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The Ohio State University Student Care Packages – $25.00

We deliver care packages to OSU Campus
The Ohio State University is a prestigious school and students from all around the world attend the university. No matter if a student is ten minutes or ten thousand miles away from home, every child needs a little special surprise from Mom and Dad.
At Fate Cakes we receive multiple calls a day asking to deliver cupcakes and cake pops on OSU campus; therefore, our delivery team know all campus streets like the back of our hands. We’re driving and interacting with students multiple times a day during the school hours and we get to see their big smiles of pure surprise when they receive a special care package from a loved one.
Our cupcakes and cake pops are the most thoughtful gift to send that special student and child for a birthday, finals week pick me up, or just to say “We Love and Miss You”. All cupcakes on our divine menu are priced at $25.00/dozen and our cake pops are even more affordable at $20.00/dozen. We even keep our delivery prices low and charge a standard delivery fee of $10.00 instead of charging you by the mile.
We know how much the little things matter to our children and a simple sweet care package and remind them how much they are missed and loved back home.
Check out our cupcake menu and cake pop menu today. We keep it easy for you to either order online from our Order Form and Shopping Cart or you can simply give us a call (614.219.9429) and we’ll go over all the details with you on the phone!

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September Starts Our New Hours of Operation

Here at Fate Cakes our number one priority is to make sure our products are made fresh every day and our clients are 100% happy with our services and our desserts. Our team is dedicated to all our customers and every order is equally important to us.
Starting September 1st, we have decided as a team to make alterations to our current weekly schedule, in order to make more time to perfect our menu by adding new and seasonal flavors; as well as, have the opportunity to spend even more time dedicated to your large central Ohio parties on the weekends. We are very pleased with the success that Fate Cakes has already provided our Columbus, Ohio neighbors and we only want to continue proving we have the best cupcakes in Columbus.
Our hours during the week will continue to operate from 9AM (EST) – 8PM (EST). Our only alterations are during our weekend hours and the changes are listed below:
Saturdays: 12PM noon (EST) – 5PM (EST)
Sundays: Event Appointments Online
We will absolutely continue to delivery any and all cupcakes to all residential and commercial locations within the Columbus, Ohio area during the designated afternoon time of 2-3PM; as well as, the evening hours of 6-7PM. We apologize for any inconvenience these hour changes may cause you but we are available to discuss any questions about our alterations by calling us directly (614) 219.9429 . Please also be advised that we are always taking requests to events during the week and weekends which might fall outside of schedule changes listed above. If for any reason you have a specific time where our fresh desserts need to be delivered we can work out a time which will best work for both schedules.
Thank you for your continued support and we appreciate any and all patience during our hour alterations.

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Get $10 off a dozen cupcakes in September

What better way to celebrate The Ohio State University being back in session than a discount on our buckeye cupcakes. As a back to school special, we are offering a deal on one of our most popular flavors.
After a long summer of relaxation, our OSU students are returning back to the books and as our scholars get back in the swing of things, they will need a little reminder to take time out of their busy schedules to reflect. If we haven’t sparked your interest yet, how does $10.00 off your next order of a dozen buckeye cupcakes sound?
In order to take advantage of this offer, take a look at our cupcake menu and order one dozen (or more) cupcakes (any flavor) at regular price. Enter the promotional code GOBUCKS on your next online order submission, or you can order over the phone directly by calling (614) 219.9429. This is our best deal to date this summer and we want everyone to take this opportunity and try one of our most popular year round flavors.
Fate Cakes also offers additional treats made fresh from our bakery. If you’d like to send a different sweet to your OSU student, you are not limited to cupcakes. We also offer a variety of cake pop flavors which we will deliver directly to any residence (especially dorm) within the Ohio State University campus district. (Note: the promotional code GOBUCKS is only good for one dozen buckeye cupcakes with your purchase of a dozen cupcakes at regular price). Take a moment and check out our cake pop menu and let your mouth water.

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The Ohio State University tailgate Cupcakes

Order Ohio State University Cupcake “O-H…”
College is back in session and that means one thing. Football.
It’s that time of year to celebrate your favorite team and put on that game winning jersey. (You know, the one you haven’t washed in 5 years because it brings good ‘joojoo’). Whether you’re sitting in the stands witnessing touchdown by touchdown first hand, or if you’re in the comfort of your own home – you’ll need a themed cupcake to celebrate that WIN!
If we haven’t already tempted those taste buds, our Buckeye cupcakes with a Script Ohio are the perfect touch to that Saturday afternoon party and an even better it’s the BEST dessert idea for that tailgating experience at the Horse Shoe. If we haven’t convinced you yet, just take a look at our jaw dropping photos of tailgates and OSU parties our decorating team has delivered all around Columbus, OH.
Remember to order your OSU tailgate cupcakes a day before the party in order to not be charged an expedited fee for same day delivery. Also, please be aware that our team will not deliver to the OSU campus within 3 hours prior and after any home Ohio State University football game. Our team will help schedule a time to meet you and your party before the tailgate.
To learn more about what cupcake flavors are available for your next tailgate party, check out our cupcake menu page. You can order online directly from our online order form, or you can call to talk to one of our bakers by dialing 614.219.9429

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OSU Cupcake Delivery To Start Academic Year

OSU Students Are Back!!
We’re excited to welcome new and returning students as they move in this week and start back to The Ohio State University tomorrow, August 22nd. Classes start early Wednesday, but all students are happy to be back in the heart of Columbus to experience college memories they will never forget.
At Fate Cakes we deliver cupcakes and other treats all around Columbus, especially on the OSU campus. We have in and out of state parents contact our bakery to help surprise their favorite students for birthdays, care packages, finals week treats; as well as, for special occasions. We couldn’t be happier to help parents all around the country (and in some cases the world) help make any Ohio State University student’s life a little sweeter.
If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you surprise your child during their next big (or small) event, check out the our cupcake menu and cake pop menu to find out the best flavors; as well as, read more about our monthly promotions. You can also order online by our online order form; as well as, using a shopping cart to check out with our tastiest cupcakes. Don’t forget to also give us a call at 614.219.9429 with any of your OSU delivery questions.
Go Bucks!

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Make Vanilla Extract From Scratch With Two Ingredients

Imagine you’re standing in your local grocery store’s baking isle. You’ve brought with you a short list of ingredients you’ll need to to bake that famous pie recipe and as you’re browsing the shelves you notice how expensive vanilla extract has risen within the recent years. You think to yourself ‘There has to be a cheaper and easier substitute!”
If you find yourself purchasing vanilla extract every other time you’re at the store, we have a solution to what can be an alternative to that annoying expense. The best part is it’s only two ingredients, which will cost you less in the long run. In order to start this simple recipe, first you will need the purchase the following ingredients:
• (1) 1.5 Liter bottle of cheap vodka (The cheaper the better :D)
• 25 Madagascar Vanilla Beans (these can be bought online in bulk)
First, slice your vanilla beans down the middle using a knife. Next place all the vanilla beans within the container of vodka and seal tightly. (Use a piece of plastic wrap between the lid and bottle for a tighter seal). That’s it! Store in a dark and cool environment – like your cupboard – and make sure to shake the bottle at least 3 times a week to ensure for full distribution of vanilla.
Your extract should be ready to use within 8 weeks. Once you start using this homemade ingredient, simply replace the amount you use with fresh vodka, shake and continue to store in the same environment. The vanilla beans will stay potent and continue to provide your with the best tasting vanilla for months!
Let’s do the simple math on the money you’ll SAVE:

If 8oz of generic (non Madagascar) extract costs you approximately $2.00 in the local grocery market, some bakers can go through this amount within one month (or less). So, let’s say you do use this amount within one month time, that concludes you spend approximately $24.00 on vanilla extract a year alone!
On sale, you’ll be able to purchase a 1.5 liter of cheap vodka for approximately $8.00 and depending on how many and the type of vanilla beans you purchase online, each bean will be approximately $.50. This would bring your total expense to be $20.00. Now this doesn’t seem like a big price difference at first, but because the vanilla beans will continue to provide potency, over time you are will continue to save money!

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August SALE – $5.00 off Gourmet Cupcakes

Here at fate cakes we give back to our fellow sweettoothies every month with a special promotion. (Think of it as a little ‘Thank You’ from our team 🙂 ). We’re happy to server you the most mouthwatering cupcakes and we want it even easier for you to allow us to cater to your next party.
During the month of August, we are offering a $5.00 off coupon for a dozen of our delectable Chocolate Lover cupcakes, or our moist and buttery Vanilla Lovers cupcakes. (No Mix n’ Match at this time – One discount allowed per order). In order to redeem this offer, enter the promotional code AUGUST05 within your online order form, or while checking out from your shopping cart.
If you’d like to discuss your order over the phone, or have a couple of questions for our bakery team – you can also call us (614) 219-9429 to order over the phone and receive your $5.00 discount. Don’t forget we have a variety of other gourmet flavors which can found on our cupcake menu. We offer special promotions every month on our products, so keep an eye out for a deal on your favorite flavors!

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Cake 101 – What is fondant?

Fate Cakes will cater to your next baby showerAt Fate Cakes the number one question we get asked is “What is fondant?”
Starting Fall of 2013 we are excited to announce we will be expanding our dessert menu and are adding custom cakes to our catering services. While we will absolutely create a delectable cake using our mouthwatering buttercream, we will also be introducing fondant. While fondant is growing in popularity, we couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon and offer this topping option to our cake menu.
Fondant can make any cake have a more polished and smooth look. A cake decorated with fondant can also make that party extra special by molding and designing a cake using a specific theme. While all cakes are works of art at Fate Cakes, fondant can be an easier medium to use while achieving that memorable cake and most important, party!
It’s important to remember that fondant and buttercream are entirely different in texture and taste. While they both use similar ingredients, fondant has a more paste like consistency as opposed to a creamy buttercream. There are many different variations of fondant – mainly Buttercream Fondant and Marshmallow Fondant – both have a more solid consistencay compared to buttercream. It’s also important to note that the main ingredient in fondant is powdered sugar which makes the level of sweetness much higher when compared to buttercream.
No matter the occasion, Fate Cakes will cater a buttercream or fondant cake to your next Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Birthday and we also offer anniversary (mini) cakes for your cupcake tiers for weddings or other large events.

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What's Hot! 2013 Columbus Ohio Wedding Venue Guide

Franklin Park Conservatory

Summer is the most popular season to get married. It’s every young girls dream to walk down the aisle in that flowing dress during an outside ceremony surrounded by both loved family and friends. Columbus, Ohio is a beautiful city in which to get married, but what venues are the perfect location for your theme and amount of guests?

At Fate Cakes we love weddings and are honored to share your special day with you and your fiance. We’ve asked our bakers and decorators where their favorite weddings were hosted and compiled a small list of our the hottest venues in Columbus

1. Franklin Park Conservatory1777 E Broad Street – A variety of indoor private botanical rooms and outdoor terraces for any guest list size

2. Dock 580580 N 4th Street – Sleek and modern venue paired with a unforgettable skyline

3. Station 67379 W Broad Street – A grand arched ballroom creates a romantic and warm setting

Nothing’s more hot than the dessert table at your wedding and that’s where we come in! We’d love to make your day even more special by bringing our mouth watering cupcakes, cake pops and cakes to your wedding! Visit our wedding catering page for more information on our wedding services.

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July '13 Clearance! Receive $10 Off Expedited Delivery

July is a month of celebration and pool parties. At Fate Cakes, we love to spend as much time outside in the sun when we aren’t preparing fresh and mouth watering cupcakes for your summer events. But what we enjoy the most is getting to visit with close friends and family during cookouts and our local festivals.
We want to make hosting parties easier this month. Enjoy your summer while the warm weather lasts by taking more time outside and not stressing out over last minute details! During July, we’re offering on of our biggest deals. While submitting a cupcake ONLINE ORDER receive $10.00 off all expedited next day and same day delivery! (That means you’re getting next day delivery for FREE!!!).
Enter promotional code DELIVERY10 on your ORDER FORM or within your shopping cart to receive this limited time offer!