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Bachelor Party Bra and Boob Cake

Erotic Bachelor Party Boob Cakes

Columbus, Ohio is full of late night entertainment joints perfect for a bachelor party. No matter the time of year, we have plenty of locations that are best to celebrate that last night of freedom. But what is a party without that “prop” we know every bachelor has to have. You know, the item that everyone at the party can’t stop looking at and is the talk of the party for years to come!

If you’ve never been to a bachelor party or if the one you’ve attended did not involve scantily clad women and drinks to the early morning, you haven’t lived! (Only kidding) Surprisingly, more and more soon-to-be married men are requesting a laid-back, small get-together with their closest buds without any risks of making a mistake large enough to call off the marriage. But, no matter the type of party you’re planning and no matter how reserved the groom and guests are, it’s not a bachelor party without a little fun, right!?

“Fun” is what excites Fate Cakes and we would love to create a piece or art every guy will be talking about into the next morning? Boob and bra cakes are one of our most popular items requested at our bakery and our team is not one to shy away from any chance to make a creative statement. Sure, you can hit the clubs and enjoy an entire night of drinking, but how about those unforgettable photo ops for the groom and the stories you will be telling at the party about the naughty cake which was both risky and tasty?

With the lack of bakeries around the city that don’t accept erotic requests, we’re proud to be a part of any occasion – and we never take offense to any suggestive request. Our XXX Adult themed cakes and cupcakes come in all shapes and sizes and they come with or without clothing. We pretty much make anything in this bakery that your heart desires. If you have a photo of a cake that has inspired a them or you’ve envisioned a special request, we will come as close as possible to the example you provide.

If we haven’t already won you over with our erotic cake services, learning that we supply delivery to any location in the Columbus area might do the trick. We can even drop off the cake to the venue, bar or restaurant where everyone is meeting for the night. Basically, we make the process as easy on you as possible. (But really, how more simple is it to order a cake and have it already at the location without you having to worry about it?)

We would love to hear more about your party and of course discuss more details about our XXX themed desserts. To read more about our services CLICK HERE and to call to talk about pricing and delivery information call (614) 219.9429.

Don’t be shy, we delivery XXX cakes on a weekly bases; therefore, orders like these are pretty much the norm at our bakery!

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Wedding Dessert Trends – Fall 2014

Our Designer wedding cookies

We’re only a couple weeks away from the first day of Fall for 2014 and it’s absolutely that time of year where our bakery is booked to capacity for all large events and weddings. Fall is such a beautiful time of year, especially if you are expected to say your nuptials with the love of your life. As much as the time of year is one of the most important parts up for discussion when planning your wedding, we receive many calls from brides and grooms who have done little to no planning on their dessert table and are stumped on what to order for that big day.

It can be an overwhelming task planning on what to serve your guests at your wedding. There are countless options available that are currently trending and at Fate Cakes we’re happy offer a spread of desserts perfect for that special day. Below we have outlined all the treats up for temptation at our bakery; as well as, those options that are also popular to any sweet treat. Below getting started, we have also noted some general thoughts to keep in mind which might help your dessert planning

1). Keep it simple – Sometimes a modern and sleek designed dessert can make a larger statement and doesn’t have to hurt the checkbook
2). Keep it individualized – Small doesn’t always mean boring. Guests will love finger food for appetizers and more importantly desserts.
3). Keep if fun! – No matter how many people you’re inviting to attend your wedding, get a dessert or platter of desserts that you and your lover enjoy.

Now to the treats!

Cookies: Our bakers have received more inquiries about custom wedding cookies this year compared to past wedding season. These little buttery treats are the perfect amount of sweet and can be decorated to any shape, size and design of your choice. Honestly, there so many different themes and color combinations which can make any day even that more special.

Cupcakes: This is our speciality at Fate Cakes. Not much to say about how these little treats aren’t going anyway anytime soon. If you have doubts on the popularity of our special delights, check out our outstanding client reviews at WEDDING WIRE.

Cake Pops: Nothing says love like a little cake pop. These are perfect for any dessert table but even more desirable for favor placements at each guest table. Give you loved ones something to enjoy even after the big celebration!

Pies: Even though these scrumptious treats are currently unavailable at our bakery, more brides are taking the leap to supply individually sliced pieces of pie at their dessert tables. Some bakeries even make this pastry on a stick. How cool is that!

Donuts: Does this treat need a description? You’ll be the coolest couple with these delights. Everyone will be talking about that dessert table!

We’re making brides and grooms’ dreams come true every weekend of the year here at Fate Cakes. If you are recently engaged, or just wanna talk to our team about our savory lil’ treats, give us a ring (614) 219.9429 and we’ll be happy to discuss any questions about our wedding cateringservices or pricing.