thing about cake is it’s very versatile and we stand by the idea we’re happy to create your vision – no matter how crazy! We’ll be happy to discuss any custom ideas about a 3D or unique cake. Simple click on our CAKE MENU to learn more about our specialty cakes and pricing.
No matter the occasion, our bakery is happy to make sure you stay within budget. We have sweet tooth for tasty treats and affordable desserts. We will always be here to answer any questions you have about our pricing or about our custom designed treats. Visit our CONTACT PAGE to found out how one of our experts can help you today!