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Super Bowl XLVIII Prep – Game themed food

The big game is less than a week away and if you’re hosting that annual party you’re probably looking for some inspiring game day food options. It’s no surprise that every guest will be expecting fun and innovative, but tasty treats all day long as you celebrate the most anticipated game of the year. No matter how many people you’re expecting at your house or venue, our bakery team has compiled a list of simple and delicious items to serve this Sunday!
We’re obsessed with Pinterest, just like every other person in the world. Enjoy these ideas taken from Pinterest. Check ’em out and find some new ideas online for your big party!
Appetizer Frenzy!
As a host, from the time your guests arrive you should have some small finger food available for everyone to snack on before the game starts – and of course while the game is on. It’s not rocket science to know most of the food you share during the game will be small items that everyone will be snaking on while they cheer on their favorite team. It’s actually not as important to have a sit down dinner menu, just have many small options and LOTS of adult beverages!
Super Bowl Queso Dip1. Glorious Glorious Cheese – every party needs a queso dip – we’re pretty sure it’s the law. The more cheese varieties you have in your queso the better. Don’t forget about the salsa which adds extra flavor and spice. Put it in a slow cooker for easy serving and to keep it warm. Yuummm!

Super Bowl Buffalo Chicken Bites2. Buffalo Chicken Bites – let’s face it, your party revolves around what food is appealing to a man. Well, add chicken, cheese, buffalo sauce, bake in a small pasty and serve – could it get any easier? We don’t think there is a simpler plan and you’ll have your guests (men) cheering with a mouth full!

Super Bowl Pizza 3. Pull Apart Pizza – does this really need a description. By the photo alone we expect instant drooling so just imagine what you’re guests will be thinking about when they see this tempting tempting pepperoniappetizer.

Super Bowl Chicken Tenders 4. Fried Chicken – again, need we say more. This list of items is a dead giveaway for any party where men will be present. But then again, what American doesn’t like fried chicken tenders? So easy to make and even more tasty. Think you can make this the talk of your party?

Super Bowl Desserts5. Dessert Appetizer? Looking for a little sweet and salty treat to switch up the menu. This simple but so savory chocolate dipped potato chip can be served at the beginning of the party, middle, or at the end. Just make sure to prepare double the batch and be prepared for doggie bag requests!

No matter how many guests you’re inviting this Sunday, sometimes you just want someone else to do all the work. Honestly, we’re sure everyone wants to give the reigns over to have a qualified team do all the decision making and slaving in the kitchen. If you’re like all of us who just wanna enjoy the game and hang out with your friends and family, give our team a call to order our gourmet cupcakes (614) 219.9429. We also have cake pops and cakes available for any party size.

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5 Tips For The Perfect Baby Shower Cake

Babies are a blessing and at Fate Cakes we’re happy to help celebrate special events within the Columbus, Ohio and surrounding area. We’re delivering gourmet cupcakes and cakes all day long to residential or a specific venue for special events, especially a baby shower.
If you’re planning a baby shower or you are the lucky mom-to-be, we’ve got the perfect desserts for your special day. Our team is here all week long to discuss your themed party and any special requests. Below are some tips our creative folks have compiled to help you choose the perfect baby shower cake.
Theme: First of all it’s important to plan for the most perfect theme. This will be the foundation of your party and will help you coordinate decorations, invitations, party favors, food and most importantly the dessert. We find social media engines are usually the best resource to find a good theme. Keep in mind the season that you’re planning on giving birthday; as well as, what month you’d like the party to happen. (If you’re giving birth in winter it might be nice to have seasonal items for colder weather to allow you to use these belongs once your little bundle of joy is brought back from the hospital).
Cake Flavor: After you’ve picked a custom theme, the next item on the list of what type of cake you’d like to showcase for your special occasion. The style of the cake should be determined by the theme you’ve chosen in the previous step, but at Fate Cakes we offer countless flavors. We can even customize the colors of the cake to be personalized for the sex of your child. If you’re surprising your guests and telling everyone the sex of your child at the time of the baby shower, we can even customize special cupcakes which will feature color coated inside of the cake. This will allow everyone to bite into the cake and be surprised to see if the center is either blue or pink!
Size Of Cake: The most common question we get at Fate Cakes is “How big should my cake be?”. We recommend to always order a larger cake allowing for guests to take more than one piece and even take extra pieces home. We also like to think it’s better to have more than enough than a few attendants who walk away without any cake at all. The size of your cake will also be dependent on the style of your cake. If you’d like a custom shape (Non square / circle) then our team will have to discuss your project in more detail to determine the actual size. Give us a call (614) 219.9429 to talk to our lead designers about a custom cake style.
Fondant / Buttercream: It’s not surprising that most people have never heard of fondant. If you’re one of the average, don’t worry, this is another common question we are asked at our bakery. (To read more about fondant, read our previously posted article HERE). Deciding on if you’d like your cake to be a traditional buttercream or modern cake with fondant is a fairly easy decision. What we tend to tell customers is if you’re looking for a cake with sleek sides and sharp edges and are most worried about the presentation of the cake, then fondant is for you!
Cake Topper: Most cakes do not have a topper. Some themes will need the added presentation of a cake topper and in that event our team can discuss edible and non-edible options which can be included in the cake quote. While making your order mention that you’d like more information about our toppers and a lead designer will give you all the details needed to determine if a topper is the best choice for your cake.
To order your cake please give us a call. Our design team can be reached by calling (614) 219.9429. Don’t forget that we have a designated team who will deliver your order directly to any venue or event. Ask about our delivery services today!

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Share Something Sweet This Valentine’s Day

We all have someone near and dear to the heart. Every day should be a celebration of our love for that special companion, but most importantly there is no bigger holiday that Valentine’s day to show your significant other how you truly feel.
This year marks a special time and a special Valentine’s Day menu, brought to you directly from our team of dedicated and talented bakers and designers. We’re bringing back some items that were on our dessert menu last year and have added a new item which is sure to be the sweetest treat for your sweetheart.
After our heart shaped cake pops – with a heart shaped sprinkle design – were a huge hit last year, we had to keep them around in 2014. You can choose from a variety of cake flavors for these cake pops and we will deliver your order directly to that sweetie at work or at home (Remember, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year :). So do something even more special and surprise your pookie with a gift at work AND at home). You can purchase these pops by the dozen
A new item on our menu is a variation of last years’ cakelette. We are happy to announce the new menu includes a heart shaped cake with a detailed rose on top. This is perfect for someone who might have splurged a little TOO much during the holiday season. We are selling these cute cakes by the pair.
Our most popular item no matter the time of the year are our delicious, moist and rich cupcakes. We will customize our cupcakes to your specific needs, whether it’s a special color of cake, icing, sprinkles of you would like a cute little heart on top. All our cupcake flavors can be purchased by the dozen and are found on our main cupcake menu.
To view our custom Valentine’s Day desserts – mini cakes and cake pops – CLICK HERE. To be redirected to our cupcake menu to read more about our variety of flavors, CLICK HERE.
Remember. It’s never to early to order for a special holiday, especially Valentine’s Day. Because this year’s holiday falls on Friday, February 14th we request that all holiday orders be placed before 12PM EST the day before – Thursday, February 13th.