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New Cupcake and Cake Appliances

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday to all our “sweet tooths”. This has been a season to be thankful for family and we hope you’re able to spend this time with close friends and family that you both love and care about. We were lucky enough to get to celebrate the season a little earlier than planned and were happy to provide a little cheer for families and friends around the Columbus, Ohio area. Thank you for all your support and you deserve all the gifts this year brings.

Speaking of gifts… we decided to splurge a little for ourselves and surprise the bakery with a new Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer. Our lil’ bakers are going to have much needed help with this small appliance and it’s well deserved.

Enjoy the Holiday season and remember to be safe and stay Merry!

Cupcake Stand Mixer

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Cupcakes Delivered for OSU Students During Finals

Ohio State University Fall Finals Week started Wednesday December 5th and will continue until this Wednesday, December 12th. This quarter we had many order submissions come through from parents wanting to send a lil’ “Study Break” to their hard working students.

For all of us who had the privileged to study hard and attend a college know how stressful this week can be and typically you’ll be walking around like a zombie after your final exam. That’s why were were so happy to help give some Buckeyes the chance to take a break from the books and enjoy some tasty treats.

Our first delivery was for Lauren. We dropped off a dozen Mix-n-Match cupcakes for her and her two roommates to devour.

Two flavors of cupcakes delivered to OSU students in Columbus, Ohio


We were happy to help another student’s Aunt surprise her Niece Lindsay with one dozen Lucille Ball (Red Velvet) cupcakes. These were delivered on Saturday, December 8th. (Remember, our bakery is open every day of the week and we will also deliver within the Columbus, Ohio area also every day of the week).

We delivered 12 Red Velvet Cupcakes on OSU Campus

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Dessert Ideas For Cold Winter Weekends

This weekend, we decided to not only start making our seasonal cupcakes for Winter, but we also wanted to liven it up a little in the bakery. Even though blackberries and raspberries aren’t in their prime season during winter, a warm fruit cobbler seemed like it would hit the spot as we start December.

Made from scratch, the aroma of our homemade pie crust and fresh fruit cobbler filling had everyone in our Columbus, Ohio bakery watching the oven and counting down the minutes before they were ready to devour. You might have thought we only dream up cupcake concoctions, but you my friend would be wrong. Even though we didn’t have anything leftover after our cupcake bakers ate these scrumptious treats, we thought we could at least share a snippet of video we took right after these pastries came out of the oven.

Enjoy and maybe soon we’ll be selling these divine treats in our bakery!